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Whether poorly written or well-written, countless Fan fictions have equally countless villains. The worst of them are either OC villains committing acts so heinous that the canon villains think what they're doing is wrong or taking the already existing villains and making them worse...MUCH worse...
  • Bob Garrison from the Fan Work of Cold Case Season 8: he has a sadistic love of torture, tries to kill a witness for watching him torture a man to death, and, finally, in his crowning act of evil, he has his men murder and frame a recovering alcoholic in order to trick people into thinking his murder was a mugging.
  • In the Deliver Us From Evil Series, Culverton Smith is shown to be even more of a monster than he was in the Canon, and is even mentally labeled this by Holmes. Smith goes around infecting people with his deadly tropical diseases just to study the results, then murders his step-nephew out of Greed for his stepbrother's estate (an action on which Moriarty actually calls him out). Then he gloats over a dying Sherlock Holmes, and this rewrite of a canonical scene is actually pretty painful to read. All this makes his eventual fate immensely satisfying.
  • In A Study in Regret, Moran shoots Watson as payback for Holmes being the cause (directly or indirectly, the story never elaborates) of Moriarty's death. Moran proceeds to subject Holmes to Cold-Blooded Torture for well over a month, then allows Holmes to be rescued so that the detective can heal just enough to watch helplessly as Moran murders Mary Watson and her (as-of-yet-unborn) baby (this last part has not happened yet - merely been deduced by Holmes to be Moran's plan). All this to get back at Holmes for Moriarty's death.
  • The Ghost Map: Moran gives Holmes a Sadistic Choice between suicide by cocaine overdose or Mary's death. He then has something of a Villainous Breakdown and stabs Holmes with the syringe before the detective has the chance to do anything.
    • The Serial Killer is a Deadly Doctor who was spreading cholera around London just to get Holmes' attention. Infecting Davey Wiggins was a mere bonus. And then the man seals his fate by delivering a nasty Hannibal Lecture to Sherlock Holmes. Needless to say, that didn't end well.
  • Ein Woe seems to be this trope...but one of my biggest changes was making the real monster in this scenario Lawrence Vist-Acturia, who is actually Lucian Vist-Acturia, following a Twin Switch. Lawrence/Lucian believes the world is based on lies and is not the true Earth. He is right, but the World of Gaea's existence is equally valid as Earth's. Instead of accepting this, he blamed this "world of lies" for his suffering throughout his early life, and essentially made Ein Woe, Zachaia, Frederick (his own FATHER), and Cal evil in the first place through careful Manipulative Bastard behavior. As soon as Cal realizes that the magic he wanted to use just plain doesn't exist, Lucian rips him in half while mocking Cal's Knight Templar Fundamentalist behavior as "sealing the deal that you go to Hell, Cal. Its so funny! Its just fucking hilarious! You were so faithful to your religion...too bad you took some tenets a bit more seriously than others. You got nobody to blame here but yourself." Following this and an evil costume switch, he just gets even worse.
  • Downfall is a notable subversion...At first. Most of the AU changes lean towards lighter and softer...for the first arc or so. Then, war happens and people start to die. Aaerenerio tortures Kien with the face of his dead wife and mauls Rukia. He dies for it, but not before she is fatally wounded. And all that dosen't take into account the sneaking suspicion that someone else is pulling the strings...
  • Clown (AKA Mayuri Kurotsuchi) in the Bleach fanfic 'Clown'. As far as fictional serial killers go, he is one of the most vile, evil creatures ever conceived. Mayuri tricked Ichigo's mother into going to an abandoned warehouse to talk about her son. A scene was not dedicated to it, but it is explained that she was brutally murdered, gutted, and then hung from the roof by her own intestines. Ichigo is also led to the scene where he discovers his mother. He feeds someone through a mulcher, eats children, and horrifically tortures most of his victims.
  • Master Samuel from The Adventures Through Runescape. He crossed the line early on in the story when he kidnapped, gruesomely tortured, and murdered a Herblore mage just so he could get the recipe for his potion. He later attacks Varrock by summoning the demon Delrith, throwing the city into massive chaos. {{spoiler|And then he gets worse. He forces Dream Decay to betray Mainiac97 by holding his girlfriend hostage, brutally tortures him with the God Rune, and kills Dream Decay right in front of Mainiac97.
  • From Neon Genesis Evangelion fic Nobody Dies, we have Iruel. During a synch test, he traps the pilots and Mana in a Lotus Eater Machine and turns their dream worlds into horror. The only thing keeping the chapter from being 100 percent Nightmare Fuel is Rei's scenario. None of the other Angels had any particularly negative sentiments to Iruel's death, and when they learned there was a possibility that he was still alive, their immediate thought was to kill him before he does anything, because he is considered truly repulsive and horrific even by other Angels.
  • Shinji and Warhammer40K has the usual Neon Genesis Evangelion examples of Gendo, Keel and the members of SEELE, but also manages to have a surprise example with Kaworu. He is directly responsible for the deaths of millions of people and sees nothing wrong with, say, dissolving helpless humans into a formless lump of biomass or twisting them into mindless daemons, managing to surpass both the Angels and SEELE combined in sheer cruelty. Making it worse is that he is a Knight Templar who genuinely believes he is working towards the Greater Good, but actions speak louder than words.
  • Gilbert, aka Prussia, goes from a Small Name, Big Ego Jerk with a Heart of Gold to this in the Axis Powers Hetalia fic All He Ever Wanted, reaching the height of his villainy when he brutally tortures and rapes his childhood friend Hungary to stick it to her ex-husband and his former rival Austria (while forcing him to witness it), and then does it again when he also rapes Switzerland's sister Liechtenstein for no real reason at all. Much, much Internet Backdraft has followed.
    • Hetalia Dark Fics like the infamous Financial Crisis Gangbang revel in this trope. In such cases, most if not all of the characters are reduced to this.
    • Debt has China as this. He is annoyed that America and England have not payed off their opium debt. In return, he does things that, as one person said, "make Hannibal Lecter look like Mother Theresa". Among other things, he chops off America's arms and England's legs, rapes them dozens of times, humiliates them, snatches out their eyes, skullfucks England through his socket, whores them out, has them raped by dogs, slices out their tongues, feeds them dog food, uses the infamous medieval "pear" on them, tears out their toenails, and does some weird Pavlov's dog thing with them. Meanwhile, all the countries have been hit hard; China tells America and England that no one missed them. In Hetalia canon, China is actually one of the kindest and most sympathetic characters, and compare it to...well, this.
      • The same authors did the same thing to Canada, making him cut his own brother's limbs off for the crime of not remembering Canada's name (though, admittedly, that has happened a lot). Then, in the same fic, made every single other character into Complete Monsters, torturing and raping America just for the heck of it.
      • These are not the only fics that reduce China to a caricaturesque monster. One that's thankfully a Missing Fic has China torturing and raping a wimpified Hong Kong within hours of the 1997 Passover Ceremony and leaving it clear that he will rape the poor kid every single day from then on. Another, Dollhouse, has him as at least a borderline example: China is at first shown as a troubled nation who cannot handle his decline and is both despaired and shady (the second shows specially when he subjects child!Taiwan to foot-binding), but then he becomes this by not only getting the already broken Taiwan into opium, but by violently raping her while high and taunting her on how she can't get away from him due to her bound feet. Again, compare this to his canon characterization and step away slowly.
    • They get off light compared to what Japan undergoes, especially in fics set during his imperial years, where he remorselessly tortures and rapes a wimpified China during World War Two or imprisons/abuses/rapes Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and/or Thailand For the Evulz.
    • Let's not forget Turkey. It was extremely common in the early days of the Hetalia fandom (and still is, to an extent) for Dark Fic about his history with Greece to have him rape Greece as a youth or child and mock him the entire time while doing so with a smirk on his face and display absolutely no remorse about it. It even shows up sometimes in Turkey/Greece Shipping fics where Turkey is a Bastard Boyfriend who gets off on raping Greece or generally does everything in his power to make him feel like dirt.
  • Pokémon: Storm Clouds gives us Masque, a Team Rocket agent who specialises in using hypnotic powers to strip Pokémon of their identities and make them his willing servants. While initially presented as an ambiguous figure in the story and somewhat Affably Evil, he is gradually revealed to be a sick, twisted individual who enjoys the amount of control his mind games give him over others. He takes pleasure in stripping Pokémon of their identities and secretly manipulates all the higher-ups of Team Rocket for fun. He later breaks away from Team Rocket and attacks the hometown of the protagonists. While he does have an ulterior motive, it's still clear that he takes a disgusting amount of pleasure in terrorizing and slaughtering the residents of the small town with his Pokémon. When one of the protagonists call him out on his manipulations and accuses him of viewing humans as nothing more than tools, he responds with a chilling quote that really tells you all you need to know about this guy:

Masque: I don't see human beings as tools. That distinction is reserved for Pokémon. No, I see people more as... toys. There's a distinct difference, you see. A tool is used to accomplish something, while a toy is just there to be played with. I wasn't using Giovanni for anything other than my own amusement. And like any toy, he eventually stopped being entertaining--and when a toy bores you, there's only one thing to do: snap it in half and throw it in the garbage. That's it, end of story.

