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Thought your night terrors were over once you completed the first game? You thought wrong. DEAD WRONG.

  • The Lullaby trailer for Dead Space 2 makes the original trailer seem like Sweet Dreams Fuel by comparison. see for yourselves.
  • The Puker death scene... yeesh.
  • The Tripod's death scene.
    • The tripod death scene. Compared to the original and the iPhone Interquel, Dead Space 2 has truly cranked the Gorn level Up to Eleven.
    • Want to know something even better about that Tripod? Look at it's top tentacle that eventually deep throats you. A baby is attached.
      • Or it is possible that one of the corpses used to form the Tripod was pregnant. And the fetus inside her was used to form part of the tentacle.
  • In the first few minutes of Dead Space 2, we're given something that will give you nightmares forever: An up close view of the necromorphing procedure, done as the victim has been barely dead for a few seconds, within inches of Isaac's face.
    • Then add to that running through the psych ward Issac is in. Necromorphs lunging out at you, frightened patients trapped in their cells, some simply staring without understanding what is going on, others screaming in terror as they see death just on the other side of that glass. During this time, you are at yellow health so run with some labor, stuck in a straight jacket with no help telling you where to go and then one catches you...
    • And the guy who turns into a Necromorph... there's two horrifying things: One, the guy is obviously in pain when the sycthes come out of his shoulders, suggesting not only was he alive during the transformation, infectors can now assimilate living things. Secondly, The victim is Franco, the main character from Dead Space ignition.
    • "Isaac..." (thousand-yard stare at Isaac) "We're all gonna burn for what we did to you." (slits own throat)
  • You then have to walk through a Necromorph filled room... While unarmed and in a straitjacket. Hope you can limp fast enough!
  • Can you imagine what it would have been like to be that poor bastard strapped to that table when you get your first plasma cutter? You wake up on an operating table completely alone. There's some ... thing strapped to a table outside the operating room, flailing its claws and shrieking. And you're strapped to the goddamn table unable to do a damn thing to save yourself but scream and hope to god that someone comes.
    • Not to mention that you're in the middle of what seems to be heart surgery
  • Oh dear mother of god. On the USG Ishimura in Dead Space, you came across the Necromorph infestation after it had consumed everyone and left the ship deathly quiet. This time, you're right at the beginning, and you open a door to be flooded with the chaotic noise of thousands of screaming, terrified civilians trying to escape while being butchered alive. You walk past apartment rooms to hear people being murdered inside. You see people abandon their loved ones to certain death so they can escape. And there's nothing you can do to save them all.
    • There is a point in the beginning when you are passing living quarters. You hear from inside one of them the cries of a baby unattended, endlessly wailing as all the sound of chaos and death goes away. You go further and you hear a woman crying, crawling on the ground towards a gate that separates you from her. It looked like she was crawling to the crying baby which was probably hers. She eventually succumbs to her injuries the same time the baby's cries stop. It is not too far of a stretch to imagine women protectively clutching their babies as they set upon by necromorphs only to turn and rip their child apart. All there is in the Dead Space universe is death and the cold vastness that surrounds you.
      • Alternatively, the babies get killed and mutate and proceed to either disembowel their mothers with tentacles or explode.
  • You see a tricycle; you think nothing of it. You go further, into laundry washers. You see one washer shaking violently. You hear a baby bawling from the inside. That was the most disturbing part.
  • There is one part where you find a washing machine unit that apparently has a small child in it given by how it was jumping around and screaming.
    • Just entering the Ishimura AGAIN. Simply going around the ship is like a horrible trip down memory lane, right down to hallucinations of the tentacles grabbing you. And you thought the first time around was hell...
      • While Issac travels through the Ishimura for the second time, raise your TV's volume up so you can clearly hear the ambiance of the air vents and everything else. When you go through those tunnels, when it's nice and quiet and you think everything is okay... You hear Nicole whispering "Issac..." "Where are you going, Issac..?" "Make us whole again, Issac.." UGH! The whispering was just insane. As if she is going to jump out and attack you in the next few seconds...
  • Speaking of children, and for you parents out there, the existence of Lurkers, Crawlers and Packs in this game. At least the last game had the decency to hand wave it as babies that are grown to replace lost limbs. This time the first you see of them is freaking pouring out of Children Stores and Daycares. And then there's that nurse/mother who was too dumb to live...
  • On the Ishimura you end up on the medical deck where they've been using a black light to help clean the place up. Naturally that causes a mass of old bloodstains and crazy marker writing to show up. Nothing you haven't seen before however, so you move on. Later though, you notice that you're leaving glowing footprints...which means that not only is this blood fresh, but you've also been walking through giant pools of the stuff.
    • Those prints were there from the beginning, implied to be Isaac's footprints from the first game.
  • Entering the catacombs, after passing a funeral section in the unitology area of the game, you pass through here, each bit of ice has the possibility of a necromorph popping out to rip you to shreds. Then it gets more freaky once Issac's mind goes crazy and starts seeing wailing corpses inside their frozen coffins, no limbs to speak of and no way to get out...
