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Other Animated Movies Edit

Merlock: He asked the friends for dark magic in exchange for the souls of those who would die in his worldly conquests. In return, Chernabog pointed Merlock towards the duck genie's lamp. The amulet was a present from the friends. When Merlock died, The Friends decided to let him have one last chance by killing Donald and Daisy, only to be killed again. He's kept around when there's a need for an Evil Sorcerer the higher-ups are too busy for, just as long as said missions don't involve the ducks.

Doofenshmirtz-2: When the Friend discovered the second dimension in the Phineas and Ferb mulitverse, they decided to do an experiment with that dimension’s Doofenshmirz: To take away his toy train. It was a surprising success, and they gladly accepted Doofenshmirz-2 into their ranks. They gave him the Normbots as mooks and the Goozim for soul collecting. With them, Doof-2 managed to not only take over the Tri-State Area, but also managed to defeat that dimension’s Perry the Platypus. Fortunately, thanks to the fist dimension Doofenshmirz, Doof-2’s had undergone a Heel Face turn, rendering him useless to the Friends.

The Magnet: A construct of iron and hate, the Magnet harvests the souls of junked and morally crushed cars and whatever else is lying about in it's junkyard.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Unlike many of the villains' henchmen, who are little more than disposable goons, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are actual agents of the Friends. They love to create chaos and cause trouble for the forces of good. Since Oogie Boogie is such a talented Client of the Friends, they decided to reward him with the trio of agents whose sole purpose is to assist him in his schemes. Their competence is...scattershot, but they have been effective in the past. And they have also been successful in resurrecting Oogie many times over.

Animated Television Edit

Demona: While distinctly more sympathetic than the majority of villains who made deals with the Friends, Demona's rage and lust for revenge often sent her to darker forces for that little extra bit of help. She made several deals with the Friends, always making sure to pay off her debts in a timely manner. The Friends made many attempts to lure her over fully, but she never took the bait. Still, they keep an eye on her... She has worked with Macbeth many times, as the two have made connections with the Friends many times in the past.

The Arch-Mage: One of Chernabog's ancient clients from the middle ages, he was saved from his death the first time by Chernabog, who told him he could have revenge on Goliath by saving himself the second time and performing one of the largest Evil Plans in the disney universe. He was eventually destroyed by Goliath ripping off the eye of odin from his forehead, and therefore causing the grimorium inside him to fry him alive.

Thailog: An evil version of Goliath, one of the major High Council members, would be pretty useful to the Friends. Sadly, he has too much of Xanatos's cunning intellect and genre-savviness to try and make a deal with them. Then again, he does ally with the Friends simply because they're every bit as evil as he is. After all, if you had a similar voice to Dr. Faciler and were evil, would you join with the Friends?

The Banshee: A fair-folk from the court of Oberon, she was one of the few members who willingly allied herself with the Friends due to her dark immortal heart. Her way of collecting souls is to wear a green shroud, moan for the dead of Ireland, and summon the Death Coach to take away the dead souls to the Friends. The Banshee soon met her end at the hands of Cu Cuchalain and Bronx during the Avalon World Tour Arc. However, centuries before her final defeat, the Banshee had almost once captured an old Irish farmer, named Darby O' Gill, before losing him to his making the fourth wish with her cousin, the king of leprechauns. The Banshee currently resides at the Haunted Mansion where her moaning constantly wails throughout the corridors of the manor.

Jackal: One of the few minions of Xanatos to actually be more evil and wicked than he is, Jackal originally was a member of the Pack, an independent group of villains working for the Machiavellian Schemer as henchmen. But during the World Tour Arc, the Friends suddenly noticed Jackal as a potential client due to his hatred and lust for power. When Xanatos began his Anubis scheme in Egypt, he Friends contacted Jackal, and told him that he could gain ultimate power by hijacking the power of Anubis for himself to become a god of death. Jackal went through with the plan, became a literal Jackal demon, and decided to go on a soul-collecting rampage before he was stopped by the combined forces of the Avalon Travelers and the Emir. Afterward, the Friends abandoned Jackal, but decided to create their own version of the Jackal Anubis Avatar to serve as an Arch-Demon, just because he was that awesome to them.

Mozenrath: After Jafar got trapped in the lamp and was eventually destroyed, the Friends still saw great potential in the world of Agrabah. So they extended an offer to another "street rat" much like Aladdin, who sought power to get himself out from under his embittering lack of influence, and later from a sadistic master. Mozenrath proved to be an able servant of the Friends, but less overreaching than Jafar. His addiction to power and dark magic caused him to rack up a large debt (in addition to its corrosive effect on his hand), but he was Genre Savvy enough to make sure he never reached the point where he was unable to pay it off. Unlikely to join the Inner Circle.

  • He does do missions from Jafar sometimes; one such mission was an attempt to purge the Disney world of good genies, to limit the power of wishing magic, and to control it himself. As a genie hunter, Mozenrath is feared throughout the magical community.

Khartoum: The Friends have made deals many times with this evil sorceror who is even more powerful than Mozenrath, Destane, and Jafar. Although Khartoum was sealed away in his own spellbook, the Friends were able to briefly free him with the unwitting help of Mozenrath and the Philosopher's Stone, just before he ended up getting sealed away again, this time for good.

Sadira: Her ancestors, the Witches of Sand, were originally rulers of Agrabah who asked for sand powers from Sootinai and the Friends. This magic carries on for the rest of the Witches' descendants, including Sadira. Even though a street rat like her would never associate herself with the Friends, Sootinai is always manipulating her to become more and more vicious like her ancestors until the day when she, too, will have to pay off the Witches' debt.

Magica DeSpell: The usual dark magic deal: she gained her magic as well as her knowledge through several deals with the Friends. She hasn't had much luck getting Scrooge's Number One Dime, but with other people...

  • She has a rivalry with Morgana Mc Cawber for having her reform to the High Council.
  • She recently teamed up with both Negaduck and the Phantom Blot to destroy Darkwing Duck and the city of St. Canard, which eventually led to her and the other two villains bonding with the Shadow Blot's ink, and then ultimate sealing away into a portal of an alternate St. Canard. The Friends are now currently trying to figure out a way to release the three villains from their prison long after Darkwing's adventures have come to a close.

Flintheart Glomgold: He knows about the Friends, yet prefers to not make any deals with them, instead asking them about what artifacts can be found at the moment. He usually works with Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys in his attempts to truly become the World's number ONE richest duck. During the Golden Goose fiasco, Flintheart was turned to gold, and subsequently almost lost his soul to the Friends. But he quickly talked his way out of it, and was freed to continue his future misdeeds.

Mechanicles: He asked the Friends for his machines and genius intellect in exchange for the souls of those who fall to his conquests. He fails to collect Aladdin's soul every time they battle.

