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  • The nightmare sequence right at the beginning. Some people, such as Brad from 4pp, refused to play the game after the nightmare.
    • It doesn't get any better with later nightmare sequences, either. Especially the one where the Facehead from the first nightmare reappears, as well as the final ones.
  • The pedophile in the apartments of the first chapter. He was not content with raping children and killing them, but also found a liking to eating them. He even rendered the building´s elevator non-functional, so that the kids would have to take the stairs, where he would be waiting, and pull them into his apartment.
    • Once the player explores his apartment he discovers a room full of photographs of the victims killed, slaughtered in different ways on all the rooms walls. Then the player gets locked in and the lights go out...
  • The Sawrunner. He can't be killed and chases you at a insanely fast speed. If that isn't enough he moves in a freakish way and has a terrible scream which will send a shiver down your spine. You'll be paranoid for the rest of the game, as he likes to suddenly appear and cause a chase sequence.
    • Migitated by the fact that, at least on Easy and Medium difficulties, you don't even have to sprint to avoid his One-Hit Kill attacks; he pauses each time he does a swing, allowing you to slog along at the normal pace as long as you don't stop at all. On Difficult and Nightmare, however...
  • "Watch out for the trees". Yes, you better do.
  • Since basic enemies can sneak up on the player without making a sound, jumpscares are abundant.
  • The school. Initially, it is well lit and abandoned, lulling the player into a false sense of monster-free security. However, the shit hits the fan when you tinker with a fuse box in one of the rooms, with bloody monsters around every corner in the now darkened halls. The worse part: the school is like a maze in the dark, with desks cluttering the floor and multiple classrooms you can access.
  • The worst ending, hearing how completely broken Simon is intensely disturbing.
    • Worse still, the boss fight in that ending ends with you choking Simon's mental avatar to death with your bare hands, complete with death-struggles and gagging, pained gasping sounds.
  • Do you want to hear suicidal depression? Click here.

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