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File:Dark 2 524.png

  • "The Ultimate Enemy" has the creation of Dark Danny, pictured on the right.
    • It's not the scene that's freaky (though it has its Squick moments), but the part with Dark Danny before he kills his human half gives off a face past the disturbance scale. Oh, if looks could kill...
    • Right before that, Danny's evil half claws Vlad's ghost form right out of him and then fuses with it. Dark Danny did some pretty disturbing stuff to his enemies.
    • When you see the entirety of Danny's Rogues Gallery in the future, you can pause and see all the awful stuff that was done to them. Johnny 13, the motorcycle junky, is inexplicably in a wheelchair, and Ember even mentions her singing career going downhill when Danny essentially ripped out her vocal chords with his ghostly wail. And coming off the enemies, in the beginning you can see that Damien, Valerie's father, lost an eye, but look close enough and you also notice that one of his arms is gone.
    • After Jazz said "You're not Danny!", Dark Danny casually replied "Well, I was, but I grew out of it."
    • Not to mention Dark Danny turning around head first, with a horrible cracking noise as his neck does things it clearly was not meant to do.
    • " But me - my future? I'm inevitable."
    • At one point, Dark Danny forces a Time Medallion inside Danny's body while Danny screams in pain.
  • The future Box Ghost's delivery of (his normally hammy) line: "BEWARE..."
  • And then the episode where Danny accidentally releases Technus from the "Level 0" glitch, then attempts Form Duplication to fight him, resulting in nothing short of unadulterated Body Horror, least of which being mouths for eyes and eyeballs on ends of tongues.
  • Vlad's motivation for becoming a villain (Murder the Hypotenuse protagonist's father so he may essentially take back Maddie, his longtime crush, and her children) is very, very, disturbing.
  • There was scene at the end of "My Brother's Keeper" where Jazz uses the Fenton Peeler on Spectra. She literally removes layers of her youth until Spectra is an old lady. The fact that she gets older as her skin is being peeled off is seriously disturbing.
  • The scene where Dani melts back into ectoplasm is both a Tear Jerker and extreme nightmare fuel. Made even worse because it happens just after Danny does his last ditch effort to save her.
  • Vlad planned on creating a clone of Danny and then killing off the original Danny. After Vlad's beloved clone of Danny is destroyed he has a Freak-Out moment and was almost this close to killing off two half ghosts if not for a timely intervene by Danny's friends. Nightmare Fuel doesn't even begin to describe it...