The Dark Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy: The same basic deal. He may not be to successful defeating Dave, but elsewhere he gets enough souls to keep the Friends happy.

Negaduck: Someone as sadistic and effective as Negaduck would be an asset to the Friends, but he's so Ax Crazy that they worry if he had magic he might become too difficult to control. So they offer him intimidation similar to Shere Kahn's: he frightens people who have no reason to be afraid of him (eg, he revs his chainsaw and even the Liquidator and Bushroot back down, despite the weapon’s ineffectiveness on them). After he conquered the Negaverse, they gave him a portal into Darkwing's universe, hoping for a repeat performance. The only other member of his Fearsome Five who knows about the friends is residential electric-user Megavolt, which is why he was sent to the electric chair for collecting two souls by using his electric powers.

  • Despite appearing to die when the Universal Plug was pulled, Negaduck was revealed to have survived his near destruction thanks to the Friends, and has recently teamed up with Magica De Spell to destroy Darkwing Duck by using an army of corrupted alternate-dimension counterparts of the caped mallard to run-amok on St. Canard. Negaduck's plan was foiled when the Tron Splitter split him into two, then split his mega darkside into thousands of negdauck particles. The Friends were unwilling to let this particles go to waste. So, they bonded the Negaduck partciles to the Shadow Blot's Hate Plague ink, and then used that ink to give Negaduck the Shadow Blot's ink malleability powers, which he used to take over the Shadow Blot's schemes for his own personal gain. Unfortunately, this led to his defeat when Darkwing exposed the truth of Negaduck's true feelings behind his rampages, sealing him away in an alternate version of St. Canard alongside the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, and the Phantom Blot. The Friends are currently looking for a way to free Negaduck from his prison.

Paddywhack: A duck-like Arch-Demon sealed away in a jack-in-the-box, he is one of the most insane forces of evil in the universe. After all, he is an alternate universe counterpart of Pennywise and Pinhead. Quackerjack once released this Friend by accident, but thankfully, Darkwing managed to seal his evil again in the box.

Tublat: This evil ape who tried to take over Kerchak's tribe was a prime target for the Friends, and they contacted Tublat to serve them with the promise of Tarzan's death added to their deal. Despite his intimidating figure and noted voice similarities with Dr. Facilier, the rogue ape is nonetheless unsuccessful at killing the hairless ape. But Tublat has been successful in other places at collecting souls.

Queen La: This evil queen asked the friends for Dark Magic skills as well as the ability to turn leopards into leopard men. Other skills she got were possession, her power in the staff, and even some fighting skills. Unfortunately, Queen La's debt kept growing until the point where Tarzan shattered her staff, destroying her and her minions. But La refused to give up her soul, and used her possession skills to disguise herself as Jane, only to Gender Swap with Tarzan and be turned into a rat. Eventually, Oogie Boogie found La as a rat and ate her for supper. La's soul is still on call as a Dark Master, seeing her skills fit enough to keep her around.

Morgana Macawber: The same black magic deal. She was assigned to seduce and destroy Darkwing so he wouldn't interfere with Negaduck, and ended up falling for him. Since she had paid off her debts, there was little the Friends could do. Besides, Morgana now serves as one of the High Council's powerful spell casters in their army to defeat the forces of darkness.

  • Alternatively, she DIDN'T pay off her debt, which was how Beelzebub was able to take her to hell in the episode "Hot Spells".
  • Morgana has a powerful rivalry with Magica De Spell, as the two regularly duke it out in Wizard's duels.

Darkwarrior Duck: An evil future version of Darkwing with Knight Templar behaviors seems to be a valuable asset to the Friends. By controlling Darkwing in this timeline until he became their best villain in that world, they were able to gain the souls of those who were killed by Darkwarrior's "crime-bustings", really just excuses to hide his true malicious, non-"heroic" behavior, almost similar to Negaduck. Darkwarrior was eventually recruited by Magica De Spell to reek havoc on St. Canard, only to be sent back to his home dimension in failure.

Monkey Fist: Most villains in that Kim faces are harmless. This is not the case with Lord Monty Fist. After finding a soul seeking a source of power they had invested in, the Friends gave him said power, hoping his possible defeat of Kim could win them another powerful soul. They also pointed him toward DNAmy.

Shego: Much more competent than her boss Dr. Drakken, the Friends saw potential in her from early on when she was a member of Team Go, sensing her boredom with the group. Approaching her, they offered her a power boost and convinced her to betray her family. She's been responsible for most of Dr. Drakken's few brushes with success. However, she's paid off her debt and the Friends are fairly unsatisfied with her, due to her displaying more and more Friendly Enemy tendencies with Kim (if not outright Foe Yay).

Duke Igthorn and Lady Bane: A pair of power-hungry but fairly ineffectual villains, the Friends didn't deem either of them as having much of a chance of defeating the Gummis and gaining their secrets. So they made separate deals with both of them, then pointed each towards the other. With Bane's magic and Igthorn's brute strength and ogre army, they pose a formidable threat to the Gummis and the Kingdom of Dunwyn.

The Huntsman: A fanatical Knight Templar and Well-Intentioned Extremist who quickly became not so well-intentioned, the Friends didn't think he would make a good client. Rather, they chose to manipulate him indirectly, by pointing him to powerful artifacts and aiding him in his quest to destroy Jake, hoping that he would eliminate a major threat to them. Although he was unsuccessful, the Friends did collect his soul when he was destroyed following Rose's Heel Face Turn. They also vacated all their magical clients in Jake’s world during the Aztec Skull plot. If the Huntsclan had succeeded, they would have easily overrun that world with no real resistance.

The Dark Dragon: One of the Friends' most powerful clients, he is an ancient force of evil and the main threat on his world. He senses Jake as a threat, and working with the Friends, covertly assisted The Huntsman in his efforts in destroying Jake. He may also be somewhat tied to Maleficent, perhaps with one teaching the other how to gain a dragon form, due to their similar appearance. The Dark Dragon is one of Chernabog's most powerful Dark Masters, and it's only a matter of time before the scaly friend decides to join the Inner Circle.

Eli Pandares: Your basic "mortal gets magic" deal. Since he has ties to a company on the mortal plane, he's doubly effective at keeping the Friends' activities in New York running.

Lord Dragaunus and the Saurians: A ruthless conquerer race of alien warlords descended from the Carnotaurs, they have long worshipped the Friends and spread their message of chaos and destruction. They were mostly occupied in their war with the denizens of Puckworld, but recently they have expanded their war to Earth.

Dr. Phillium Benedict: His crazed obsession with ending summer vacation pleased the Friends. Remembering the results of the previous experiment to do away with recess, which turned kids into demoralized zombies, the Friends wanted a permanent change to make the kids easier to control. The supplied Benedict with resources and information. Fortunately, the plan fell through, but they still remember the burning desire he has...