  • The Pokemon/Dragon Ball Z fanfic Pokemon: Frieza and The Astray Dragon Balls has Frieza. Like in the DBZ anime, he a remorseless, sociopathic conquerer. After accidentally getting transported to the Pokemon universe, he wastes no time in murdering the civilians there, instantly blowing up town after town which kills Brock's family. When Ash Ketchum demands to know why, Frieza says that he does it because he can. When discovering Ash has a high power level, he tortures him and attempts to kill him and Misty before a Saiyan named Toby shows up. Toby explains how Frieza murdered everyone on his planet and how he is making sure no one can suffer the same fate. Frieza then allies himself with Team Rocket and launches multiple attacks attempting to kill Ash and his friends. He sends a Saiyan to fight the gang only to later try to kill him, causing the Saiyan to join Ash. He then launches an attack on a massive Pokemon tournament in order to kill as many people as possible. He kills Trip with no remorse and badly injures hundreds of people. He then murders Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, and then blames it on Ash and crew. He then ends the fanfic by planning to take over the world! Sadistic, murderous, and genocidal, he was willing to murder children in order to achieve world domination.
  • The Code Geass fanfiction Code Geass Mao Of The Deliverance has a few of these. The first is Dr. Huai, a sadistic psychiatrist who abuses the mental patients in his care and experiments on them with Refrain. It's also implied he gets sexual satisfaction from doing so. Although he's got a (admittedly very ugly) Freudian Excuse, it's only revealed later on and is barely relevant to any of his actions. Later, there are the scientists at the Rosenberg Institute, whom even Dr. Huai is afraid of, who fund his experiments in order to develop a version of the drug that could addict the people under their control and, Mao discovers, have been killing C.C. in various gruesome ways to test the limits of her immortality. Compared to any of the abovementioned characters, Mao looks decent!
  • From Yu-Gi-Oh!! Fanfic Tilting the Balance, we have Jacob Waterknot, who is willing to kill and slaughter people for his own gain. One of the most triumphant examples, the line crossing is when he plays a card that, in normal game terms, call down several a dozen meteors and destroy the field. However, he made the duel as real as it could be. The meteors were real and destroys a good portion of St. Paul, killing countless people just so he could attempt to defeat one person.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Forever has several villains, both those who serve as the Big Bad of their respective arc and those who are henchmen, but none come quite as close to utter vileness as Abel Drake, a member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad in the JUDAS arc. He Mind Rapes children (using the Millennium Key's power to unlock and alter memories as he sees fit) For the Evulz, forced one character to relive her Dark and Troubled Past using said ability, and had a very bad impact on another major character's screwed-up development by stealing that character's mother's soul to power the revival of an Eldritch Abomination, then brainwashed said character and his sister so they wouldn't remember that part of their past.
  • Deoxys from Latias' Journey is one of the most shining examples of Complete Monsters in Fanfiction anywhere. His first action after coming to earth is murdering and torturing a small Pokémon child after his twin was just murdered before his eyes. Over the course of the story, he maims, murders, slaughters, mutilates, mindfucks, and does everything in his power to make the heroes' lives a living and total hell. He nukes several heavily populated areas around the world with his virus to acquire more mindless minions for his goal (and I would like to point out that every single one of his minions is in agonizing pain every second they're existing) and will do everything and anything to punish those who gets in his ways. In fact, he says it perfectly when questioned why he does all of his atrocious acts.

Deoxys: Because it is my wish. Because they were in my way. And most importantly, because I can.

You'd start off having a perfectly normal conversation with Zirah, everything would be going smoothly, you started wondering why he was a demon anyway, and then he went and did something so horrifically, darkly unpleasant that you stopped wondering why he wasn't in Heaven and started wondering why he was in Hell. You really thought they'd create some whole new level for him to operate from.

  • Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams has several of these: the demonic Cobweb, who imprisons Sleepwalker in Rick Sheridan's mind as part of a larger Plan and later Mind Rapes one of Rick's friends into committing suicide less than two days after Rick's birthday; Fever Pitch, a Manson-like cult leader and serial killer who voluntarily transformed himself into a fiery skeletal monstrosity as part of his divine crusade; Jack the Ripper, who returns to terrorize New York City in the twentieht century; and Psyko, a terrifying monstrosity who subjects his victims to their worst nightmares while they're wide awake, even as he uses their bodies as People Puppets.
  • Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light pits our arachnid heroine against a few of these as well. One such example is Firebrand, a Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up who went from bullying to assault to multiple murders and thought that Dad's money and Dad's connections would get him off scot-free...and this was before he became a supervillain; Mary Jane Watson's own father, Phillip, a Corrupt Corporate Executive who routinely engaged in Domestic Abuse to his wife, even as he openly cuckolded her for years on end; and Jack O'Lantern, a costumed psychopath who sees himself as The Unfettered and commits ever-escalating crimes mostly For the Evulz and developed a crazed obsession with his teenaged nemesis after Spider-Woman kept interfering in his "fun".
  • Jerry Tagger in the Pokémon fanfic A Little Night Music. For the majority of his life, he has believed himself to be "superior" to ordinary men, and, as such, he does not care what effect his actions have on other people. To test this belief, when he was eight years old, he reasoned that a truly superior being would be able to kill without feeling anything, so he set his own sister on fire to see how he would react. The tests came out positive: he felt nothing.
  • Both Heian Chao and Wu Xiu of A Different Lesson take this trope and run with it gleefully.
    • The acts Chao perpetrates are especially, and truly, unforgivable, and they only get worse as the story goes on. Countless murders (including of children), Demonic Possession, More Than Mind Control, forcing friends and loved ones to kill each other, unleashing demons from the spirit world, necromancy, corrupting people's souls and intentions, pushing Tai Lung into committing his rampage, planning to make People Puppets of the whole world, all so as to live forever and force his vision of perfection on everyone else.
    • Xiu the snow leopard, meanwhile, killed her own father just for being "weak" and good, framed Jia for it so she could twist and manipulate her into obeying and serving implicitly as an assassin, longed to have the same powers Chao had so she could do the same things he did, poisoned countless soldiers who had been fighting the Huns, murdered her teacher, tried to manipulate Tai Lung into joining her with lies about his family (and also helped plant doubts regarding Shifu and Oogway's love and pride in him so he would fixate on the Dragon Scroll to earn them), nearly killed Po and Tigress, did kill Zhuang, loved the feeling of Chao's dark chi and wished to bathe in it when everyone else was sickened and terrified by it... And both of them enjoyed every bit of what they did, with no remorse or regrets, and no sign they could be redeemed or ever would be.
  • Necromancers Of China Saga gives us the leader of the necromancers, Jasmine Crescent. At first the necromancers are introduced as Well Intentioned Extremists who are trying to end all conflicts. Towards the end of the first book, we learn that the necromancers are all pawns and their leader is using them to gain power all to herself. Her real goal is to sacrifice fifty males and fifty females to absorb their souls and become a master vampire. She's also incredibly manipulative, shown when she tricks Po and Tigress into believing she's a friend, so she could trick them into helping her get the job done faster. She also deceives Po and Tigress daughter from the future, convincing her into manipulating her own parents in both the future and the present to further keep the facade going, then trying to kill her once she doesn't need her anymore. She also has several Kick the Dog moments, such as murdering the family of her defeated foe, trying to kill her own children simply for standing up to her, and destroying Gongmen City just so collecting one hundred souls would be a little easier. She also succeeds in killing Shifu, and A Million Is a Statistic is completely averted, as the saga takes the time to show the aftermath of her deeds and givin us a glimpse of just how badly she ruined people's lives. There are several more atrocities she commits, but these are the worst.
  • The Team Fortress 2 fanfic Respawn of the Dead gives us RED Spy. Not only did he play his own teamates like a fiddle (planning their deaths, to boot), he also made sure to get Soldier and Heavy killed first, to make it easier to get rid of the others (and, in the case of the latter, convincing him to die for Medic's sake), locked Medic and Pyro in a room full of zombies, and then invited Engineer to help him rape Sniper. When he eventually gets his just deserts, they're well-deserved.
  • The Total Drama Island fan fiction Lost and Found has Gwen's dad: he abducts Gwen's mom and brother and sets her home on fire to fake their deaths so that Gwen ends up living with him, and once she gets there, he starts beating her daily and cuts her whenever she tried to do something about it, threatens to kill Gwen's mom and brother who he had locked up so that she'll do whatever he'd tell her, shoots a maid in the face with no second thoughts because she tried to stand up for Gwen, and it was revealed that he only had her around so he could use her to make money off via modeling gigs and having her win a season of Total Drama. He meets his end when the girlfriend he betrayed and killed after she grew a conscious shot him in the chest before she died.
  • Hollowmoon from Fill the Moon is a colossal Eldritch Abomination that gleefully destroys anything he can. It's heavily implied that it drove the protagonist to suicide, he destroys a village, eats most of the villagers, and eats the hearts of the Apprentices.
    • His sister, Kingdom Hearts, isn't much better. They're implied to have an incestuous relationship, and she/it openly states that she and Hollowmoon drove Senayax--the adorable little Woobie--to suicide to use her as a pawn for their games, while she had just actually stolen Senayax's body and was wearing it like a second skin while discussing this with the Organization.
