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  • Index's Heroic Safe Mode in the first arc, what with the Creepy Monotone and the general "something's freaking wrong with her" atmosphere.
  • Someone getting suspended in midair and stripped of all their skin, complete with close-ups of an arm, a chest with beating heart, and the frozen, staring face.
  • Touma getting his right hand cut off, and then just laughing insanely while bleeding everywhere.
  • Exclusive to the light novels: Aureolus Izzard Made a copy of himself that had his memories and thought it was him. It goes crazy when it figures out the truth, and has the power to turn anything it hits with its dart into molten gold, even people.
  • Particularly during the time when Vento attacks Academy City and Aleister sends Hound Dog to retrieve Last Order.
  • Shizuri Mugino after she Came Back Wrong. She gainsGlowing Eyes of Doom and her already freakishly crazy personality makes matters even worse. She even threatens to burn off Rikou's virginity!
  • The Agnese Forces sticking pens into their own ears and bursting their eardrums all to just stop the main effect of Index's current spell. The casual ease with which they did it really reinforces the fanatic feel of the forces and makes the danger far more real when not even basic survival instinct can stop them.
  • When Sister Lucia uses her "carriage wheel shrapnel attack" on Touma. The shrapnel embeds into Touma's arm, then rips itself out!
  • What happened to Musujime Awaki when she messed up her calculations and found part of her leg stuck in a wall, removing the leg also removed the leg's skin and muscle.
  • New Testament 2: When the Radiosonde Castle was finally brought down, the message left on it was for Touma. This ordinarily wouldn't be anything new, but the tone it set indicated they blamed him for what they lost in WWIII and It's Personal. The message, written messily in red spray paint: Welcome home, hero.It's worse if you consider that they destroyed mountains and rivers to track him down by rearranging the planet's leylines and nearly caused an Ice Age that would destroy humanity. And they did it casually just to track him. God's Right Seat wasn't that bad compared to them.
  • The Tomato in the Mirror scene where Hyouka Kazakiri's head breaks open.
  • New Testament 3: Cendrillon, using magic based on "Cinderella", can remotely mutilate the feet of anyone who has feet of a different size than hers. Worse, Accelerator explains that if she had used it on him, he wouldn't have been able to block it. The spell ignores distance and obstacles to affect the target instantly, so there are no vectors for him to redirect.
  • The various forms of Body Horror GREMLIN inflicts on failed or outlived henchmen.
  • What happened to Misaka WORST, being cut open.
  • Marian Slingeneyer's human modification magic and how she uses it.

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