Dr. Ivan Krank: The High Council usually tries to get as many mad scientists as they can working for them, to keep them out of trouble, but it doesn't always work out. This crazy doctor, obsessed with turning animals into people, failed every psych screening the Gods put him through. The Friends are trying to find a use for him, because he is able to create some dangerous technology, but he's too flat-out nuts to really be of much use to them.

Al Roaker: A Jackass Genie by trade, Roaker often gets the Friends souls through his smooth talk and his Loophole Abuse.

Dr. Carver's Clone: After nearly being destroyed due to his shoddy genetic makeup, the Friends saw the oppurtunity. They contacted him and offered him the resources needed to take over his Earth in exchange for plenty of souls from his new human slaves.

Emperor Zurg: A Card-Carrying Villain with a huge ego, he rules a galactic empire in no small part thanks to the Friends. He seems to have a fearsome reputation, but does relatively little to back it up. The Friends give him intimidation and occasionally boost his armies, and he's fairly good at paying off his debts - except when Buzz Lightyear gets involved.

  • The Toy Zurg is fairly harmless - a simulacrum of villainy created by the High Council to play the role of the bad guy to the Buzz toy. He causes some trouble occasionally, but isn't a threat.
  • When Zurg once invaded Tangea in a plot to kill Buzz, the Friends mutated several of his hornet drones to become the mighty Hyper Hornet.
  • The Wasteland version of Zurg from the deleted opening of the first movie seemed to be nothing more than a space version of Ratigan who was easily destroyed by Buzz Lightyear by his own missile bomb and had his soul collected by the Friends.

The Evil Buzz Lightyear: What better recruit to the cause of the Friends then an incredibly cunning and sinister counterpart to one of the High Council's finest soldiers? His successful conquest of his own universe gave him enough clout with the Friends to give him a nigh-invulnerability that has allowed him to survive ship self-destructs and incidents near stars.

Nos-4-A2: On one of Emperor Zurg's deals, he asked the Friends to tell him how to create a robotic agent to serve as his residential energy feeder. As a result, the robotic vampire, Nos-4-A2, was born. It quickly proved to be a deadly enemy of Buzz Lightyear, with his enery draining skills to boot. Eventually, Nos-4-A2 decided to create his own evil agent, and made the Wirewolf, a robotic werewolf, from the soul of Ty Parsec. In the end, though, Nos was destroyed by Buzz Lightyear and Parsec was freed of the Wirewolf curse.

Bill Bluff: The Friends are always looking for new worlds below the High Council's radar that they can corrupt. Bill Bluff was your standard Corrupt Corporate Executive, but the Friends started subtly manipulating him, making him more cruel and ruthless, thinking that there was no one on this world that could really oppose him. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated some ordinary kids.

Suzy Johnson: To keep her brother safe for man eaters (sans herself), hide her true natures from everyone, and going out of control, she became one of their budding clients. However, she only pays with Jeremy's girlfriends, thus her true nature is only shown to bullies and the people she's trying to pay them with. More so with the former, due to karma.

Doofenshmirtz's parents: His father wants to be wealthy, so he made a deal with in exchange for a dog that will bring them to fame and fortune, and a better child, they can torture his older son, which he and his wife loathe since the day he was born, so there was no loss for them. This explains why Doofenshmirtz knows about the Friends, and wants to be a client.

The Smile Away Reformatory School: This wasn't just All Just a Dream. This school is very real, one of many run by the Friends. Staffed by a Complete Monster of a Drill Sergeant Nasty, it remains an important part of Chernabog's plan to destroy everything wonderful and good by stomping out any individuality of children brought in by foolish parents. The end result is an army of mindless zombies that the Friends could easily manipulate. Naturally, Perry often has nightmares of what would happen if Phineas and Ferb ended up there.

Evil Manta: King Triton didn't seal this evil being in the darkest depths of the ocean for no reason. The Evil Manta is a high ranking agent who collects the souls of sea folk by spreading mistrust and lies through rumors of them being different. The resulting racial prejudice and wars following get him the souls he needs. Ariel has manged to defeat him on several occasion before Ursula made her big debut. After the deaths of Ursula and Morgana, Chernabog decided to send his best sea agent to take care Ariel and Melody once and for all....

The Collector: A former human actor who played the role of toon villains, the Friends twisted his mind into thinking he was a real toon, then manipulated him on his task to collect all the greatest toon actors with the toons' souls as their price. Bonkers and Piquel managed to defeat the collector by unmasking him and sending him into a portal to Hell, where the Friends immediately collected his soul for failing them.

Crud: This extremely cunning one-time foe of Winnie the Pooh was one of the Arch Demons, and a very slimy one at that too. No literally, he was made of pure slime and gunk. This is because he was created from Chernabog's sneeze, which was flung to the Hundred Acre Wood. There, the inate evil in Chernabog's heart mutated the mucus into becoming the all-powerful slime Arch Demon, Crud. Because he'd arrived before he became sentient, Crud was unaffected by the good magic that otherwise would have kept him out (see "Pooh, Tigger, and the Hundred Acre Woods Gang" under the High Council sub-section of the main page of this theory). His presence didn't eliminate that magic but weakened it enough for him to spread the seeds of darkness in Hundred Acre Wood by summoning other villains to it, including the Heffalumps, Woozles, and Nasty Jack and the horse thieves. The afforementioned good magic prevents most of these other villains from being as evil as they might otherwise be, but it was still a major victory for the Friends.

After that, Crud then gave life to a speck of dust to serve as his loyal 2nd-in-command and named it Smudge. Crud and Smudge then absorbed all the gunk and junk swept under Christopher Robin's bed and tried to force him to help make the rest of the world equally messy. When the Pooh gang defeated the Disney Jabba the hutt, Chernabog reluctantly decided to recruit his former booger to the Friends. After some looks of disgust, the Big Bad of darkness found use in Crud's master planning and to this day, still keeps him around as his tactical advisor.

Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump: Besides the fact that they were born agents of Chernabog, these two villains are by far the most incompetent villains in the Hundred Acre Wood. Their inabilty to do anything right except collect honey has made Chernabog reconsider letting them keep their licenses or not...especially when Heff's quadruped son, Lumpy, has become a fast friend of Roo.

Nasty Jack: Originally, this horse thief discovered the Friends through dumb luck and decided to join them out on a whim. His soul collecting was through his "trouncing" of the sheriffs of Rickety Gulch. Thankfully, Piglet managed to show him the light through a very awkward Heel Face Turn. Guess who's the NEW sheriff of this town?