    • Oh, and the best part? After Zexion dies in a Heroic Sacrifice and Senayax commits suicide by Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts openly states that she could heal them but won't, just so she can take advantage of their state and eat Senayax's baby. She/it's not just the Anthropomorphic Personification of Kingdom Hearts, she is the personification of pure, unadulterated, puppy-kicking evil.
    • And now there's a definite new one in Larxene's husband. He goes from rapist to a monster who would lock his wife in a box for three days without food, clothing, or water, just for not cleaning properly or some other petty offense. He's also implied to have raped her with a knife, bitten her, burned her, beat her, and threatened to cut off her breasts. While Hollowmoon and Kingdom Hearts have the excuse of being Eldritch Abomination monsters and thus not subject to human morality, Larxene's husband is absolutely human and absolutely monstrous.
  • La Belle: The murderer (Sergio) kills off the smashers one by one in sadistic and creative ways, with no mercy given to any of the children. His murders include burning Donkey Kong alive and sealing Mewtwo underground in a coffin He frames Ganondorf for the killings and tricks the smashers into executing him, not even to get away, but just so he can trick them into killing an innocent person. He broadcasts Samus Aran's death so he can taunt the smashers. It is later revealed that he planned on sacrificing the smashers' souls to the Devil. He claims to have a Freudian Excuse (a bad childhood), but some of the other smashers claim that they also had bad childhoods and didn’t turn out bad.
  • In the Pokémon fanfic Reunion, there are a bunch of OC and returning villains who do horrible things, but there are two characters in particular that stand out as complete and utter monsters. The main antagonist, an OC named Nathanael Butler, starts off just looking like a regular asshole, seeing as how he hits on all the female characters. However, it soon becomes obvious that he intends on raping several female characters, more obvious when he tries to rape Misty, and successfully manipulates sort-of OC character Ka into having sex with him. He also intends on back-stabbing Team Rocket, who is helping him out, by stealing a powerful Pokemon that he's offering funding to develop and murdering countless people in brutal fashions. The other monster is Rocket Elite Frollo (probably an allusion to another Complete Monster), a psychic who kills thousands of people and Pokemon and assimilates their souls into himself to increase his psychic powers. Neither character is given an explanation for their powers, and both suffer a fate worse than death...
  • Count Fernando VIII in Pokemon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude, part of the Pokémon XD Enigma Shadow Series. He expresses extremely sexist views against women, believing them to be nothing but sex objects (parodying his obvious Bishounen appearance). He also murdered at least three people in cold blood - his own parents and an elderly man - for the purpose of obtaining information to advance his own goals. Eventually, he gains control of one of the Olympus Mons and begins destroying his entire city, explicitly getting off to the suffering he's inflicting.
  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender fic The Fall of the Fire Empire features an elderly Azula in a world where Ozai succeeded in conquering everyone. She finally hits her Villainous Breakdown with the realization that there is no way she can escape her impending death from old age, so she decides to go out in a blaze of glory, starting a war that will probably kill a good percentage of the world's population, and also set things up so that she'll be remembered as a hero who tried to stop that war. Making this even more disturbing is that the story was written by the same person as the Azula Trilogy mentioned above, which gives Azula a very believable Heel Face Turn. And for a while, he was even writing both stories at the same time.
    • A lesser example who should not be overlooked, regardless, is Gian. Ruthless and sociopathic, he doesn't care who is in charge of the world order or who his employers are, so long as he's paid for his services - which involve murder. In a rather telling scene, he brutally kills an Earthbender slave girl - not because she posed a potential threat (she was rather meek, actually), but simply because she'd served her purpose - and simply dumps her body into the lake. Mercifully, he's also the Climax Boss for the First Act of the story and suffers a Cruel and Unusual Death when Jiazin stabs him with her blazing sword - a blazing sword with blue fire - and burns him from within.
  • A Father's Wrath: Jashin was one when he was alive. He was a cruel and merciless Warlord who killed any who stood in his path, butchering entire countries and people years ago before the main timeline. He even used his own son as a Sacrifice to create a Summon which requires a hundred Sacrifices each use. He had no Freudian Excuse like others, he simply killed because he could. Eventually The Sage of Six Paths confronted and killed him but it got worse as his remaining followers deified him and vowed to continued killing all in his name.
    • And in the Present time line Worshiper Keiji Sosano is just as bad. Keiji takes over Earth and proclaims that they will start a Fourth Ninja War and that they proclaim an Age Of Jashin where all will worship him or be killed. Hidan even tried to go back in time and kill Naruto and change the past when he was born and see to it that Kyuubi destroys Konoha and would've if Orochimaru hadn't stopped him from doing so. Keiji willingly sacrificed thousands of troops in battles and killed the woman who loved him just so his plans wouldn't go unnoticed and be able to put put his final plan into action.
  • Janita has Air Jay, a psychopathic Viking who kills people on a whim. As a child he would go around attacking people with his unique fire abilities, even killing them sometimes. He later part in the Third Ninja War as a mercenary, killing a thousand people, before being sealed by Naruto's parents, Minato and Kushino. Upon being unsealed by bandits, he burns them to death. He is eager to have a rematch with Naruto's parents, but when Takuma informs him that Minato and Kushino have died he kills several bandits in a fit of rage believing only he is allowed to kill them. Takuma then tells him that they have a son, Air Jay is then ready to join his plan to unearth the weapon to destroy the village. Air Jay massacres a village, starting with the village headmaster for "ruining his cool entrance" and when the rest try to fight back with pitchforks he kills them too, laughing about how easy it was. He is about to kill a child when Hinata tries to stop him. When Air Jay defeats Hinata, he considers killing her in front of her daughter, the eponymous Janita, until he smells Naruto on her and takes her alive as bait. When Hinata wakes up she finds herself chained to a boulder, rigged to kill an innocent girl if she escapes. Air Jay gets Hinata to agree to be his personal slave, only to admit he was screwing with her head. He later shows Hinata the weapon telling her that it needs her Charka to power the weapon. When confronted by Naruto and co, he jokes that he committed the massacre to wanted to eat all of the sardines the village was famous for, only to admit it was a side benefit. They have a long drawn out fight until Kakashi shows up and distracts Air Jay long enough for them to escape. Upon returning to the base, Air Jay pulls Hinata down from the boulder just to kill the girl. He sends eight bandits to kill his father for knowing his weakness despite that he refused to disclose it. When Naruto and co stop the bandits, they beg him to let them kill Air Jay's father, because they are so terrified to fail him. He also takes a woman and has her tell the slaves digging up the weapon about all his actions and tells them she will die in ten seconds if they do not work harder, only to kill her when he reaches six and tauntingly counts the rest of the numbers. Later to torment Hinata, Air Jay takes two prisoners and asks her which one he should kill, then kills them both. He does this again the next day, telling Hinata it was her fault they both died. When the weapon is unearthed, Air Jay has the slaves burned to death. He then loads up weapon with bombs to destroy the entire Leaf Village, unlike Takuma who simply wanted to kill the leader, Hiashi, and take over. He then drains Takuma's Chakra to power the machine telling him he intends to keep Hinata to abuse.
  • Team 8, the author's interpretation of Itachi Uchiha seems to fit the bill. Unlike canon, he committed the Uchiha Massacre simply to test himself (as he originally claimed), but in-story his complete Lack of Empathy makes him one of the most deplorable individuals. In particular, when he crosses the Moral Event Horizon even further by killing Kurenai (showing absolutely no remorse or even emotion at having done so), his partner Kisame Hoshigaki - himself a renowned Blood Knight - is freaked out and disturbed by it.
  • Tobi from War Of The Biju is the Big Bad and the Man Behind the Man to Nagato. Before convincing Nagato to create Akatsuki, he was Madara Uchiha's Dragon. Tobi was originally from a sect of the Uchiha Clan who rejected the truce between the Uchiha and Senju that formed Konoha...and its Sole Survivor. Why? He murdered them all, including his parents, younger siblings, and even lover so there was no competition. When Madara gave his final orders, preparing to die in his sleep...Tobi smothered him to assume the role. One of the things that stands out is how he framed the Uchiha Clan: while dueling Minato the Yondaime Hokage, he simultaneously led the Uchiha Clan on a wild goose chase, merging with the clone he used right after the control of Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. All so the Uchiha would be away right as Kurama got big Sharingan's in his eyes when the clan was gone right in front of the entire Konoha leadership. Then years later when after the Uchiha Clan began working amicably with the Village again he reappeared and blackmailed Fugaku Uchiha...after literally Mind Raping several women to death. All so he could get the Uchiha's support for the coup. Which he then helped Itachi put down. Finally he starts the most destructive War in the entire history of the Five Great Nations. Seeing everything but a big game to kill as many people as possible, Tobi lacks anything and everything that would make him sympathetic.
  • Fedt-geszhine, of Yukari Is Free. Currently holding the highly-coveted title of "Most Evil Character", Fedt-geszhine is the bespectacled Dragon of Warmaster, the head of the Veluszhi Imperial Army. Fedt is a genius who is currently working on his life goal: learn everything. He once locked himself in a cage with an angry, rabid animal just to see if his regeneration serum worked (It Did). He isn't above using living human test subjects for his experiments or just for fuel for the bio-reactor. And when he was a child, he killed his mother, just so he wouldn't get in trouble for drilling a hole in his baby sister's head.