  • No wonder mothers hate Dead Space 2. You see a husband drag his screaming wife away from their apartment, telling her that her mother is lost. You go inside to grab some goodies and ... oh, hi, mom! NO DON'T KISS MY FACE AHHHH!
    • Because that woman was shouting that "her mother was in there", and when you entered the room... There's just the Puker. Nothing else. No Infectors... Just the Puker. So that thing had been there for a while, and they where running away when you arrived... What the hell were they doing before you appeared?!
  • Near the end, NOT for the squeamish! Upon finding out that the answer can be accessed from Isaac's brain, what does he do? Why he sits in the table! Okay, what do we do now? Okay...well...why is that needle coming down? Why is the laser pointing at his eye? Why is the needle coming do- OH DEAR GOD!
    • You think that's bad? Try messing that part up...
    • After that the Ubermorph comes. Imagine a hunter/hive Mind combination, except you can't kill this. it basically follows you throughout the level.
    • "Cross my heart and hope to die...stick a needle in your eye." *shudders*
  • The sounds that The Pack make in the background before the first encounter. Did they have to make them sound like children playing?
  • Just let Nicole grab and defeat you in the final battle.
  • You can go through air vents in this game. Your first time using one you turn a corner and OH MY GOD A FRICKING NECROMORPH!!!!! Then in one chapter (sorry forgot which one) you come out of a vent and OMG NICOLE'S TRYING TO STAB ME WITH A NEEDLE!! It gets worse when You come out of the hallucination you see yourself trying to stab your own eye.
  • The introduction of the stalkers. You are in the church of Unitology and within one of the many dark areas of it. This place is especially dark as the only lights are through a few blue tinted windows and a light over where you need to go. As you first enter the room, you hear and see glimpses of something running around. You get to the door you need to go through and something huge rams and destroys it, blocking you in. Then the stalkers let out cries that sound similar to those of the raptors in the first Jurassic Park and you are attacked by about five of them. They later do not come out at you like the other necromorphs, you end up in areas prime for ambushing. What makes them so much worse is that they are SMART. They will hide behind cover, poking out enough to get you to aim and focus on them while another RUSHED you at full tilt, running like an ostrich. Like most of the necros, hitting a leg is a good first choice as it slows them down. Not these things, they come at you as fast on their hands as those that run at you. They are one of the few necros that when they are around, you truly feel like their prey.
    • Especially since when you die they drag your corpse off as if to save it for later.
      • The don't kill you, they rip off your arm then knock you out.
  • Your first ingame encounter with Nicole. You'll never trust an elevator again.
    • Especially what happens in the Church of Unitology when a necromorph busts in through the top of the elevator as it is moving, only inches away from you. Of course, the proper response from someone familiar with this sort of thing is stasis, blow off an arm then shoot it back into its face, piddle self and never trust elevators again. Then after that, when you have progressed out of there and are on a new heading for hope, you go through a cool zero-g area with fires, showing how the developers did their homework. Again another horror elevator though this time there is a puker already in it. The elevator takes enough time that you will check to make sure nothing sneaks up on you and probably open with your back to it. Again, stasis, shoot of limbs, piddle self and resume.
    • The worst part of the above? There's no indication it's in there. No musical sting, no battle cry from the puker as it charges you, and it's facing the door as it opens, as if it was waiting for you.
  • The whole school area of the game. As you can imagine you have to contend with with a lot of Pack, Crawlers, and Lurkers which means a lot of hearing the sounds of children screaming and babies crying. (Shudders)
    • The school is very disturbing. All of the posters and drawings on the walls, the tiny shoes and backpacks, and the knowing that something unspeakably horrible has happened there...
      • Then the gym, oh lord the gym. There are only a few bodies in there and are attacked by a few pack. Then you clear the gymnasium of all obstructions with a switch and open the way for you to advance. After fighting of waves of enemies, you get to see the side of the gym that had been blocked off. There are shoes, toys and hundreds of little blood hand prints on wall and floor. It seems most of the kids were trying to escape and were cornered there, slaughtered mercilessly without any hope of escape.
    • The first time we see what a Crawler does. Picture a sweet looking woman encouraging a hideous looking... baby-thing to "come to mama", and when it does, she hugs it tenderly... only for the thing to explode and smear the window with her bloody remains. Tear Jerker - and also the developers' way of informing you DON'T LET THESE THINGS NEAR YOU!
      • Not to mention that the baby laughed before shrieking THEN exploding.
      • When that sun in the gym comes down right in front in you.
  • Never has a final battle looked so disturbing. Trapped in a swirling vortex with the marker in the background and hounded by the Marker's apparition of Nicole and Pack-like shadow creatures.
  • The final time Nicole (with glowing eyes and mouth, anyways) comes at you. It seems different right from the start. She grabs you by the throat, then starts slamming you around as though you weighed nothing. Then, you get a quick time event as she demands that you tell her what she is, and why you can't let her go. This alone is frightening, but if you fail the event, and tell her that she isn't real and can't hurt you, she proves just how real she is by snapping your neck like a dry twig. No suicide attempt, the "hallucination" you thought she was is very capable of physically killing you.