Galva Negaduck: A different duck with the name of Negaduck, Galvaduck was created by Megavolt in an accidental testing of his tron splitter on Darkwing Duck, which split the duck into a good and bad half of himself. Galvaduck proved, in his normal bad mode, to be a very bland version of Negaverse Duck. It was only when Megavolt accidentally zapped Galvaduck into his familiar black and white costume and made him a blow-up-building obssessed moron, that he caught the Friends' attention. But after Posiduck and Galvaduck fused back together, the Friends decided to rip out a small part of Darkwing's bad half to make into a new Galvaduck. Galvaduck now serves as the Friends' demolitions expert, and a very gung-ho agent, if I do say myself.

Typhon: Also known as "The Father of All Monsters", Typhon is a red, five-headed, dragon-like Titan Friend who long ago was sealed away by Zeus and Hera under Mount Etna not long after the big Z defeated the other 4 titans during the Olympian War. He was accidentally freed by Hercules while herc was fighting Typhon's wife Echidna. He seems to suffer from chronic headaches due to all the years he spent under Mount Etna. Out of all the titans, Typhon is the only one who actually has some common sense on how to plan their evil schemes. He was eventually defeated and sent to the other side once again, where he was reunited with the Titans, Cronus, and Chernabog.

Arthur and Cecil: These two vultures were associates of the Friends who hunted the young Jungle Book characters to try and collect their souls for the friends. Fortunately, they are extremely incompetent and can barely catch anything to eat without failing miserably. In fact, once Shere Khan and Kaa fell to The Dark Side, Chernabog cut his losses with the vultures and abandoned them to their own devices.

Mirage: A cat gypsy from the Animal Kingdom, she was run out of town alongside her old friends, Foulfellow and Gideon. Afterward, they went their separate ways to encounter the Friends differently. Mirage discovered the Friends in Agrabah, and made a deal for nigh supreme dark magic, which also lead to her getting an Egyptian style Evil Costume Switch. The Friends promptly dubbed Mirage, "Evil Incarnate". Needless to say, Maleficent called for plagiarism. At one point, she met up with the blind prophet, Phasir, although no one knows how it turned out. Mirage frequently battles against Aladdin, and usually loses. She does, however, gain a steady supply of souls for the Friends to collect elsewhere. That fiasco with Chaos, a minor Friend similar in personality to the Cheshire Cat, was an accident in her eyes. Mirage was also granted the ability to make deals with mortals and lesser clients by using close cousins to The Heartless, the El Katib, who had the power to teleport through shadows, created from children with true seeds of evil. Every seven years, during the three nights of the gfull moon, Mirage would send out the El Katib to find potential recruits, enticing them with the promise of power and immortality. Aladdin's friend Amal was one of the many to fall victim to the El Katib's offer, not realizing that the El Katib must return to the Shadow Realm before the moon sets on the third night, else they die.

Abis Mal: An incompetent villain who worked with Jafar briefly before the latter's demise. Once Jafar was inducted into the Inner Circle, he suggested to Chernabog that Abis Mal MAY have some competence despite his moronic nature. After all, who else has enough smarts to turn Jasmine, a prominent princess of heart, into her Ax Crazy Whip It Good clone, Scourge of the Desert? The reason why Abis Mal is after so many ancient artifacts is because the Friends point him out towards them.

Taurus Bulba: As perhaps the most ruthless villain in Darkwing's universe, the Friends were never going to ignore Taurus Bulba. However, it was determined early on that Bulba was too independent to work for the Friends directely. As such, the Friends took a more subtle route with Bulba, making sure his schemes went smoothly (for example, making sure no one noticed Bulba's special prison cell/hideout.) After all, a bit more pain and suffering in the world is always a plus in the Friends' view, and they were hoping Bulba would eliminate Darkwing Duck before he became to much of a threat. After the Waddlemeyer Ramrod incident, the Friends influenced FOWL to rebuild Bulba as a cyborg. This served a twofold purpose-to put a useful chess piece back on the board, and to see if Bulba could be influenced by promises of further power. In the end, it confirmed that Taurus "worked for no one but himself!" but the Friends still have hope-their current plan involves promising Bulba his old organic body back.

Nightmare Shadows: Five troublesome dream spirits, they gather fear energy from children's nightmares. These specters enter a child's subconscious, dig out their greatest fears, and turn them into surreal nightmares. Being non-corporeal, they cannot be destroyed, but can be dispelled by a particularly brave child. There favorite target is poor Ned Needlemeyer. However, they don't always attack only Ned, as they have even managed to give terrible nightmares to Max with his Were-Goofy dream, to Simba with his vision of shapeshifting Scar to Kovu, and even Pluto when he encountered the Judgement Day Cats.

Pixar Edit

Also, since the Disney universe is parallel to the Pixar universe(s), the Friends have found a few allies there as well.

Sid and Al: Sid has been on the Friends' radars for a while, due to his For the Evulz nature and his willingness to destroy toys (who, as noted in the High Council sub-section of the main page of this theory, are low-level agents of good). Though he didn't know about the Friends or the conflict at the time, the Friends planted ideas in his head about nasty things to do to toys and provided the equipment for the ideas he decided to pursue (for example, he got the rocket he'd planned to blow Buzz up with by ordering it from a company that was actually a front for the Friends).

After Sid gained a phobia of toys thanks to Woody and the gang, the Friends manipulated circumstances to land valuable toys in the clutches of Al. After all, what better way to get toys out of the way than to put them in a museum where they'll never be played with? When this plan was foiled as well, the Friends were initially upset, but settled down once they realized kids outgrew their toys, and were thus susceptible once they got rid of them.

    • The Friends later contacted Sid directly and showed him the Monster World, and he decided to use Monsters Inc.'s doorways to children's rooms to steal toys from children in order to spare them from what happened to him. In return for showing him the Monste World, the Friends asked Sid to free Waternoose and Randall to allow them a chance at revenge against Mike and Sulley. The alliance was spoiled, and Sid became an unaffiliated agent again.

Stinky Pete: The Friends' first attempt to infiltrate the world of the Toys was with this bitter old Prospector. Playing on his anger over being left on the shelf while the more popular toys were bought up, they convinced him that it was best not to be played with, and just as they hoped, he joined Al's scheme to have Woody locked up in a museum. Pete proved a decent servant, nearly succeeding in separating Woody and Andy forever, before he was stopped by the other toys. Pete wasn't an official client, so the Friends simply let him go when he was defeated. Although Pete's new home may be a bit...rambunctious for his tastes, Woody and co. hope that one day he'll rediscover the joy in being a child's toy. The Friends, meanwhile, went on the search for a new agent in this world...

Hopper: A big bully of a grasshopper, he and his grasshopper gang force a colony of ants to give them food each summer and winter. And in return, the grasshoppers will not kill them. Quite frankly, the ants would like to rebel, but can't because Hopper made a deal with the Friends to gain intimidance and somewhat enhanced strength in exchange for the souls of those ants who do try to rebel and fail miserably. Flik, one of the ants, wanted to recruit an army of warrior bugs so that Hopper's tyranny over his colony would end, and in the end found the courage to lead the overthrow of Hopper.