  • Ashura, from A Rose and a Thorn. In part III of the ficseries, Shadow sets out with Espio to free him and Mirage from the ARK, after having learned about them at Prison Island. However, Mirage tells Espio upon being freed that Shadow must be insane to set someone like him free. She doesn't simply fear what will happen; she knows how evil he is. Upon being freed, he sets out to find all of the Chaos Emeralds, stopping none short of hurting Eggman and Rouge for two of them and causing the latter to miscarry Sonic's baby. At the end of the fic, he manages to kill Espio and blind Mirage. Starting in the next part, Sonic helps Mirage travel back to the time she was created on the ARK, so that she can kill Ashura in order to save Espio. It is within this part that he shows how really bad he can be, from his interactions with Black Doom, to mindraping Midnight.
  • It seems that even the Tales (series) fandom is big on having pure evil characters if the fangames are anything to go by. Tales of a Twist, a parody of Tales of Symphonia, gave the protagonists elements of this trope. Colette delights in watching the suffering of people relatively early on. While the dialogue tries to play all of this for Comedic Sociopathy, it doesn't really excuse the fact that they blew up a Human Ranch with the humans still inside it. Tales of the Ocean, however, doesn't play this for laughs. The main protagonist turns out to have been Evil All Along and was responsible for drowning the entire island he grew up on because of the racial prejudice against him, and the only thing he regrets is that his Morality Chain got hurt. All those hundreds of deaths on his head? The fact that he smiles while telling you all this should say it all.
  • The Legend of Spyro: Zonoya's Revenge incarnation of Malefor is even worse than his canon counterpart, and that's saying something. To start, he has the newly corrupted Cynder slash out Zonoya's, her best friend, eye and left her thinking Cynder betrayed her, making Zonoya's grudge on Cynder his doing. This means he's indirectly the cause of all the horrible things Zonoya did. The emotional Mind Rape he subjects her to. And his plan to destroy the world could be considered merciful to his vision of ruling it.
  • Dredd, the commanding Ape in the Tall Plains area in The Legend of Spyro Retelling: A New Beginning, fits this big time. His Establishing Character Moment is trying to get information out of Kane by dropping one of Kane's tribesmen to his death from several thousand feet. He then tells Kane he intends to kill as many of the Atlawian Tribe as he has to in order to get the information he wants, happily adding that he might use some of them as target practice. What does he want? The few, very minute mining deposits they have left that the Ape hadn't already pillaged from them. He only gets worse after his Villainous Breakdown when his Bad Boss tendencies begin to kick in...
  • Kirby in There Will Be Brawl. He is nowhere close to the cute little marshmallow you grew up with. He is an outright cannibalisitic serial killer who takes delight in tormenting and torturing his victims,. who destroyed his own homeland prior to the series. He is responsible for almost, everything that goes wrong in the Mushroom Kingdom, throwing the once peaceful kingdom into a crime-infested one. He killed many of the main characters, most of them being the few innocents left in this world, very gruesomely. He takes great pleasure in ruining Luigi's life, and killed the two women he loved the most. His motive? Sheer insanity and sadism.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam's Prince Ghiren Zabi was never a nice guy to begin with. However, it could be argued that his entire character boiled down to his desire to conquer the earthsphere. Zeon Quest, however, shows what Ghiren is willing to do in order to rule, from masterminding the notorious Operation British, fully aware of the massive civilian casualties it will cause (and it's hinted that he lied to his family and allies to get it approved), to trying to nuke neutral civilians so his rival siblings will get blamed, to blowing up a friendly island just to ensure his forces will have a monopoly on producing advanced mobile suits. And much like his canon counterpart, Ghiren has no problems with killing his father to stop a peace treaty (and his own prosecution for war crimes). But in this fic, he also shows that he has no problems killing off the majority of supporters as well, and his plan to sell them all out to save himself. His obsession with conquest at any cost turned him into The Caligula.
  • In the Harry Potter fan fic Notebooks And Letters, Severus Snape. Although helping the trio and the others escape from Malfoy Manor, he refuses to do so until Harry drinks a specially concocted potion that will completely wipe out every pleasant memory Harry has, until he is ultimately left with nothing but his self loathing and a seething hatred for the entire world and all of those he once loved. Snape sees this as his ultimate revenge against James Potter, having refused to accept any responsibility for losing Lily, and as seen in a pensieve memory, relished that Harry would have to die against Voldemort and had asked Dumbledore if HE could be the one to kill Harry. When the group have escaped, Snape slaughters any survivors and burns the mansion down with Fiendfyre, and then kills himself so as not to face any repercussions.
    • Snape also qualifies as this in Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. As Headmaster, he inflicts his sadistic whims on the poor students and regularly blackmails the D.A. by punishing eleven-year olds in their place. He even ordered an eleven-year old flogged and left in chains for thirty hours. What Snape did to Michael as a punishment for freeing this kid was completely unforgivable: he had the poor guy tortured in a nightmarish way, prolonging the agony to the point where his best friend Terry tried to put him out of his misery with Avada Kedavra. The author has actually been criticized for portraying Snape as way, way too evil.
  • Mecha Sonic in Super Mario Bros. Z. As soon as he came into being (via Metal Sonic absorbing past models into himself), he destroys the Death Egg and forces it to crash-land on Mobius, causing an apocalypse. He then, while hunting down the Chaos Emeralds, also took the opportunity to kill Sonic's friends in extremely brutal ways (Tails by strangling him, Amy by beating her up, Knuckles by beating him up and then filling him up with machine-gun processed lead, and Cream and Cheese by apparently blowing her head off), and had wiped out most, if not all, of the planet's population and turned almost half of it into a burning wasteland. He was also the reason for Shadow's current personality, because he murdered Rouge and Omega, the only people he could call his friends. As soon as he arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom to recover the Chaos Emeralds, he also killed a Goomba who found a Chaos Emerald simply because he didn't give it to him, even though there was absolutely no way he could have known that was a Chaos Emerald. He then mercilessly beats up Yoshi to gain his chaos emerald (and says that he would have killed Yoshi anyways even if he did comply to his request). He later brutally killed both the Koopa Bros and the Axem Rangers X and destroyed Yoshi's Island. Not just scouring the surface, but hitting the island with a Sphere of Destruction so violent that it vaporised the entire island.
  • Raker the Jackal, from a Sonic the Hedgehog ficseries by JudasFM. First appears in Caves of the Ancients, before which he sold Tails out to a slave mine, and before then, killed his father, leading to his mother's suicide by drowning, and has been abusing his brother Bait (at least that's what he renamed him) ever since. While Sonic, Knuckles, and Bait head to the Scrap Brain Zone to save Tails, Raker stalks them the whole way, and blows up the Oil Ocean Zone during one of their confrontations. When Sonic calls him out on this the next day, his response is to casually say he didn't stop to think things through. In the next fic, he teams up with Knuckles' thought-to-be-dead mother and Dr. Robotnik, in hopes of getting Bait back, just so that he could torture and kill him (as it's revealed after he retrieves him). Getting him back also involved blowing up a building with Vector inside. Robotnik finds his actions just as appalling as everyone else. Bait is the only one who has any respect for him, because of "family loyalty", even though Sonic tries to get through to him that Raker does not return this. It speaks volumes when even Sekko, who runs the aforementioned slave mine and ordered Knuckles' lost sister dead before being killed himself by the person he asked to carry it out, cannot hope to compete with him.
  • The Blood+ fanfic Nobility has Didier, who will kill anybody who supports Anjou. At first, it appeared that he simply wanted to become the chiropteran king. However, it's revealed that he had several chances to kill Anjou, but disregarded them in favor of Mind Rape.
  • The Touhou fanfiction Imperfect Metamorphosis has charming, genial Yuuka Kazami. She will (and does) kill people for mildly annoying her, enjoys "games" (i.e. brutal torture), and absolutely loves children, all because it amuses her. She has her standards and is unpredictable enough to often leave people alive inexplicably, but there is a reason everyone in Gensokyo voids themselves at the mere mention of her name.
    • As long as you don't break her rules, she's actually quite predictable. She wouldn't have killed the two humans in the house she moved into if they had welcomed her as a guest rather than thrown stuff at her and screamed, and if she gives her word in a deal, she will keep it. As long as you do as well. If Yukari hadn't brought an additional TEN people to what was supposed to be a one-on-one fight, she wouldn't have brought Elly. And outnumbered 11-2 ,she still won and killed Satori and Flan. Yukari breaking the deal didn't work as planned. As long as you don't break your word and treat her with respect and proper etiquette, you'll survive. Knowing that Yuuka Kazami is just waiting for you to slip up might make you nervous, which could cause you to forget your manners, which...brr.
    • The Shadow Youkai is no slouch either. Essentially the Anthropomorphic Personification of death and destruction, it delights in havoc and carnage, but, even rendered relatively powerless, demonstrates an incredible fondness and proficiency for Mind Rape as well, shattering the mind of one of its "captors", and is motivated by nothing but raw sadism.
