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 "Aye-aye-aye, Kimberly's being tortured!"

One of the most infamous Fan Fics ever, this far too long and highly unpleasant little Power Rangers tale by "The Dark Ranger" is almost entirely about Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger, being tortured to death by Lord Zedd and his new monster, Tortura.

There are some scenes featuring the other Rangers trying to figure out how to rescue her, but the good majority of the fic is Kimberly being whipped, mutilated and raped over the course of a few days, all while her tormentors mock and laugh at her suffering and screams of agony. She eventually dies, but at this point it's more of a relief.

A "sequel" (that is actually a remake of the original) also exists. It removes Tortura in favor of Rita Repulsa and Kat (another Pink Ranger), and the torture methods are different.

Its particular notoriety has its genesis in that it was specifically mentioned in a press release as one of the reasons the Australian government banned access to the Alt.Sex.Stories newsgroup as part of its anti-pornography initiative. That's right: It's a piece of fanfic that's Banned In Australia!

Depending on whom you ask about it, it's either So Bad It's Good or Nightmare Fuel. But one thing that everyone agrees on, however, is that it's completely and utterly awful. Especially since this thing was allegedly supposed to be erotic.

It takes most of its plot inspiration from the "Changing of the Zords" 3-parter in season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where a much-more-kid-friendly version of Zedd slowly killing Kim is canon.

Both versions can be found here. A "special edition" of the original story is here. Read them, if you dare. Just don't forget the Brain Bleach.

If you suffer from self-mutilation or injury avoidance OCD, this thing's the mother of all triggers!


  • Author Appeal: The most disturbing thing about this story is that it was written by the author because he found it to be a turn-on. This is what happens when Guro fans try to transfer their medium of choice into text...
  • Beige Prose: In the first few chapters at least. It gets more descriptive later, though that is probably not what the reader would like.
  • Complete Monster: The villains torturing Kimberly have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Creator Backlash: An MMPR fangirl making an illustrated story with a similar theme (although in her version, Kim doesn't get violently tortured and Lord Zedd reveals himself to be a Bishounen, making her invoke Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? instead of begging to be freed, etc.) cut it short after two pages after being shown this story and becoming disgusted with the sheer thought of it all.

"She screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed."

  • Fetish Fuel: Let's face it: the only reason anyone would bother reading a torture scene lasting a dozen pages or more is if they're into this stuff, especially when said torture scene is written in IKEA Erotica style.
  • Fingore: Very bad things happen to Kimberly's fingers!
  • Large Ham: Given the source material, this was inevitable. Lord Zedd and Tortura are very hammy indeed. Which only makes this fic funnier to read. (Your Mileage May Vary).
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lord Zedd by creating Tortura, Tortura for what he does to Kimberly, and arguably, the author himself for unleashing it on the internet.
  • Narm: "Aye-aye-aye, Kimberly's been tortured to death!"
    • "Immediately, the sight of Kimberly's naked body gave Jason, Tommy, and Zack hard-ons, of which they were instantly ashamed and hoped that nobody else noticed."
  • OOC: In the remake, Kat is hit by this hard.
  • Plot Hole: Kimberly loses both thumbs... twice!
  • The Woobie: You can't help but feel awful for poor Kimberly.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: At one point, Lord Zedd makes Kimberly think that he's letting her go. He has his henchman take her past the door that leads to the torture chamber, and as her excitement to be free grows, he takes her to another door...that leads to the same torture chamber, with Tortura waiting for her.