Mr. Waternoose: A Corrupt Corporate Executive who deals in terror, he caught the attention of the Friends long ago. While actually collecting the souls of the children would get him thrown in jail in a hurry, Waternoose keeps the Friends happy by delivering them a little portion of the fear energy that he collects. He manipulates his Dragon, Randall, using his greed and lust for glory. Randall knows about the Friends, and was more than happy to escape from the human world after Warternoose's defeat in exchange for serving as a warrior in the Friends' armies of darkness. Both took a shot at revenge against Mike and Sulley, only to be jailed and then freed by a briefly re-recruited Sid for another attempt.

Dr. Pablo Sherman, DDS and Darla: There's not actually anything evil about these two; Dr. Sherman is a perfectly normal tropical fish fancier and Darla is his young, possibly learning-disabled niece in whom he is trying to instill the same love of marine creatures. Sherman's biggest sin was a tendency to see himself as a savior of wild fish who didn't really need his help to survive. The friends saw an opportunity to use this good-natured error to spread suffering in Australia's Great Barrier Reef and subtly manipulated him into capturing fish and other creatures for his aquarium who would rather have been free. Whenever he acquired a particularly noble fish, they would give him the idea to turn the poor creature over to the careless and ignorant Darla, who usually ended up killing it. They harvested numerous aquatic souls in this way until one of Sherman's captives, a brave juvenile clownfish named Nemo, engendered a fiasco in the dental clinic that put Darla off any desire to keep fish as pets for the rest of her life. Shortly thereafter, the rest of Sherman's aquarium population escaped, causing him to reassess the rightness of keeping them captive in the first place. He became a passionate--and much better informed--marine environmentalist, and the Friends abandoned their efforts with him in disgust.

Syndrome: A bitter geek aspiring to be a superhero and yet still wanting to have the fun of being a villain, Buddy made a deal with the Friends to try and gain respect, wealth and power. He was of considerable benefit to the friends for paying with the souls of the superheroes he tested the Omnidroid on, considering their higher value, and upon his death, his Gadgeteer Genius capabilities granted him a major role on the rising technological sides of the Friends forces.

The Unforgivables: After the defeat of the Confederacy of Crime by the Incredibles, the escaped members turned to the Friends and the supposedly long-retired villain Xerek for help in building a new villainous group, some of which, like Mezmerella (who was gonna try using the Psy-Glane inverter to collect the city's souls for the Friends), have been local clients. They have currently succeeded in bringing the city of Metroville under hypnotic control and, combined with a Humongous Mecha designed to "belong" to the Parrs and ravage the city, have discredited the Incredibles and run out of town. It has yet to be seen what the resolution will entail.

Skinner: As with the sad case of Willie the Whale, Chernabog hates the existence of creatures with unique skill who can bring joy to people. When he heard about a rat who was a gourmet chef, he set out to destroy him. Fortunately for Remy, the best Chernabog could do on this world was manipulate this greedy rival chef into trying to expose Remy's secret and con Linguini out of his restaurant. Although Skinner did close Gusteau's, Remy's cooking fame lived on, and Chernabog decided that Remy and co. weren't worth the trouble. The Friends did also try to lure Anton Ego into a deal to use his reviews to destroy the restaurant, but were rebuffed. Not because Ego was a nice guy (at first), mind you, but simply because he was offended at the idea of tailoring his reviews to anyone's wishes.

Shelby Forthright and AUTO: The Friends granted the BnL CEO charisma and business savvy, allowing him to pull off a successful version of Dr. Facilier's plans and take over the world eventually gaining control the souls of all of WALL-E’s world. The Friends didn't count on the environmental effects of the masses' ensuing soulless consumption, so to ensure an everlasting supply of souls, they arranged for BnL to put together the Cruise Ship plan (using the tech knowledge they got from Doris, Syndrome and MCP to insert bugs into the AUTOs that disabled any sort of Three Laws compliancy which threatened the Friends’ goals) so that the remaining souls of humanity would be even more submissive to their will. They then forced the CEO to send out the A113 command so the humans could never return to Earth, and would remain under their control forever.

  • After the defection of the Axion, it is unknown whether the rest of the BNL starfleet will eventually be contacted to return to earth, or whether until the day of final battle, the pour souls aboard those ship will be doomed to boredom and suffering.

Charles Muntz: First seen as a middle-aged man when the lead character is a young boy, he seems to have aged 20 years at the most in the ensuing 70. May have bargained with the Friends for an extended lifespan, in exchange for the souls of any poor unfortunates who wander into his corner of the jungle. After Muntz fell to his doom while battling Carl and Russel, the Friends collected his soul as they sensed no more purpose in letting the old aviator live. However, there was an opening in the Air Brigades, and the skilled pilot now leads the Friends' armies in this division.

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear: The friends weren't responsible for him snapping over the loss of Daisy. That was something he did on his own. Instead, they're the ones that helped him take over the daycare, and brainwashed any adult workers in the premise to not interfere, hence why they wasn't any security sans that monkey. He pays the dues by having Big Baby destroy any rebel toys that tried to escape Sunnyside, then sending them to the dump, where the Incinerator, a powerful agent, would collect their souls. Another useful feature Chernabog gave to the bear was intimidation to the zillionth degree, similar to what they gave to Shere Khan and the Wolf, which is why his henchmen, besides Big Baby and Ken, were too scared to act up against him. Once Lotso left Sunnyside, however, the Friends lost their source of a good way to break toys into becoming evil, so the High Council took over it instead. Despite Lotso being a very useful client who delivered a lot of souls to the Friends, they opted not to help him when he wound up trapped on the front of a garbage truck - not because they were abandoning him, mind you, but because they figured the evil bear would find a way to get free, and his time trapped there would make him even more bitter and vengeful. If that's possible.

The Incinerator: The Magnet from The Brave Little Toaster caught the Friends' attention for its brutal disposal of the poor beings caught in its clutches. But its world wasn't very active, and the Friends felt it wasn't being put to good use. So they took it, upgraded it with the Friends' tech resources, and placed it on the Toy Story world. Linking it to the Other Side via a portal in the incinerator, it became the new go-between for the Friends and Lotso. And of course, it doesn't discriminate between former Sunnysiders and thrown out toys in general

The Lemons: The Friends finally made inroads into the peaceful world of Radiator Springs with these evil broken-down cars. Selecting Miles Axelrod (for his cunning and charm) and Professor Z (for his evil genius), they made them partners and set them on their way to bring pain and misery to this world and collecting the souls of the cars within. They were foiled, and the Friends aren't optimistic about finding truly effective minions on this fairly low-key world.

Comics Edit

Solego: He was once a very powerful client of the Friends, Inner Circle material. Fortunately, getting trapped forever in the crystal has really negated his effectiveness. Chernabog is looking for a way to free him, but so far no luck.