  • In the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic/Doctor Who crossover Time Lords and Terror, the Smooze from the G1 movie is reimagined as the S'muz, an omnicidal Eldritch Abomination that seeks to devour the multiverse and absorb the psychokinetic energy it believes other life-forms have "stolen" from it, is gleefully willing to torture anyone that gets in its way, and refuses to stop until it's the only thing left in all of existence.
    • There's also Matron Hydia, whose attempts to try and free the S'Muz are the driving force of the story—she knows what it's capable of, and that's exactly why she wants to free it, as she falsely believes that she can control it and use it to destroy her enemies. She crosses the Moral Event Horizon when she sacrifices her own daughter Draggle in order to complete the summoning ritual. Fortunately, she shortly thereafter becomes the S'Muz's first victim, rendering her Deader Than Dead by destroying her essence.
    • In the sequel Mines of Dragon Mountain, Tirek, who was already a Complete Monster as it was, is likewise reimagined as an ancient demon who feeds on negative emotions (hate, despair, etc), and thus started a war on Equestria half a million years ago in order to feed on those emotions on a global scale, a war that wiped out several species, leveled continents, and killed most of Equestria's gods, before he was sealed away. In the present, he corrupts and possesses Gabbro, turning him into a Knight Templar, before attempting to fully escape his prison by wiping out a city and feeding on the pain of the deaths of thousands (if not more). And that's not even counting the murders, tortures, and other sick stuff he does purely for the sheer joy of it. Also, giving him bonus points for both shows; first, it's revealed that he's also The Beast, and then the epilogue reveals that he's Discord's master. So, yeah, he's one evil bastard.
      • He gets more points (not that he needed them) in the following story Atmos-Fear, where it's revealed that he's the one who created the changelings. Now bear in mind that, going only by canon appearances, the changelings' Queen Chrysalis is arguably worse than Discord, and in this story's universe, we can blame Tirac for her existence.
  • The version of Discord from the Pony POV Series is easily a bigger monster than his canon self, despite having the same personality essentially. The difference is that he actually gets to the absolutely horrific stuff his canon self never did. For example, he publically announces to Cloudsdale that Rainbow Dash betrayed all of Equestria for her sake then drives the entire town insane right in front of her, pretty much making her watch. But that's nothing compared to the Bad Future we're shown that would've happened if he had won. To put this in perspective, him raising the dead to devour their friends and loved ones is apparently common place under his rule! And that's pretty much the least monstrous thing he's implied to have done. Dying is pretty much a blessing compared to some of the other things he's done to ponies...
    • Applejack's story shows us that, even in the present, this version of him is a total monster. Applejack gets a look at what his rule over Equestria did to a bunch of other ponies. The sadistic things he put everypony through are just horrific. For example, having Silver Spoon's father attempt to behead her. And unlike the canon version, the acts of this Discord are without a doubt Mind Rape in every way, shape, and form. This incarnation of Discord has an extremely sick sense of humor!
      • His Moral Event Horizon (established as his first act in the canon of the story to count as such) is Mind Raping Trixie into believing she doesn't exist. Why? To pretty much warm up for breaking Twilight. She is no threat to him, she can't do anything to harm him. He did it just to try out his method of breaking Twilight on someone.
        • Luna's Side Story has added three counts of genocide to his list of crimes, which he mentions as if they're no big deal to him.
  • Yet another My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfic example—Nightmare, the Big Bad of Night of the Shy. Being an Eldritch Abomination, she should be Above Good and Evil. However, the sheer amount of enjoyment she gets out of her actions (which are usually Kick the Dog at best and which tend to be done purely For the Evulz) puts her straight into this territory. To sum up: not only did she possess Princess Luna (turning her into Nightmare Moon) and create Discord (making her responsible for everything he did as well), she's also implied to be behind several of the monster attacks on Ponyville in canon and is the reason Celestia and Luna are the last two alicorns. And all that's before the story even starts; in the story itself, she kidnaps the Mane Cast's pets as bait for Fluttershy, who she then takes as her new host body (trapping the poor filly in her own mind), before brainwashing and transforming the aforementioned pets into monsters as part of her army. When she realizes that Zecora followed Fluttershy and witnessed the possession, she has her minions hunt her down to stop her from telling anyone—and after she's captured Zecora, she tortures her before releasing her to hunted again for fun. She then launches an attack on Ponyville that claims the lives of Princess Celestia, Ditzy Doo, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Luna, with her personally killing the latter two. And after the rest of the Mane Cast have been forced to flee, Nightmare proceeds to eat most of Ponyville, before locking the survivors in a cage made from the bones of her victims and leaving them to die as she sets the town on fire...except Sweetie Bell, who Nightmare takes prisoner to use as a hostage/bargaining chip against Rarity and the others. The kicker? All of the above happens within the first five chapters of the story!
  • Ponies Make War offers up these examples:
    • Titan. For all his talk of being the rightful ruler of Equestria, he show little to no concern for his would-be subjects (with Titan constantly threatening to destroy Equestria if the ponies don't stop resisting his rule). And for specific examples for each, Titan has no problem with killing his own son after he's depowered, and his daughter Terra actually seems to greatly enjoy torturing one daughter and trying to kill the other. Terra eventually gets a Cry for the Devil treatment that makes her more of a Jerkass Woobie, while at the same time makes Titan an even bigger monster. To sum up, Terra was originally married to her brother Empyrean (not to be confused with the son Titan killed), but had to Mercy Kill him after he was corrupted by Discord; Titan blamed Harmony (his first wife/Terra's mother) for this and killed her, before forcing Terra to become his new wife, subjecting her to the Insanity to make her as big a monster as him.
    • Arguably even worse is Rarity's father, General Esteem. Whereas Nihilus was created by an Artifact of Doom to be a creature of pure evil, and Titan and Terra are gods who are technically above normal morality (with Titan himself bordering on being an Eldritch Abomination), Esteem is just a sadistic asshole who's so in love with the concept of war that he raises his daughter via brutal Training From Hell, kills his wife when she refuses to help him unseal Titan, and, upon Titan's release, does whatever he can to crush any resistance. Which includes driving the Sliver of Darkness through Twilight's eye to create Nihilus -- while knowing she'll be awake during everything after -- and brutally killing anypony who opposes the new regime. To put it in Applejack's blunt terms, he's a jackass, and his Karmic Death at Twilight's hooves, right after confessing to killing and eating Spike[1], seems like too easy an out for him.
  • The Big Bad of Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Red Cyclone. He's a cunning and charismatic talker and one of the two griffins responsible for starting the entire conflict. He sees the ponies as wimps and wouldn't like to think of them as anything else other than an extinct race. When he reveals his Evil Plan to General Silverbeak, his concept is rejected. What does Red Cyclone do? He kills the general and takes over the command over the griffins. Then, he blames everything on the ponies, sending his soldiers to burn Equestria down and exterminate or enslave all ponies! And he does it all because he thinks the world doesn't need the weak.
  • Doctor Whooves and Assistant has had one thus far; Regal Script, who sold out his home planet to the Cyberponies, allowing them to capture Princess Celestia and torture her until she is a broken mare and use her as a living battery. He also hands the Doctor and Derpy over to them, know the same fate is in store for them. All to become the ruler of Equestria when the Cyberponies take over. Thankfully, the Cyberponies 'reward' him with an 'upgrade', then blows up along with the Cyberpony homeworld.
  • Two Slayers - One Heart, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic, gives us a Complete Monster version of Amy Madison, who sets traps designed to kill very young slayers, watchers, and people she's never even heard of—all because those people are friends of Willow Rosenberg, whom she hates psychopathically. She also gets turned on when she discovers that her girlfriend, despite being built like the proverbial brick house (and a psychopathic murderer in her own right), is only thirteen years old. Amy even whistles cheerfully as she prepares to sacrifice a seven or eight year old girl in an attempt to bring back the First Evil and open a new Hellmouth.
  • Just in case KyuBey wasn't too bad in the original, you get to have TorBey. This time, as KyuBey's lackey, he forgoes all that which KyuBey at least attempted, from the fact that he doesn't bother to grant any wishes, to the fact that his purpose is to destroy the human population of Earth, he is more than qualified for a spot on this fine list of horrible villains.
  • Echoes: Yagura far outdoes his canon counterpart in heinousness and is easily the fic's most depraved villain. Seeing himself as "the ultimate predator," he hunts down and kills people for fun, engages in cannibalism, whimsically commits genocide to create a new [1], makes a sport out of murdering his minions for the most minor reasons, and ultimately wants to turn the world into a dog-eat-dog hellhole to rule over as a tyrannical warlord.
  • Hiro Hikoro from the Naruto/Basilisk/Claymore/FullMetalAlchemist RP I do with LS. Let's see, he's the reason why Dark Action Girl, Biri (later retconned into a Woobie Action Girl) became what she was: he controlled her through sex and made her do things she didn't want to do by using a seal that he forced his late father to teach him. He pulls the wool over A-The Raikage's eyes and becomes the Godaime Raikage...ushering a rain of terror over Kumogakure that makes Yagura's of the Bloody Mist look tame. Finally, after Kagero kills him with her Kiss of Death, he has already had a contingency of coming back to life in the future - he placed seals on all the girls he used to rape and abuse when they were part of his harem, including Biri, and siphoned off their life force to come back to life. Finally, Kuro, the current Raikage and his brother, beats him and gives him a Fate Worse Than Death using a seal to make his body intangible so he sinks to the center of the planet. Completely. Deserved.
