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  • Ashley Wilson's hallucination of her face melting in "Bewitched?"
  • Frequently, Scare'Em Straight methods are used by Chick to the point where a reader feels sick reading some of his work. For example, in Happy Halloween, a mother only feels bad for her son because he lost heaven, but says he deserves it for not going to Sunday School.
    • Perhaps even more horrifying, or just as horrifying, is the fact that the boy's family is actually smiling and cheering as though nothing is wrong after their possibly only son is mowed down in the streets! Any ordinary parent, after their son died, would be a tad upset, if not furious, when a person tells them that their son is going to Hell the day after he died, but these parents just forget about their child and start laughing in joy when they realize they aren't going to Hell. What about that son of theirs? Who cares? They aren't going to end up like that horrible wretch for being a kid!
    • Same goes for Lance in "No Fear?": after he commits suicide and his friend Dolly is saved from the same fate by converting to fundamentalist Christianity along with her sister, they just forget about him, as if they're happy that they didn't end up in hell like Lance, who has just burned up and vanished into "the darkness outside". Seriously, they have no respect for the dead or even visit them, which brings out the "Christian" message that people should only care about themselves and forget about others if they die heathens.
  • Some of the tracts are a little jarring, like "The Thing", especially the final.
  • Also those creepy, easily converted children and how Jack thinks other people react to Christianity.
  • Satan's appearance at the end of Somebody Goofed and Oops! He has this weird mix of positively goofy and grotesque that manages to somehow combine into disturbing. While the dialogue's ridiculous, the face sure isn't.
  • The nightmarish cherry on top of the sundae of fear- this is somebody's actual beliefs. Jack Chick is totally serious. Of course,this is somewhat debatable.
    • As someone who has had a fundamentalist Christian education since preschool, I'm convinced that he's serious. We are actually taught these exact beliefs.
  • Seriously, imagine living in the Crapsack World depicted in The Last Generation. Christians are rounded up and sent to "mental camps", natural disasters are all over the place, and a new pagan-mashup state religion involving animal sacrifice is enforced in schools, in a world government not unremniscient of Chaos.
    • One of the characters actually mentions concentration camps, as a cherry on top of the fear sundae. Or 1984.
    • It was mentioned that the bodies of heretics are used as food. *Squick*
  • "Lisa," and the thought that someone somewhere may actually believe that raping your elementary-school-aged daughter and sharing her with a neighbor - oh, and also giving her herpes, apparently - is something that can be fixed with a little prayer. If Jack Chick's God would forgive that so easily, then why not just hang with Satan? Or the Papal Conspiracy?
  • The entire "The Sky Lighter" tract. Especially considering the fact that it is Abdulla's own grandmother who is trying to get him to blow himself up. And the fact that Abdulla blows himself up- and everyone else around him. Imagine surviving that and becoming deformed- or just witnessing it. And just the concept that the Deity who is supposed to love you would actually want you to do something so horrible. No wonder Yusuf is the only sane man in the entire tract.
  • The whole concept of a God that tortures people forever if they do arbitrary things like celebrate Halloween or play Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Or simply doing missionary work to help improve people's lives without forcing religion down their throats, don't forget that.

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