The Phantom Blot: What Pete was supposed to be and his occasional boss. Granted immortality by the Friends ages ago in his days as a sorcerer scheming to take the power of the dragons, time passed and he became more of a mob boss or a James Bond villain. Discovering something close to his name had been used by the Wastelanders to come to describe the inky monstrosity of the Shadow Blot, the Phantom Blot is looking into ways he can take advantage of that Friend's reputation and inky powers. He and Magica once employed it as a mutagenic Hate Plague and transforming St. Canard in the process, only to realize that Negaduck had been bonded to the ink, leading to the Phantom Blot and the other two villains being sealed away into an alternate version of St. Canard. The Friends have currently released the Phantom Blot with what little magic they have to open the portal, but have yet to free Negaduck and Magica De Spell until their portal magic reloads again.

The Rhyming Man: The Friends took a great interest in the mysterious "World to Come" project of Illustania's science department, something that could change the shape of the globe itself. So they called on a cunning and long forgotten enemy of Mickey's to try and secure it for them. The Rhyming Man's cunning matched his impeccable talent for rhyme and things were going very well until Mickey and Eega Beeva's assault on his air-fortress. Though foiled and nearly killed, the Rhyming Man's still seen as a viable agent and despite the Illustania government closing down all research towards that unifying equation, it hasn't stopped the Friends' scientific department from trying to salvage the cannons and giant robots from the venture.

The Beagle Boys: Ma Beagle and her boys know about the Friends, but refuse to make any deals with them because of Ma's genre savvy nature. Instead, they prefer to work with Pete, Mortimer Mouse, and the Phantom Blot, commiting crimes in several different worlds. The three beagle boys seen in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers were the very first beagle boys EVER as they were granted immortality alongside the rest of Pete's gang. Currently, Ma's Beagle Boys have been sealed away in an alternate version of St. Canard alongside many other villains of Calisota.

Live Action Edit

Naturally the Big Bads have taken advantage of Narissa’s Portal to reach into the Live-Action Disney Canon:

Bricriu: This silly but cold-hearted Will O' The Wisp has been known to complain about the Friends having "no sense of humour" and has likewise annoyed them with his antics, but in the past he's proven useful to them because he can posses High Council agents or their loved ones. When the Friends feared Fi Phillips' investigations into the paranormal might prove to be a problem for them, Bricru seemed like a good choice to stop her. Fi trapped him in a computer file, but the Friends set him free and now he undertakes missions across the internet for the MCP.

The White Witch: She is a powerful client of the Friends who has made many deals withe them, while also managing to pay off her debts just as much. Her deals have included 100 years of neverending winter, powers of ice, an army of goblins to aid her evil schemes, and the ability to turn people to stone. After her death by Aslan, she asked the Friends to join the Inner Circle, but was declined such an honor on a technicality of her being unable to collect the soul of that mighty lion. In anger, she called Nibakrik and his cronies together to try and resurrect her with the blood of Prince Caspian and High King Peter. Naturally as with most attempted resurrections, she failed and ended up dead again.

Davy Jones: A one-time client embittered by the loss of his love, he has since become one of the Friends' best agents. His MO is very similar to Facilier and Ursula, collecting wayward and desperate souls. He is considered a bit of a loose cannon due to his...unique use of the souls he enslaves, but the level of fear he evokes in his world, combined with the numbers he brings in, almost earned him a place in the Inner Circle. However, after his death he was deemed unsuitable because he lost his villainous instinct due to Calypso's rejection. Has brought in several other direct clients, such as Barbossa and perhaps even Jack Sparrow at some point, although they have since paid off their debts.

Lord Cutler Beckett: After being exiled from the Caribbean by Governor Swan because of selling slaves, Beckett somehow established a contact with the Friends and became their client, seeing the opportunity to get power and riches...and get revenge againt Swan. He got his position as a lord through the Friends’ power later in England and also got the deal with the pirate problem the same way. You see, the Friends wanted the pirates out of the way because they competed with the Friends on the seas for souls by sending them to oblivion rather than to the friends or High Council, and these pirates generally didn't make any deals because of their free-of-laws-and-deals policy. The first scene of PotC3 where Beckett crosses the line by executing probably hundreds of innocent civilians? That’s him paying off his debt to the Friends.

  • After his death, he was taken in for consideration as a new member of the inner circle due to his efficiency at getting rid of the 3rd party pirates. However, his inability to kill either the rouge Barbossa or the meddlesome Jack Sparrow, not to mention his mishandling of the assault on Shipwreck Code got him reassigned as a Dark master because of his high soul count and cold yet charismatic leadership among other men. Maleficent is considering him for the position as Second General of the Seas, due to his higher body count and greater charisma when compared to Captain Hook.

Madame Minuit: Long before Facilier, in the early days of the Crescent City, there was another powerful voodoo practitioner the Friends decided to do business with. She sought out the power of the Sun-And-Stars Amulet in an effort to transform the city into gold, enslaving the population with her hypnotic abilities and tearing down the town to sell to the highest bidder. But an encounter with a young Jack Sparrow and his crew would bring her plans crumbling down, the young pirate captain slaying her and two allies that had fused with her in the form of a multi-headed serpent.

Blackbeard: The "pirate who all pirates fear", Blackbeard was another big-time client and General of the Sea Legions, though he generally kept a low-profile after faking his death with the assistance of the Friends at the Battle of Ocracoke Island. With voodoo on par with Minuit's and a sword stolen from the vaults of Atlantica, he collected souls for the friends while making the husks into his zombie officers and with being able to take control of other ships, was gradually building an armada for the usage of the Friends. His death at the hands of Barbossa at the Fountain of Youth and the loss of the bottled ships to Jack Sparrow have thrown a wrench into the plans the Friends had hatched with Blackbeard, though it has made his daughter Angelica a prime candidate for recruitment.

The Nome King: The Friends have been trying to crack open Oz for a long time, but the Deadly Desert and the good magic surging through the place made it ridiculously difficult. They turned to an agent specializing in going underground, the Nome King, who himself had a knack for soul collecting. With Mombi, he succeeded in bringing the land of Oz to its knees. However, when Dorothy arrived back to Oz with Billina, the Nome King ate one of her eggs and perished forever due to the egg's nome-specific poison.

Mombi: Having put their foot in the door, they recruited Mombi to imprison Ozma, heir to the throne of Oz, in exchange for giving her control of the Wheelers and the beginnings of her head collection. She and the Nome King worked together in bringing the Land of Oz to it's knees until Dorothy returned. At that point, the Nome King punished her for her failure to kill Dorothy, and the Friends simply abandoned Mombi after her imprisonment.