  • Iggins, the Big Bad of the second story in the Invader Zim My Hostage Not Yours trilogy. He's pretty mild compared to others on this list, but his vendetta against Gaz—which starts with sending assassins after her and her loved ones and escalates to using a Mind Control Device to make her his slave (with some disturbing subtext to his intentions for her) -- is all a result of Gaz taking his Game Slave 2 when they were kids. And he stole it from her in the first place. Oh, and when Dib and Zim attack his lair to free her, he first uses his own younger siblings as bodyguards, and when Zim gets past them, forces him to fight Gaz—which, seeing as Zim and Gaz are in a relationship by this point, adds a whole extra layer of Kick the Dog to that action. When Gaz breaks free of the mind control and proceeds to beat Iggins within an inch of his life, which renders him catatonic and promptly locked away in a mental institute, it is very satisfying to read.
  • The CSI fanfiction Face The Music by Elm22 has two of them. Reuben Shelling is the primary one, but the other guy, Denaglio, borderlines it as well. They kidnap Grissom by first kidnapping Greg and telling Grissom, prompting him to give himself up to keep them from harming his young friend. The guys brutally torture Grissom, beating him, using a bullwhip on him, and tormenting him with roach clips in his skin. They also repeatedly rape Grissom and force him to perform on them. He's finally rescued, but left traumatized and terrified,with awful PTSD and all the typical after effects of this type of abuse. Sadly, that isn't the end. Denaglio is shot during the first rescue, but Shelling gets both Grissom and Sara again, capturing Sara and using her as bait for Grissom, and tortures both of them, first targeting Sara to torment Gil. He then turns on Grissom after Grissom tries to protect her by begging him to leave Sara alone and torture him instead. Shelling was driven by Grissom sending his brother to jail, and both villains have dark, abusive pasts, but between Shelling's past history with abuse of women and the horrors they inflict on Grissom...*shiver*. And this fic is *very* well-researched in regards to the after effects of such abuse and very well written; the author is very talented, which makes it all the more haunting to read.
    • The same author also wrote a kidnap fic called Thirty Minutes And Counting where Gil is kidnapped by Office Fromansky, a character from a fifth season episode. Try reading about Gil's feet getting numerous nails driven through them, plus the other abuse he took, and not getting sad for him.
  • The Tracker fic "In Sheep's Clothing" had a complete monster Cirronian, an anomaly in a normally gentle species. He kidnapped and tortured Mel until Cole got to them. There was skin carving and dry ice burning involved. It prompted the normally fairly nonviolent Cole, a Cirronian himself, to pound the villain until Mel coaxed him not to sink to the guy's level and just collect him already.
  • The fake Gennai from the Tamers Forever Series. What he does to Mimi is quite possibly the most disturbing act of callousness in the entire franchise (canon included).
    • Daemon definitely counts as well. There is nothing he cares about more than inflicting as much suffering as possible, and he is perfectly willing to slaughter thousands, including a seven year old girl, in order to get what he wants.
    • The Nightmare is at least a borderline example, an Ax Crazy, digital Humanoid Abomination that delights in causing pain to others so that it can enjoy their reactions. Takato even says that it's worse than D-Reaper
  • The Adventures Of Blinky Bill fanfic Scars Are Forever by Canzet Yote features Jeromy, an evil dingo-hating kangaroo who happens to be Splodge's older abusive cousin who tortures Splodge by burying him alive and playing Russian Roulette with him using a loaded gun. He proves to be very nasty once he arrives by shooting an innocent bluebird. His backstory includes force-feeding an innocent dingo girl rocks while raping her to death and poisoning a dingo family's water supply with antifreeze. His Freudian Excuse? His dingo girlfriend cheated on him because he was an abusive boyfriend, so he got revenge by burning her baby brother alive. In chapter 3, he kidnaps Shifty Dingo, chains him to a tree, burns him with matches, and slowly cuts his tail off with a switchblade, then uses Shifty's own severed tail to strangle Shifty until the poor little dingo blacks out. He also enjoys doing this while scaring Shifty and licking his blood. In chapter 4, he gets worse. It turns out, he bugged the hospital to monitor conversations taking place there, and to make sure Danny Dingo doesn't give Shifty a lifesaving blood-transfusion, he assaults Danny by injecting him with AIDS/HIV, laughs about it, and calls it "killing two birds with one stone". In chapter 5, he kidnaps Nutsy after she pulls a Leeroy Jenkins on him to avenge Shifty and threatens to rape and sodomize her with a heated cattle prod and machete. Thankfully, Danny Dingo pulls a Big Damn Heroes and kills him in time. This quote sums up Jeromy:

Danny Dingo: You're the bastard who hurt Shifty!
Jeromy: Hurting him? I was just doing my job, exterminating pests. You dingoes are so pesky, you make the funniest sounds when you're terrified or injured. Shifty was a pretty fun toy to play with, it's a shame I broke him. Whoopsie!

Danny Dingo: You make me sick.

  • Not even Lucky Star fanfics are safe from this. In The Day Everything Changed, a minor example of this is Sakura Takahashi, the school bully and an all around Jerkass. The 19 year old second year student at Ryoyou High School (she was held back twice) has beaten up every girl in the school. But for some reason, she holds a particularly strong grudge towards Kagami (who is oblivious to this fact). And towards the middle of the story, she shows this by attacking her with a metal pipe and a pocket knife, for no other reason other than For the Evulz. But Sakura really shows she is a Complete Monster sometime during the attack, when she laughs at Kagami, who by now is on the ground, crying and pleading for her to stop, making it clear that she is enjoying her victim's suffering. To top it all off, she boasts to her victim that no one can save her now. Luckily, this is what throws a now infuriated Konata who has a major crush on Kagami and who had seen this occur over the edge, as she then starts beating the shit out of Sakura. Despite the fact that Sakura manages to injure Konata during the struggle, the latter still manages to win the battle. Unfortunately, Kagami is badly injured in this attack and she is rushed to the hospital, but is expected to make a full recovery. Sakura is immediately arrested and placed into police custody, but not before some of the students try to get at her.
  • The Hannah Montana sequel story 'I Didn't Sign Up For This' gives us Cheryl/Drew. She is introduced as a seemingly normal college freshman that befriends Miley at Stanford until is revealed in the final chapter that she was the one who orchestrated the explosion that killed Oliver and 8 other people just because they advanced farther than her on American Idol. She is given a somewhat sympathetic backstory in that her father was killed in a car crash, until she reveals she gave him a drug that would give him a heart attack so she could pay for her college. She even kills her minions when she no longer needs them, including her dragon, Professor King, who she was revealed to be cheating on Lilly with throughout the whole story.
    • Another monster is Martin (pronounced Mar-teen). He kills his brother in the same explosion because he was The Unfavorite and then vandalizes the Music Tech room for no reason and mocks his dead brother on Facebook.
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Case 5: Turnabout Substitution: Rhea Wits, the Mysterious Bust Serial Killer (and Apollo's partner), murdered a dozen people including her brother. The killer tricked the innocent Robert Erlenmeyer into believing he was responsible for the murders, and made him confess. After Erlenmeyer's escape, the killer planned to kill him and hide his body so the police would be left searching for a dead man, leaving the killer free to kill again. After the judge witnessed the killer trying to bury Erlenmeyer alive in a cemetery, the killer decided to just kill the judge and frame Erlenmeyer for his murder as well. After being accused by Apollo of being the true killer, the killer taunted him and implied that Apollo would be the next target. The actual Mysterious Bust Killer, when finally revealed, said that at least they made better use of their life than the victims did of theirs.
  • In Paul Robinson's The Locust, the character creates a mind control device, finds a businessman, then uses his device to get the businessman to borrow several million dollars and take out $200,000 in cash. While they're waiting, the man's beautiful 15-year-old daughter comes home from school. The character takes her upstairs and convinces her she's in love with him. Then he has sex with her. When the cash arrives, the character takes it and the businessman's wife and daughter with him and tells the businessman to wait for a phone call. The character uses his device to convince them to leave, then takes the wife and daughter to a hotel suite (which the wife charges to the businessman's credit card), calls the businessman, and starts having sex with his daughter again while the businessman has to listen to it. As he's about to climax, the character gives the special command over the phone that causes the buisnessman to believe life is worthless and he wants to die and puts a gun to his head and shoots himself. The gun goes off over the phone at the exact moment the character climaxes. Then later, he collects the assets from the family and pimps out the mother and daughter as well as lots of underage girls.
