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While many of the baddies from One Piece, like Don Krieg, Arlong, Crocodile, Enel, and Blackbeard walk the range from insensitive jerks to all out line-crossing assholes, there are a few villains who believe that the above characters just weren't evil enough:

  • While the first couple of One Piece villains weren't particularly evil, early villain Captain Kuro proved himself to be one of the vilest characters in the series. While first appearing as the snooty but well meaning butler serving a kind-hearted woman named Kaya, Kuro was secretly a retired pirate captain who had grown sick of running from the law and was hatching a plan to raze the island he was hiding out on to the ground in order to obtain a large sum of money, most of it from Kaya's inheritance. He had his old crew of Black Cat pirates hiding in wait ready to invade the town and assault it while Kuro would attempt to hypnotize Kaya to leave him as the one to inherit her large sum of money before executing her. He didn't need to kill Kaya, but he wanted to in order to have peace of mind, since he had always hated Kaya and thought catering to her whims to be degrading, even though he had been acting as a father figure to her for years. He also attempted to wipe out his own crew in order to keep up the charade of Kuro dying a long time ago, showing that he was enough of a scumbag to view his own allies as disposable pawns, a view which seriously pissed off Monkey D. Luffy who holds camaraderie and friendship in high regard. It's hilariously fitting that Kuro's fate after the subsequent beat-down by Luffy was to end up forced back into the role of a pirate captain, on the run for the rest of his life with Marines and bounty hunters in hot pursuit.
  • Shiliew/Shiryu of the Rain, former Head Jailer of Impel Down counts. Completely Ax Crazy, he murders dozens, if not hundreds of prisoners for fun, claiming them to be "just trash" and making the actual Head Jailer Magellan completely disgusted. When freed, he cuts down his former workmates multiple times with not regard for them and sides with Blackbeard. Also, he thinks of betraying Blackbeard if he does not succeed in stealing Whitebeard's power. It's pretty clear he has no empathy and loyalty for anyone but himself.
  • Admiral Akainu, a wonderful example of a Knight Templar who crosses the barrier between Well-Intentioned Extremist and Complete Monster. He debuts while crossing the Moral Event Horizon: he orders his subordinates to blow up a ship of evacuees that the Marines had promised to spare. His justification was that he thought that if there were any survivors from Ohara that the world would be in grave danger, although there's no proof that survivors of Ohara actually present any danger. Later in life, he brutally murders anyone who tries to flee from the battle at Marineford. Then there's what he does to Coby. The kid is pretty much the Only Sane Man and calls out everyone for their violence. Akainu immediately tries to kill him - and they're theoretically on the same side. He moves the series into Darker and Edgier territory by causing the first major present-day story death, the death of Luffy's brother Portgas D. Ace. Let's put it this way: when Sengoku stepped down and Aokiji had to fight Akainu for the position, which Aokiji ultimately lost, he left the Marines rather than serve under him.
  • There is also Hody Jones, a Fishman who takes Arlong's Fantastic Racism and turns it Up to Eleven. He's more brutal, more racist, more treacherous, and more cruel, and pulls a reversal on Arlong's sole Pet the Dog moment; whereas Arlong was mortified when Luffy used a Fishman as a human shield, Hodi actually uses a Fishman as a human shield against an attack. One of Arlong's former crew, Hatchi, stated that, while Arlong hated humans, he'd never hurt a Fishman no matter what. Hody, on the other hand, is known for killing any who talk to or know them. In fact, when he tries to take over Fishman Island, part of his plan is to execute all who had signed Queen Otohime's petition. This means that he's planning to murder thousands of its residents. He already killed Otohime and framed the human he hired to burn the petitions in the first place as part of this plan... and got cocky enough to brag about it in front of all Fishman Island.
  • Punk Hazard gives us the truly detestable Mad Scientist Caesar Clown. A Villain with Good Publicity who's convinced people he's a kind master and scientist who just wants to help people. The truth is that Caesar is violently jealous of his former associate Dr. Vegapunk and once took that frustration out by blowing up an island. In the present, Caesar keeps multiple children in his lab with promises to cure them of their sickness, and gives them candy to help them. The 'candy' is in truth an addictive drug to keep them enslaved to him, and his experiments will cause their deaths in five years. He shows no remorse, laughing he can always get more children. Caesar also saved pirates and sailors from death, but uses them as test subjects as well and turns them against their captain who was just trying to save them from Caesar. When his back is against the wall, Caesar has no compunction killing these men with a poison gas he unleashes in an attempt to kill Luffy. His psychotic ego is rivaled only by his mile long sadistic streak. All in all, he's quite possibly the most vilest person to ever be created.. and then comes the next example..
  • Following Caesar Clown's bad example is Donquioxte Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the sea, a former Celestial Dragon, and a flamboyant, gleefully violent lunatic of a man who rules over Dressrosa as its tyrannical king. Before the Dressrosa Arc it was very apparent that Doflamingo was not a good guy: Under the alias of Joker he participates in the slave trade by selling innocent people to the Celestial Dragons who are famous for treating their slaves like dirt, and he also works on the side as an arms dealer to Kaido, one of the Four Pirate Emperors by having Clown perform horrifically inhumane experiments involving lethal artificial Devil Fruits on innocent people (even children) that would inevitably kill them in pursuit of creating an army for Kaido. He also built up a reputation of a man not to be crossed by annihilating entire villages for petty reasons such as someone looking at him funny. But during the Dressrosa Arc is when he's shown at his worst: before the arc even began he approached its former ruler King Riku and blackmailed him into turning over the island kingdom to him for a large sum of money. Despite Riku being desperate to get his people to pool enough money together to pay Doflamingo, the bastard took control over him as well as his soldiers with his Devil Fruit powers and forced them to slaughter their own people before jumping in and "saving" the day after causing enough chaos and claiming the throne for himself. Under his rule the people of Dressrosa are transformed into toy slaves by one of his executives and are forced into labor, with their transformation's effects causing their loved ones to forget about them. When Luffy and Trafalgar Law form an alliance to overthrow Doflamingo, he responds by entrapping the city inside of a huge cage of strings dubbed the Birdcage which in time would slowly close in until it slices everyone inside to pieces as punishment for their defiance. And he's hardly exclusively horrible to people who oppose him: everyone close to him can find themselves victims to his wrath as well. He was willing to set up his own brother to die in an attempt to use his powers to grant himself immortality, tortures a fanatically loyal flunky of his named Bellamy for failing a mission and allows him another chance to prove himself only to have him killed anyway for being an eyesore, kills another loyal follower named Vergo by blowing up an area he was in, played off his executive Baby 5's dependence on love and affection to instill loyalty in her, and knows full and well that his henchmen will fall victim to The Birdcage and doesn't care in the slightest. He seems to treat members of his inner circle nicely, but as Law points out: he runs his so-called family on a foundation of ego and control and despite appearing to treat them nicely in return for their loyalty, he will happily toss them aside when he feels that he will get some sort of benefit from doing so, seeing them as disposable and replaceable. Ultimately Doflamingo proved to be a thoroughly narcissistic sociopath who's incapable of ever placing anyone else above himself.

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