The Wheelers: A mostly harmless species of troublemakers until the Friends gave them purpose in working with Mombi on taking control of Oz and ravaging the Emerald City under her command. When Dorothy defeated the Nomes, and saved Ozma, the Wheelers were left without a purpose. Noticing how terrifying the Wheelers are, the Friends put them in charge of replacing Waternoose for providing fear energy. To that extent, some Wheelers have begun undergoing augmentations to become even uglier and scarier.

Dillinger and the MCP: Dillinger was an early study by the Friends in the potential of using tech as a new method of gaining souls. In exchange for getting access to ENCOM’s network from Dillinger, the Friends gave Dillinger Flynn's programs and a beefed up MCP to help run ENCOM. Once they fulfilled their deal with Dillinger (helping him become CEO of ENCOM), the Friends (having realized while in Cyberspace that programs have souls) appeal to the MCP’s sense of superiority and goad him into seeking world conquest – this way, the Friends not only gain control over the real world through the MCP’s takeover of government mainframes, but also get to collect the souls of the programs the MCP destroys/assimilates. In the meantime, the Friends use the MCP to convert the programs within the computer, while watching their opponents perform in Deadly Games For the Evulz. After Tron and Flynn derezzed the M.C.P, the Inner Circle found whatever remaining data they could scavenge, and used their dark powers to reboot the M.C.P in order for it to become their residiential computer and mission control. Of course, that doesn't mean the MCP is no longer active in the war. In fact, he just might be the very reason why the IS Os came into the system and therefore led to Clu 2's further corruption into the armies of the Friends.

  • The M.CP.'s 2nd-in-command, Sark, also is in high regard with the Friends, and is the evil program's ambassador during Inner Circle meetings.

Clu 2: Clu 2 was originally a program created by Kevin to watch over the grid, but the friends quickly corrupted clu into becoming a computer program similar in behavior to adolph hitler and the mcp, itself. the friends helped him gain total control over cyberspace in exchange for the souls of his prisoners and the isos. they also helped gain control over tron and turn him into rinzler for their program armies of darkness. Although Clu 2 was merged back with kevin, the friends were unwilling to collect his very dark soul due to his high soul count, and allowed him to stay in the other side as Sark and the MCP's ally in the war against the High Council.

Judge Doom: Toon Town is a place where the High Council sends there members to film their stories to spread awareness of the Friends. Doom was once a great toon actor playing many villain roles, similar to The Collector, but an accident on the set made him think he was a real villain. Afterwards, Doom was recruited by the Friends to plant the seeds of distrust and bigotry against the toons in the human population of LA, destroy Toon Town and try and find an entrance to Looney Tune Land (which he failed to do, meaning they're currently safe, though his Weasels are capable of bringing him back with animation cels and a multiplane camera).

    • Doom's, shall we say, unique physiology may also make him an animated villain.
    • Doom's mission to open a hole into Looney Tune Land may have failed, but that world eventually linked up with another band of animation multiverses separate from the Disney Multiverse which one of Chernabog's counterparts, a shapeshifting master of darkness has embarked on a venture parallel to Chernabog's

Maximillian: The Cygnus came out of the black hole into the Disney universe. The servants of the Friends found the remains of the robot Maximillian at the crash site. While the robot was awaiting reprogramming by the MCP, the soul of Dr. Reinhardt awoke, trapped inside the robot, but able to control it. Now, Reinhardt/Maximiilian is forced to gather souls for the Friends, in the hope that they will restore his body. But at the same time, Reinhardt is awakening in odd places that he doesn't remember how he got there...

Mr. Dark: A wicked ringmaster who runs a Circus of Fear with the help of the Dust Witch, collecting souls by offering his victims their utmost desires at the cost of everything else. When he was defeated by the merry-go-round de-aging him, the Friends simply abandoned Mr. Dark and left him to his own devices in the other side.

Jack Frost: He's a powerful agent of the Friends who has been scheming to work his way onto the High Council for a long time. Toppling Santa Claus and ending Christmas seemed to be the kind of plan that gets you noticed by Chernabog personally - and he almost pulled it off, if it wasn't for one little girl. Losing his powers and most of his villainous instincts, he's fallen out of favor, but being an agent rather than a client, he has no debts anyway.

The Man in Black: The Friends recently discovered a portal to this mysterious island. Like Wonderland, it's teeming with chaotic magic, so much so that even they're at a loss as to explain it. And ruling over it all is the mysterious Man in Black. This powerful, ancient figure can change shape at will, turn into a seemingly unkillable being of black smoke, and judge the souls of the wicked. Many agents were sent to create a deal with him/it. None returned alive. Finally, frustrated with being rebuffed, Chernabog and the Friends paid a visit to the Island to force the Man in Black's cooperation. The battle raged, with neither gaining an upper hand, until both sides saw an equal and brokered a deal. As The Man in Black was too powerful and too arrogant to really be interested in the friends, Chernabog had no choice but to make him one of his few associates. He mostly busies himself trying to corrupt the various residents of the island, often with great success. The Man in Black remains an Aloof Ally to the friends, helping them when it serves his enigmatic interests. However, he's so powerful and ruthless that if he one day chose to deal more with Chernabog, he could easily become a Friend himself...if he isn't one already.

Ramsley: His sheer bigotry and hatred allowed the Enchantress to curse the Mansion. She told him that the curse would break if he reunited Master Edward with his lover. The Evers weren't the first victims, simply the latest in a long line that Ramsley fruitlessly hoped would break the curse. Once Ramsley's plan to break the curse by collecting all of the ghosts' souls failed, the Friends sent a powerful Arch-Demon, the fire snake, to collect his soul.

  • The Zombies in the Gracey Family crypt were not really the corpses of the Graceys. They were really demonic class 1 agents of the Friends, assigned to guard the crypt so the curse would not be broken.
  • Several of the unseen, creepier ghosts in the Haunted Mansion are in fact, extensions of the Friends that work with Ramsley as his messengers of doom. It's the ghost host's job to keep these phantoms away from park guests of the Mansion.

The Sanderson Sisters: The Friends gave these three evil witches their magic, the Black Flame Candle, Sarah's hypnotic singing, Mary's ability to smell children, etc. During their visit to Bald Mountain, Chernabog himself gave Winnifred her spellbook (though he approached her in a red-skinned form much smaller then the one he took on in Fantasia, hence the sisters later mistaking someone dressed that way for him). To pay off their debt and more so the Friends would grant them eternal youth, the sisters decided to give them all the children in Salem. Failing that twice, the Sandersons did not get resurrected when the Candle's power wore off, mostly because Chernabog was sick of their constant screw-ups.

Kalabar: An area separate from Jack Skellington's beloved home town, this peaceful town of monsters does have one bad egg. Seeking to rule over humans and monsters, Kalabar obtained great magical power by making a deal with Oogie Boogie, who was working behind the Friends' backs. Kalabar was going to use his power to collect the souls of humans and monsters alike, once he took over the monsters and corrupted them into waging war on Earth. When he blew that, Oogie Boogie couldn't help him out, because the other villains found out, and he was in trouble at the time. Exit, one Halloween sorcerer.