  • Many, perhaps most, villains in the Power Rangers Dark Fic series Prophecies of the Morphing Grid:
    • Dark Specter. The first story is primarily concerned with his rise to power, and we get to see exactly why he earned the title "Grand Monarch of Evil". While having innumerable wars and genocides behind him in his quest for Dimension Lord-dom is bad enough, it's the sheer overkill he applies to our own humble blue marble, it being prophesied to birth his destroyers, that truly pushes him into this territory. Two instances in particular stand out. In the second story, he's been revived and took the galaxy's government, but he's heard that Zordon is also on his way back to the realm of the living. Specter kidnaps all the various babies he thinks might be the reincarnated Zordon, as well as Karone, to confirm their identity. When Karone tells him that none of the babies he has are Zordon, Specter blows up the room full of babies, then teleports Karone back to the Rangers...with her throat cut. Karone gets better, but we're never told if the babies do. The second instance is in a flashback in the third story, where it's revealed that Specter sold advanced alien tech to the Nazis in exchange for them turning Earth over to him when they were done conquering it. They failed to do that, but one can only imagine how much worse he made World War II. He's also behind everyone else on this list, by the way. Interestingly enough, the early parts of the first story give him a bit of a Woobie-ish Backstory that casts him as a former Ranger millions of years ago who accepted the proto-United Alliance of Evil's offer to become their leader so he could get justice for his murdered girlfriend, but the author has gone on record as saying he's grown unhappy with this backstory and plans to write it out next time he revises the fic.
    • Most of the Dominus Lords qualify, too. The twelve wealthiest people in the world, they've spent their entire lives subverting the government and business communities of Earth for the UAE so they can take it over more easily. Their ancestors have been doing this for hundreds of generations, going back 10,000 years, as it turns out, too. They're also fond of assassinations, unethical business dealings, and boundless decadence. Two rise above the rest: Gregory Roschin, the Big Bad of the group (actually described as "The Devil himself" by another character), turns out to be, among other things, the person who hired Mirloc to kill Sky's father, and Mr. Stonefeld, who, as a message to get the Rangers to back off from the UAE's business, has a hit put out on their families, and we get to watch (well, read) actual characters from the show die horribly. Also, ever wonder why Norg was the only yeti we see? Yeah, these guys are why. They're apparently based on real people, but good luck finding a list of crimes as long on even the most coldhearted Real Life Corrupt Corporate Executive.
    • Which brings us to King Ra. He's the absolute dictator of a race of Lizard People and a high-ranking member of the UAE. He claims to have genetically engineered humanity to be his race's slaves and wholeheartedly believes this gives him every right to abuse them in any way he wants, and does he ever. As it turns out, he's lying through his teeth, but it's then revealed that he's responsible for the Dominus Lords' control of Earth, so he still believes humanity "owes him". Naturally, few tears are shed when the Rangers cut him down, with him whining about how "ungrateful" humans are all the while.
    • This next one is a big spoiler. It's Captain Logan, the apparent Big Good from Time Force. How bad is he? Well, it turns out that Year 3000's mutant crime wave problem was actually engineered by him, as a way to unite the people against a common foe and distract them from the dictatorship they're living under. Oh, and he shot Ransik's wife on the day their daughter was born, which drove Ransik back to crime just as he was about to completely atone from killing Dr. Fericks due to The Power of Love. He's also a nigh-unkillable Super Soldier. You can't help but cheer when Ransik jams a vial of liquid magnetite (the Super Soldiers' one weakness) down his throat, causing him to crumble to dust in an extraordinarliy painful-sounding way.
    • Then there's Senator John Thorne, leader of an anti-alien hate group. We realize he's this right around the time he has a refugee camp massacred. Most of his private army, used to perform the aforementioned massacre among other things, appear to qualify, too, but as they're just Mooks, it's hard to tell.
    • There's also Jacob Russell, an Amoral Attorney-turned-Corrupt Corporate Executive. He bought out one of BioLabs' subsidiary companies and turned it to evil. Not only that, he murdered Trini's Uncle Howard (a character fans of the show would recognize) when he wouldn't sell his research to him, making the death look like a suicide. It's even sort of hinted he greased the authorities' palms so they wouldn't consider the fact that Howard had never displayed suicidal tendencies before.
    • Finally, let's give a nod to the small army of Corrupt Corporate Executives, Sleazy Politicians, Amoral Attorneys, crime bosses, drug kingpins, and various other powerful human villains who helped along or at least looked the other way toward the UAE's attempts to conquer Earth. They're all incredibly minor characters, most of whom don't even get names, but selling out your entire planet in order to fatten your wallet is about as despicable as it gets.
  • From Canzet Yote, the same guy who created Jeromy in Scars Are Forever gives us Gavin Buildmore from The Adventures Of Blinky Bill fanfic Ashes To Dust. He's a Corrupt Corporate Executive crocodile who is Slick Possum's abusive boss. When Slick was 5, Buildmore tortured him by sticking a rose in his mouth and yanking it out repeatedly, and on Slick's 6th birthday, Buildmore beat his mother to an inch of her life with a lead pipe. He then forced Slick Possum into child labor and repeatedly beat him with chains and choked him. One time, when Slick was a teenager, Buildmore crushed an innocent duckling to death in front of him and mocked him for crying about it. He also brags about how he stole Slick's mothers life insurance money to buy a yacht, and once he found out Slick was gay, he mocked his sexuality by raping him repeatedly. And that's only his backstory. When he arrives in the actual fic, he implodes the theater while protestors are still inside, killing innocent men, women, and children just so he could build a brand new theater. He then kidnaps Marcia and tortures her to death with dry ice, and when Slick, Shifty, and Nutsy go to rescue her, he captures Shifty Dingo and threatens to rape him while holding a garden shears to his throat and fondles Shifty's genitals. At one point, he lets Shifty and Nutsy escape the mansion, only to try and chase them down in a helicopter, and he actually manages to shoot Shifty in the leg and laughs about it. He also orders his goanna minions to gangrape Slick Possum. Oh yeah, and he sells his own daughter into sex slavery. The worst part about all this? He gets off scot-free!
  • The fanfic Better Off Alone has Beldam. Not only does she pick on and abuse Vivian for every little thing that goes wrong and give Vivian mental damage in the form of low confidence and self-esteem, but then she plans to take over the world and kill Vivian and her friends. She makes Vivian believe that her friends were just using her! When confronted about it, she simply says, "You say that as if it's a bad thing." Yikes!
  • The fanfic Fortitude gives us Ashton...Ashton plans to force Zelda to marry him and also plans on "breaking" her! He stops at nothing to try and kill Link, he never cares about anyone, and he even has Heather whipped because Zelda ran away for three days!!! That, ladies and gents, is most definitely his Moral Event Horizon!
  • In the fan movie The Legend Of Zelda The Sage Of Darkness, we have Davik, Link's uncle and also the titular villain. He seems to train Link in the ways of the Hero, only he's really attempting to feed Link hatred and anger in order to speed up Ganon's revival, even supplying him with the White Sword, one of Ganon's artifacts. He's also manipulating Ertegun for his own agenda, and it is also hinted that he also plans on betraying Ganon as part of his agenda as well. He also brutally murdered Link's parents as well as poisoned his own sister. The reason? None whatsoever, aside from possibly trying to get Link to go down the road of hatred even more. And his real plan is to extinguish the Cycle of Eternity, which may result in the destruction of the entire world, for no reason besides hating it for unspecified reasons. He's also a total psychopath.
  • Alexia from Ranma ½/Sailor Moon Crossover fic The Return uses Mind Rape as a recruitment tool, turning unwilling humans into her compliant, loving daughter Succubi, and then gleefully abuses, discards, and uses them as Cannon Fodder; after all, it doesn't matter if they die - she can always make more. Of the villains so far, she might not have been the biggest, but certainly the scariest due to her ability and willingness to strike at our heroes' sense of identity and security. She also caused the most pain and suffering and was considered appalling even by the standards of other demons.
  • Red Dawn +20 has many terrible villains, with the biggest and baddest of them all being the GRU's General Sergei Khvostov, aka "The Butcher of Clear Lake City." His worst offense, the one that got him his nickname, is upon arriving at Johnson Space Center in Houston and finding that NASA had managed to move everything (personnel, equipment, documentation) out of there before the invaders arrived, leaving only a mocking note "Catch us if you can,". He responsed by ordering the massacre of the families of NASA contractors, astronauts, and anyone else left behind in Clear Lake City. He also bathed a Cuban officer (one of his nation's allies) in battery acid when they got into an argument over a mistress; massacred the town of Freer, Texas in response to an assassination attempt (that's implied to have actually been carried out by other elements of the KGB who found his methods counterproductive); and forced the mayor of San Antonio to kill one of his staff, threatening to rape her and then kill her himself anyway if he didn't.
  • The unnamed scientist from the Pokémon fanfic Experimenting Fear. He kidnaps Nando and forces him to deal with his worst fear, abusing him, humiliating him and threatening to put him through worse torture if he doesn't comply ("I doubt you'd like to know what it feels being violated with a pipe, or having to swallow glass soaked in lemon and salt?"). What does he do, exactly? Nando is afraid of losing his hearing because of his love for music, so the scientist tortures him with high pitched sound frequencies, then deafens him with the sound of a gunshot. And it's mentioned that he's made other people confront their fears in a similar fashion—most of his victims are found dead or driven insane. And as a final insult, he gets off with zero punishment. The kicker is that in the timeline of this story, Nando is still a young child!
  • The Big Bad of Poke Wars, Ho-oh, starts off as a Well-Intentioned Extremist wanting to make a utopia for Pokemon by focusing only on humans and trying to limit collateral damage. He soon starts engaging in things like killing Pokemon who don't agree with him and destroying the environment, showing himself to be a hypocritical, self-centered Knight Templar with a pathological need for total control.
