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Battlemamono is the brain child of two MGU members; Pcm979 and Nyctos. The two fathers were talking over IM, about various things, and the topic drifted towards battle monsters - Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Ranch, Dragon Quest Monsters, Shin Megami Tensei, etc. So after a healthy chat, one of them came up with the idea of merging MGE monsters with the ?-mons? trope, and after another long chat, they cooked some basic things up ? they cooked up the foundation for Battlemamono.

Battlemamono is a brand new world filled with humans, monster-girls, dangerous animals called Loci Beasts, and other mysteries. Here, only human men exist, monster-girls taking up the role of lovers, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters. Unlike The Monster Girl Encyclopedia, there are no human women, and so the union of the two races can produce both human sons and monster-girls. Also unlike the MGE, the humans of this world actively welcome the courtship of their mamono counterparts. Battlemamono are a lot stronger compared to their MGE counterparts ? if there is an MGE counterpart, that is. Even the weakest Monster Girl is capable of knocking out a tough guy with ease. But they are not just insanely strong, they are smart, fast, and are capable of using powerful magic! In this setting, men are considered the weaker gender.

So it's up to the Battlemamono wives to protect their weak husband from the various hazard this world has: Bizarre creatures, ranging from tiny clockwork beetles to towering city-smashing behemoths, roam the wilderness, and even the very elements seem to conspire against all sentient life. There are forests of trees whose leaves are molten metal and whose flowers are ever-burning flames, and mountains that soar along the breeze. There are rivers that sing to those who draw near, striving to lure them into the depths to drown, and raging vortexes of lightning that deliberately chase down living prey. A flower that looks beautiful may spit necrotoxin-laden needles, a tundra may conceal swarms of giant predatory worms beneath its snowy blankets, trees can walk and rocks can float . And this is not all. There are more things out there that regular humans don't know about....a world filled with Battle, Adventure, Sex and Love. This is Battlemamono.

More can be found at the [[ Monster Girl Unlimited Custom Profile forum]], and the battlemamono name.

This work includes examples of: Edit

any combination of cow-like horns, ears, hooves and tails, often with furry legs as well. There's also the "domesticated" Holstaurus sub-family of Minotaurus, which tend to be shorter, softer, gentler, and have much bigger breasts.

-- the sorts of monster-girl each type contains should be quite obvious. A rare example of this trope not being played for horror.

  • Blob Monster: Slimes are a Cute Monster Girl variant of this.
  • Crapsack World: Civilisation is officially described as being like an

array of candles scattered throughout a dark, hostile, untamed world. Alternatively, may be more accurately described as Crap Saccharine World.

are very aggressively forward in indicating their sexual attraction, but they still try to coax the chosen man into accepting rather then just pushing him down and having their way with him. There is one mamono who truly does rape men, the Bovuasmos (she has poor impulse control, a huge libido and a fetish for having her partner struggle against her when she's having sex), but it's noted that even she thinks badly of herself for acting like this and most end up turning men off of them because of their reputation. There's also the Ixen'Ssarir, whose whole method of "catching" is to basically give yourself to her so that she can sate her lusts.

foundations of eighteen competing types of element, as is common with Mons work. The complete list is Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Lightning, Ice, Stone, Metal, Angel, Demon, Undead, Fighting, Reptile, Insect, Plant and Aberrant.

Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors.

type more then the Stone type.

Lunacy: All of these fall under the purview of the Light type.

are aspects of the Aberrant type.

    • Black Magic: The theme behind most powers of the Demon type.
    • Necromancy: The Undead type is one part this to one part

Lovecraftian Superpower.

are inherently aghast and disgusted at the idea of wantonly beating on the "weaker sex", and characters like Akane Tendo or Naru Nagisawa would be regarded as the worst sorts of villains.

  • No Pregger Sex: Averted. Most mamono think nothing of having sex while

pregnant, many find themselves slightly hornier then usual, and some subvert it in that they find sex while pregnant to be the best of all.

of course, Dark types. None of them are evil, or even particularly bad. Demon types tend to be mischievous, lustful and/or gluttonous, but Dark types tend to be shy, withdrawn creatures.

meters tall (and mermaid & lamia style mamono of that stature would be even larger, due to the tail issue). Humans, though, typically don't grow more then seven feet tall, and most are five to six feet tall.

then humans, ranging from "lucky to hit five feet tall" to "only one meter tall".

Bisexual tendencies, several are personally content with any partner, no matter the age or gender.

you're fair game for just about anything. Bloodsucking grass, poison-dart shooting flowers, magma-dwelling squids, walking trees, giant flesh-eating clams with razor-sharp shells that lurk under the sand, monstrous crabs, living lightning bolts, fires that chase you down, rivers that try to lure you in with hypnotic song and drown you, shifting forests, life-sapping black sand, corrosive blizzards...

male settlers generations to accept that the Lolimon were emotionally and sexually mature despite their young appearance.

  • Fille Fatale: The class of Mamono known as "Lolimon" sexually mature

far more quickly than their appearances would suggest, and are every bit as lusty and seductive as their older-looking counterparts.

to in-universe as "mamono", a term borrrowed shamelessly from The Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

violently enthusiastic that they can wreak havoc on their surroundings. The Twasen actually decides how good sex was partially by how much stuff she and her lover broke during the intercourse.

sex with humanoid men. Most would find that to be pretty weird.

figured, women at their base, and often sport other strange effects.

setting where every Cute Monster Girl can kick serious ass when so inclined, and the vast majority actually enjoy doing so, it has this trope stamped pretty deeply.

type in general often comes close.

  • Bi the Way: Most species of mamono won't be too raffled by the idea of

having sex with another woman, even though they generally identify themselves as "straight".

invariably this.

  • Cute Bruiser: See that cute little goblin? Yeah, she can probably snap

you in half without trying too hard.

being capable of reproducing parthenogenetically, but in-universe nobody knows how they do it.

and less powerful then mamono, it's the mamono who do the fighting.

compared to other lolimons.

aggressive and have superpowers on top of that.

pervert she is. Somewhat literal in the form of the Frauleiche, who stalks her chosen mate while invisible during the day and perfoms oral sex on him while he sleeps at night.

the setting.


  • Big Eater: A number of mamono can really pack it away when they want to

eat. Often results in a Balloon Belly.

monster-girls have their fans here.

  • Polyamory: Not counting the legions of "ferals" who live in the

wilderness, monster-girls make up 60% of the population. With their libidos, multiple girls marrying one guy is inevitable.

All Women Are Horny.

wives, this is inevitable.

no surprise that some have very strange erogenous zones and turn ons.

  • Ethical Slut: Core rule of the setting; no matter how big a horny

pervert a mamono is, there's a fairly strict set of rules she abides by. First and foremost, it's fine to tease and flirt with others, but she only has sex with her husband.

category, though their forms range from A Little Bit Beastly to very borderline Furry Fandom.

actually do have green skin as well.