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Basic Trope: A character is put in bandages as Fetish Fuel.

  • Straight: After an epic battle, Alice is seen in hospital with some bandages around her torso.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice, Bob, Claire, Danny and Ellie are all wearing nothing but bandages.
    • Alternatively: Alice is wearing so many bandages she could be mistaken for an unusually attractive mummy.
  • Downplayed: Alice is only wearing a tank top while a bandage is being put on her arm.
  • Justified: They've taken some pretty serious damage, the doctor's had to cut them out of their clothing to save their life and they haven't had a chance to get some spare clothing.
  • Inverted: Alice is usually Ms. Fanservice, but this stops when she's injured.
  • Subverted: Alice's bandages are bloody and her injuries are clearly horrific.
  • Double Subverted: Oh come on, this still won't stop some people.
  • Parodied: Alice stubs her toe. Cue shot of her wrapped head to toe in bandages.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Alice feels vulnerable wearing nothing but bandages.
    • A show plays it so that the bandages are covering extremely gruesome wounds and she is slowly dying; in other words, the show reminds us that extensive bandaging is not a good thing.
  • Reconstructed:
    • The fact that Danny's in a similar situation in the bed next to her makes up for it.
    • Alice's wounds aren't half as bad as her myriad bandages suggest; her doctor is just prone to Minor Injury Overreaction.
  • Zig Zagged: Alice's injury is treated with due seriousness, but later we get a good look at her bandaging up after a shower when she's nearly healed.
  • Averted: They live in the future, where medical technology has rendered bandages obsolete.
  • Enforced: "We need more Fan Service." "We'll give everyone a Shirtless Scene in hospital after the big fight." "That sounds a bit risque..." "Fine, we'll cover the girls up with bandages."
  • Lampshaded: "Doc, stock up on bandages. Alice and Claire are about to fight Lord Lacerator.
  • Invoked: Alice asks the doctor to cover her in bandages (but not too many) so she can laugh at Bob's reaction.
  • Defied: Alice has a Healing Factor. She doesn't need any bandages.
  • Discussed: "Alice! Alice!" "I'm fine..." "You'll be OK...hell you'll look pretty cute in bandages."
  • Conversed: "Alice has been injured?" "Awesome, she'll be in bandages at the end!"
  • Played For Laughs: A combination of this being a good time to relax, her injuries and the restrictive nature of her bandages temporarily turns Alice into a Cute Clumsy Girl.
  • Played For Drama: Alice insists she's fine, however the bandages make her look vulnerable causing her to be attacked by a mugger. She fights him off but reopens some of her wounds in the process and must be rushed back to hospital before bleeding to death.
  • Exploited: Bob decides to have Alice debrief their superiors after the fight, knowing they'll be distracted and not ask to many questions.

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