  • The Vocaloid fanfic From Concert to Chaos, which came from the same author of The Day Everything Changed, with Miku Zatsune and Rin Arakawa. Here's the overview; Zatsune and Arakawa had respectively been dating Mikuo and Len. The relationship did not last long though. Once they became disillusioned by the girls' rotten behavior, the boys broke off the relationships. However, Zatsune and Arakawa absolutely refused to believe it was their fault, and instead convinced themselves that Mikuo and Len were somehow responsible and they decided that the two would have to pay big time. So during the live Tanabata concert, they took action by mercilessly and senselessly attacking them on the stage leaving both Mikou and Len seriously injured. Unbelievably, it gets far worse, through Zatsune's extensive planning they cut off the other Vocaloids from the stage with an electric barrier. But Zatsune and Arakawa really enter Complete Monster territory when they trap the more than 16,000 fans inside their seats with a 2 meter high wall of fire. What makes Zatsune and Arakawa even more despicable is their complete Lack of Empathy. In fact they make it clear that they are enjoying every moment of their victims' suffering. They are so evil that even the author himself flat out calls them "complete monsters". Even after they were thrown in jail, they still prove to be quite a threat. Zatsune actually manages to escape from jail and charge over to the hospital where Mikou and Len are, to kill her victim. It is only after she is shot no less than two times and when a gun is pointed right at her head does she finally relent.
  • Persona 3 fanfic A Demon Among Devils: This verse's Kokabiel is the most evil and sadistic member of the Fallen Angels and the former leader of their council the Grigori. He's a genocidal maniac who firmly believes in the superiority of the Fallen, rekindling the Great War to wipe out as many species as possible. He kills his Father to assume his power, will happily torture his enemies to death, callously sacrifices his own soldiers, and plans on raping Rias and Sona before killing them just to piss off Sirzechs and Serafall.
  • In Soul Eater: Troubled Souls, Medusa Gorgon is just as bad as she is canonically. In the past, she coerced Crona into murdering a helpless old man and later an Evil Human implied to be Crona’s father. After her supposed end during the first Baba Yaga Castle invasion, Medusa is revealed to have split her soul to survive and usurps the body of a pauper, going on to formulate her next plan of action. She gets her younger sister, Shaula, involved, and her treatment of her is no different. When Shaula fails to destroy Death Weapon Meister Academy from the inside, Medusa betrays her and tries to claim her soul to power up Ouroboros. It fails, but by then she has already ushered Maka and company in to Cobra Island. In addition, despite neither party knowing each other, she brings along Caius, Claudia, the Ricardsens, and the Ardsens and treats them with the same cruelty as the people she knows. To make matters worse, those innocent people literally could have been anyone else. As they advance, Ouroboros removes a power or characteristic that effectively renders the person useless; Medusa figures that out by forcing them to play rigged games. Finally, it is revealed she brainwashed Krysa and used outlawed magic on Atlas to enhance her subterfuge, uncaring of the details or consequences. Remorseless and reveling in everyone’s suffering, Medusa wanted revenge and to control Madness so she could Take Over the World.
  • Due to it being a Dark Brotherhood based Elder Scrolls fanfic, it's natural that Innocence Lost would have lots of horrible people in it. Grelod the Kind for example, is every bit as much as an abusive and cruel old bitch as she is in Skyrim, but here we get to see just how bad she gets. Her beatings are much worse than any kind of paddling or spanking, as she's not afraid to punch or stomp on children for little to no reason at all, and even greets protagonist Aventus Arentino by doing this as he enters Honorhall Orphanage. Later on, she responds to him mouthing off to her by beating him nearly to death, knocking teeth out, clawing at him to where he drew blood, and caused so many terrible injuries that he had to be kept in bed for a week to recover from the beating. And according to one of the other orphans, she's killed a child before out of a fit of anger and could very well do it again. She's one of the main things that hardens Aventus to the point to where he happily employs an assassin to kill her like in the game's canon.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction You Seem Acquainted With Those Doors: Charles Cooper was the first security guard of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A brilliant man, he convinced his boss that he could make the animatronics for the restaurant in return for a little extra money. He then started to build the machines that night. When he came back to the pizzeria, he was horrified to see that the animatronics had been tampered with. Desperate, he donned on the Golden Freddy costume, and proceeded to lure five children into the backroom of the restaurant. Once there, he pulled out a butcher knife and he then proceeded to hack the children up with it. He then used their arms and legs to finish constructing the animatronics, and he also used the Golden Freddy costume to throw away the other body parts. He would've gotten away with this heinous crime had it not have been for the Bite of '87, and he was immediately arrested. He was found guilty of five counts of murder and was sentenced to death. Throughout his trial, Cooper refused to own up to his actions, Obliviously Evil saying that his horrific crimes were for education. Vile and determined, Charles was willing to go to any level to get money, even if it meant child murder.
  • The Lion King Adventures: The Writer is responsible for all the bad things that happen in the story, and is the true villain of the entire series. The Writer created the world Simba and his friends lived in, and had caused every evil act in that world. The Writer also created all the other villains in the story. The Writer's creations included Scar, as well as evil versions of Timon and Pumbaa who drain the souls of cubs. He had always been trying to kill Simba and his friends or ruin their lives for fun since the beginning of the fanfic, and at the end of the series, he goes into the world himself to kill Simba and his friends so he can take over and rule the world for eternity as he destroys thousands of lives for his own amusement.
  • In the Inside Out fanfic Kids World, the character of Annis is a twelve year old power-hungry psychopath. After a Depopulation Bomb that is Only Fatal to Adults leaves only those under thirteen alive, Annis takes the opportunity to try and control every child in the city. To accomplish this, Annis manipulates a multitude of children to follow her as she seizes control of the city. Those who refuse to follow her are subjected to horrible living conditions until they submit to her. Annis assigns a four year old girl named Caroline to be the "sister" to her best friend, Riley, but becomes increasingly brutal to both of them when she feels her control over the two is slipping. She forces Caroline to set a building full of children on fire, and then kills a little girl by breaking her neck. When Caroline stops her from feeding an infant boy to a pack of dogs, Annis beats Caroline severely in a rage. When it seems as if Annis' followers have killed Caroline, Annis merely mocks a heartbroken Riley, beating her with her mother's hockey stick as well. When Riley tries to stop Annis from unleashing more chaos, Annis throws her off a bridge. When Riley and Caroline, who had survived, escape, Annis burns down multiple buildings in a rage, not caring if anyone is injured or killed. Annis ultimate plan was to take over the entire country, planning to attack Minnesota first to spite Riley. When her plans are foiled and her followers turn against her, Annis rejects Riley's offer to redeem herself, vowing to kill Riley and find other ways to resume control. Though claiming to be out to restore order in a city with no law, Annis proved to simply be a sadistic and arrogant dictator who only wanted power over those she deemed inferior.
  • Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations Vol. 2 - Ex-Aid Era feat. Cross Ange:
  • Mortal Kombat: Desperation:Much like Shinnok, Raiden ultimately becomes a Fallen Elder God after coming back wrong. The first thing he does after Jumping Off the Slippery Slope? He threatens Liu Kang and Kitana by killing them like what he did to Shinnok, followed by zapping Sub-Zero, Frost, and the Lin Kuei remnants; with among them are children for opposing him, ordering Hotaru in destroying Li Mei's village, manipulating Scorpion into subservience, as well as him and Kano abducting and torturing Cassie Cage and Kevin; only for Sonya and Johnny to save them in a nick of time. Despite his claims in protecting Earthrealm, Fujin points out that Raiden is at the same level as Shinnok and Shao Kahn, and anyone who compares him to the two tyrants is a major Berserk Button for Raiden. At this point, Raiden is a tyrannical dictator who would only destroy anyone who opposes his rule just for the sake of protecting Earthrealm, not realizing that he is just worse than the enemies he had fought.
  • Pokemon Black And White Tale Of A Legend: With this story demonstrating his evil to a greater extent, Ghetsis Harmonia is able to show how far he is willing to go for power and global domination. Plotting behind the Seven Sages and Plasma King N, Ghetsis usually has members of his organization take Pokémon by force under the guise of Pokémon liberation. In the meantime, he sets his sights of the Ebony and Pure Stones to get his hands on Zekrom and Reshiram. Ghetsis approves of the Plasma Frigate turning Opelucid City and Lacunosa Town—the latter being the main characters' hometown—to frozen wastelands as a show of power, tries to dispose of hired hand Phantom after he retrieves the Ebony Stone he desired, and Alder reveals that in the past, Ghetsis was responsible for the passing of his longtime partner. In the Battle of Vertress, Ghetsis makes his Beheeyem brainwash Thrin and force her to battle her brother, Volan, for the fate of Unova as per a prophecy. When N and Thrin both fail to live up his plan's expectations, an enraged Ghetsis falls off the deep end and commands an out-of-control Kyurem, aiming to eliminate all of his staunchest opposition. He then uses the DNA Splicers to reform the Original Dragon, Perfect Kyurem, an abomination of all three dragons, intending to menace everyone. Despite his initial gentlemanly charm, Ghetsis shows how little he cares for other people, including his "son" N, and is perfectly willing to destroy whatever and throw away whoever on his path to power.


  1. though this turns out to be a final spiteful lie
  2. though she came back better

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