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With a name like Corpse Party, you already know you're probably in for a nightmarish ride. Throwing in subtitles like Blood Covered and Repeated Fear isn't exactly encouraging, either...

  • Finding your friend Seiko hung but still alive in the toilets. You've got two choices - try to free her or try to find something to help hold her up. She dies no matter what you do. And if you were foolish enough to take a nap in the infirmary before investigating the newspaper in 3-A, you're "treated" to a Wrong End where the ghost children surround you and force you to stick a pair of sewing scissors in your mouth, far enough that the blades tap against your molars. Then they start to move... And of course, all this happens while you're facing the dangling body of your best friend...
  • That pile of gore splattered against the wall in the first chapter? The one that's played for (slight) comedic effect when our heroes unwittingly step in it? It's Mayu. Even more disturbing is it's from being rammed into the wall at supernatural speed.
  • Sad-looking ghost of a five year-old boy with trickles of blood oozing from his mouth - cause of death = repeated stabs to the abdomen, followed by forced tongue amputation. And if he catches you he takes yours! Or buries you alive. He's not that picky.
  • How about the ghost who lacks an eyeball, leaving a constantly bleeding eye socket? Cause of death = getting stabbed in the eyes with a scissor. And if she catches you she does the same to you! And for that matter, let's consider the circumstances surrounding her death: Imagine you and three other children have been kidnapped by your insane teacher. He blindfolds you and lines you up on the floor. You can't see the two before you being killed (via disembowelment and the top half of her head being cut off, respectively), but you can hear it. Finally, it's your turn. When your blindfold is taken off, what do you see before your eye is stabbed out? Your teacher is cowering in the corner, while the fourth kidnapped child has you by the hair, a pair of scissors in her hand, covered in blood with an insane expression on her face. Now imagine that the little girl in question, upon getting her eye back and letting Ayumi and Yoshiki go back, basically forces Ayumi to experience what she went through. To be fair, the girl DOES warn Ayumi that it would be really bad, and Ayumi insists on seeing what happened, but she probably doesn't realize just how BAD it'll be.
  • While we're talking about creepy children, in the second chapter there is a display case that can be examined to find a child's crayon drawing - four children and they're stabbing their teacher to death while he's on his knees and screaming in agony. Our protagonist is suitably unnerved.
  • What about those green heads that damage you for stepping over them? They have faces, for a start...
  • Any number of Wrong Ends! Let's go through the list... you can be suffocated by a malicious ghost, forced to cut out your own tongue, buried alive, cut in half, have your ribs broken and your lungs pierced with them, have your eyes torn out, let your best friend drown, accidentally smash her to pieces with the pool drain, get stabbed with scissors, mauled to death, and best of all trapped in a time warp that forces you to relive the nightmare again and again!
  • The piano playing itself in the Music Room. It stops if you approach it... and starts again as soon as you leave the room.
  • Or the toilet that screams at you when you open the door...
  • In the original PC-98 game, there's a point where Naomi waits outside while Satoshi takes Yuka in to use the restroom. She shuts herself in one of the stalls, with Satoshi asking after her after a while... only to get silence in return. Lots of silence. Then blood abruptly pools under the stall, and she starts SCREAMING...
  • How do you reveal that someone's a Nightmare Fetishist? Easy! Just have them stand over a smeared, smashed-up corpse, smiling, blushing and snapping photographs! Or you could just have a terrified little girl cry in front them. That works, too.
  • Kizami:
    • Or the friendly tough guy helping cute little Yuka try to find her brother... and as soon as she's in the bathroom he stabs his friend Kurosaki and kicks him into a pit just for fun.
    • He's so nice, acting like a big brother to Yuka. In the manga, he actually catches her, ties her hands to a table, and begins to cut at her throat. The worst part? He does this as he starts to climb on top of her in what looks unnervingly like a rape scene. The fact that he unbuttons his shirt does not help.
  • The Darkening itself: While being trapped in a horror dimension, just being scared erodes your mind, and being alone just speeds it up. Once it gets high enough, whenever you get close to a situation where you can conceivably kill yourself or someone else? You will black out and take it, only to come back to your senses as soon as it's too late to do anything about it, not remembering anything. It's not uncommon for people to find themselves covered in their best friend's blood or dying slowly from hanging while having no idea what happened at all. And even if you manage to somehow survive, it eventually makes your body rot away while you're still alive, though by that point there's barely anything left of your mind so you can't even care anymore.
  • One of Chapter 5's many Wrong Ends involves Ayumi deciding to Murder the Hypotenuse by ensuring they can't escape Tenjin, destroying their own chance for survival before their very eyes. But don't worry, because she screws herself over by murdering Naomi for another paper scrap, only to realize too late she was the only other survivor and she just destroyed her own lifeline!
  • The English launch trailer. Gory, frightening images from the game flashing by in a second, the swelling, harrowing music, and all of it is broken up by black text being typed on a grey background, describing the states of the four missing children when they were finally found by police.
    • At one point, the screen flickers and part of the text from the report changes into "You will surely die here."
  • The final chapter of Book of Shadows sees Ayumi and Naomi attempting to fight fate by attempting another ritual, with this one involving resurrecting Mayu. The results aren't pretty: It works, but Mayu comes back wrong, shambling and moaning... and when her paper doll ignites, those moans rise into strangled screams as sigils appear on her joints, then explode. While Ayumi and Naomi are still freaking out over that, the sigils appear on Ayumi's arms -- her doll caught fire, and Naomi's attempts to put it out spread it to hers...
  • The escape sequence after appeasing Sachiko. You have to get outside before the seventh toll of the bell, with the frightening knowledge that if you can't get out before then, then you have lost the only way to escape the horrid place, as the other children can never pass on.
  • Okay Yuka, we finally found you a goddamn working toilet. Now get in there and relieve yourself already. ... What? You can't go because the toilets are 'all full'? Goddammit, you stupid girl, it doesn't matter if the toilet's haven't been flushed, just get in a stall and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THEY'RE ALL FULL OF HANGED GIRLS!

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