 Isaac: You're not really can't hurt are not can't hurt me...

Marker-Nicole: WRONG. ( Nicole snaps Isaac's neck)

  • In Chapter 13, right after entering the secure zone of the government compound, you have to circumvent the barricade set up by Tiedemann's soldiers, ending up in a secure room overlooking the barricade. How to get past them? Take out the battery for the barricade room, which plunges the soldiers into complete darkness...but also powers down the barriers keeping the compound secure. You then have what's tantamount to a balcony seat as a horde of Necromorphs - dozens upon DOZENS - charge at the barricade. It's quite horrific to see trained soldiers fire frantically into the oncoming wave of flesh, mere seconds before you can see their blood splatter the room. Their cries blank out one-by-one, and the sound of pulse rifles does the sound of the Necromorphs, who you can now hear moving deeper into the compound. Which you must now go into.
    • Lets not forget that this is also your first encounter with the Ubermorph, you open up the door so the necromorphd can kill the soldiers, but you look and you see it, and you know you're gonna fight it. But it's not scary until you figure YOU CAN'T KILL IT!
  • After the first meeting with Nicole in the elevator, it's NOT fine that there are always ceiling holes in them, people. Then, you're ambling through some plot points, seeing new places, and you take a breather in an elevator. HAHA JUST KIDDING--
  • The second Nicole encounter. After you leave the medical deck and get on the elevator, the lights suddenly go out. You then see the light that shines from Illusion!Nicole's eyes and mouth, as she creepily sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before lunging at Isaac and shrieking "MAKE US WHOLE!"
  • The several apartments that people are trapped in. You hear a woman pounding on the door before suddenly beginning to shriek hysterically before apparently being killed, then you hear a man screaming "They're coming through the walls!" at someone before there's a roar and more screaming. Then you hear a little baby crying...just crying, and it never stops...
    • It gets worse, you see a crying woman die of her wounds after crawling towards the crying baby.
  • Hell, this whole universe is scary, even before the Necromorphs showed up. Okay, you've got a cult that extorts its members for money, organizes mass suicides, and is the dominant religion. The OSHA must have been dissolved centuries ago, because of the abundance of malfunctioning doors that can sever limbs, and space-mining being so dangerous that the Ishimura has an entire deck dedicated to growing replacement limbs. If you check the manual for the Seeker Rifle, you see it's meant for "Riot Suppresion". The authorities endorse using a weapon that can blow heads clean off against upset civilians.
    • Point of order; cops don't usually like to use more expensive or complicated weapons than they have to. The general idea is to try to use the minimum necessary force, with lethal force as a last resort. Current riot control methods generally involve pepper spray, tear gas grenades, and those intimidating uniforms designed to try and scare rioters away before trouble starts. The usual damage from riots is "merely" a whole lot of property damage. Now think about how bad the riots must be for the Seeker Rifle to be considered appropriate.
    • Or the Sprawl Security Force is just really screwed up.
  • The alarm clock that goes off in one apartment that Isaac leaves. It is just so sudden and unexpected, and happens during a lull in the violence.
  • A minor example, But the Concourse directory from the main site is slightly disturbing... Two of the shops only have "7673ebhjjh22233d2" as their names, Show only static, and play the same sounds a Guardian or Brute make...
    • Oh, And the directory's background music slowly changes from a variety of typical mall music into a disturbing blend of a slurred version and static...
  • The Tormentor may count. You escape from a hostile gunship's fire by dropping through a hatch in the floor, and no sooner do you pick yourself back up then a HUGE Necromorph with massive arms and a mouth filled with giant fangs crawls up and lets out a deafening roar in your face. Part of the ceiling collapses on you, and you have to react quickly to blast its shoulder before it can yank you out and bite you in half. A few more shootings later, and the gunship comes back, blasting the windows and sending both you and the Tormentor out into open space, the both of you clinging to the gunship. It slams you around some more, and you have to shoot the floating-away explosive tanks before the huge beast can pull you in and bisect you. The fight may not be too hard so long as you've got good aim and timing, but one must admit that the Tormentor's sheer size and out-of-nowhere appearance make it a very frightening foe.

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