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Point out all the side-splitting funny moments in this show is near impossible, but we're going to do it anyway.

 Is that a geoduck in your pocket or are you just happy sashimi?

    • One bit that didn't make it into the show was him saying that he was frozen from his neck down to his geoduck. Yes.
  • During an episode where Mike accompanies a crew of abandoned mine shaft pluggers, the head of the crew makes a remark that you get "surprisingly philosophical with a shovel in your hand." While Mike's reply is funny, the crowning moment comes during the show's credits, where Mike and the head of the mine pluggers have a discussion on philosophical authors. And it's a dead serious discussion, where Mike Rowe quotes Descartes. And just to make things funnier, it sparked a lengthy discussion on the subject on the show's forums.
  • He went up with a windmill maintenance crew, and one of the guys told him about how snakes sometimes crawl into the head of the windmill while it's on the ground, only to bite one of the workers once the whole thing was assembled.

 Mike: Bit by a snake in an erection.

Storyteller: That's right.

Mike: (Aside Glance) Every man's worst nightmare.

  • Every single thing in this sequence.
  • The episode where he assists the Department of Fish and Wildlife with eradicating sea lampreys around the Great Lakes has some hilarious moments, especially how the lampreys repeatedly latch onto the camera lens, the tank, and the faceplate of Mike's biohazard suit. Not to mention how they demonstrate that spitting into the lamprey tank makes the lamprey go insane, and then Barsky tries the same thing with no effect.
  • The goose plucker who was displeased that the government no longer allows you to discipline a child by hitting them with a dead duck. And her now-adult grandson mildly stating that he has in fact been hit with dead ducks and it's all-around wrong.

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