    • The Friends' objection was more because Oogie had not gotten authorization for the plan, rather than objecting to the concept. Oogie Boogie told Kalabar about the friends, and Kalabar past that knowledge on to his son Kal. Two years after his father's death, Kal made a similar deal with ALL of the Friends as clients were expected to. Thus, unlike Kalabar, Kal had all the Friends support, which is why they teleported him to safety when he lost his magical duel with Marney.

Reed Thimple: A very... eccentric banker with a grudge against the Bear Band that dates back to his younger days as an armpit musician. In another of Chernabog's petty fits against performing animals, Thimple was approached by agents of the Friends to help enact his revenge by helping him forclose and take down Country Bear Hall and take out the bears, bringing down an Oasis spot in the process. But things fell apart when the benefit concert plan succeeded and Thimple was foiled.

The Man in Yellow: An agent of the Friends specifically designated to track down sources of good magic, he has been hunting the immortal family and their mythical spring for ages. His final confrontation with the Tucks spelled the end of his trouble on this world, but it's likely that the next time the Friends are on the trail of a new power source, he'll be back.

Royal Pain: This scheming technopath gained the attention of the Friends when she was just a high-schooler, and they approached her to see if she could prove herself and become a client. When her invention backfired on her and turned her into a baby, the Friends had a long wait ahead of them to see if she could redeem herself. She was foiled in her second attempt too, so the Friends have more or less given up on her - but third time could always be the charm.

Stitches: This mincing, fey clown is actually a minor Friend who serves a function similar to a familiar spirit: he latches on to a stronger-willed individual and just doesn't let go. His particular sphere of influence is averting reincarnation-induced HeelFaceTurns; people who gain new bodies have an annoying tendency to turn over new leaves as well, and it's his job to nip that in the bud. He was first brought in to educate the Pacified people in the ways of evil, but wound up having to raise Royal Pain herself, which he did with gusto befitting his occupation, molding her into his ideal daughter. He would've served the same function to the Pacified next generation of heroes as a teacher at his daughter's villain academy-that-never-was, preventing young minds from ever feeling the touch of good, had the plan not failed. With that said, it's doubtful the Friends have any combat use for an agent who can be curbstomped by an out-of-shape bus driver and contained by a mundane human prison. All things considered, they'll probably be cutting him loose any day now.

Aristotle Bolt: A Corrupt Corporate Executive, the Friends found an easy client in him. As he built up his empire, they let him know about the crah landed aliens and told him what to look for.

The Siphons: These powerful, vicious alien hunters are a combination of Alien technology with the magic of the Friends. Ruthless and without a trace of human emotions, they enforce the planet's militaristic way of life, as well as occasionally being sent on search-and-destroy missions for the Friends.

Burke: A cruel Government agent who seems to take joy in rounding up and destroying unique creatures like the alien twins, the Friends manipulate him in the same way they did Frollo - playing on his Knight Templar tendencies and encouraging him to become more and more ruthless. He's been very useful in the Friends' attempts to capture potential agents of the High Council.

Nizam: This arrogant, greedy sorcerer was on the Friends' radar for a long time. They approached him, offering him the power to seize control of Persia via the Sands of Time, and pointed him in the right direction. He had the evil to prove an effective client of the Friends, but they questioned his competence. Indeed, he failed before completing his first mission, and Prince Dastan undid all the Friends' work in this world. With no further use for Nizam, they collected his soul and retreated to plot their next move.

The Hassansins: An ancient snake-worshipping cult, these evil warriors have long been servants of the Friends. They usually serve as assassins for hire, and have proven themselves to be able servants. Both they and their pets are held in high regard by the Friends.

Abigail Gregory: A bitter young girl, she made an excellent target for the Friends. Using her jealousy toward her sister, they supplied her with the magic necessary to curse the Hollywood Tower Hotel and get rid of her sister. Something went wrong, trapping the guests as ghosts inside the Hotel. Several years later they sent Abigail back to finish the job, but the Power of Love ruined everything.

The Rhinoceros: An Arch-Demon taking the form of a spectral cloud rhinoceros that preys on the adventurous and hopeful, leaving destroyed families in it's wake.

Cardinal Richelieu: Asked the Friends for a high ranking in the Church in exchange for the souls of prisoners he orders to have killed. Very cunning and manipulative as he was The Man Behind the Man for Pete during the events of Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers.

Morgana LeFay: A very powerful client who was in line for a spot in the Inner Circle. However, getting trapped in the Grimhold prevented this. Still, she became an agent after her death.

Maxim Horvath: A very powerful sorcerer once apprenticed to Merlin who later turned to Morgana's service and helped slay Merlin after being rejected by fellow apprentice Veronica. His effectiveness was limited by his long-term incarceration in the Grimhold; however, upon his release he immediately set out to free Morgana and try to destroy Balthazar Blake and his apprentice, the Prime Merlinean Dave Stutler. Horvath is currently MIA and may be aiming to pay off his debts to the Friends in order to act as a free agent. Remarkably intelligent and quite ruthless, as evidenced by his willingness to recruit assistants and then turn around and steal their magic to fuel his own power. Indeed, should he turn free agent, this tactic may be how he continues to accumulate power.

The Therns: An immortal shapeshifting alien race that has worked with the Friends for millenia posing as mystic monks, the Therns travel to various inhabited worlds and manipulate their societies to gradually fall down into a path of self destruction. However, the actions of John Carter and his friends have managed to slow down their designs on Barsoom.

Disney Theme Parks Edit

Since Theme Parks are actually portals into the Disney Universe, the Friends are all over these

Henry Ravenswood: Embittered both by Thunder Mesa turning against him and by his daughter's plans to move away with her fiancé, he struck a deal with the Friends to create the Earthquake. Though he died in the process, the game was only halfway done. In addition to paying the Friends with the damned souls of those who died in the earthquake, he also decided to knock off Melanie's unnamed fiancé and then continued tormenting his emotionally broken daughter for the rest of her days. This gained him a prominent position in commanding countless evil ghosts and ghouls among the Friends’ legions. He serves as a commanding officer to Ramsley and Constance, described below.

Constance: She simply made a deal with the Friends to increase her beauty to make herself a better Gold Digger. Each husband she offed was a payment to the Friends until death finally caught up to her. Although even in death, she has gained control over Ramsley and the more sinister phantoms in the manor.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel: A literal Hell Hotel, this is an unknown force that has been claiming souls for the friends for decades now. Inhabiting the walls of the old hotel, it preys on fear and claims new victims from whatever poor unfortunates wander in, torturing them in it's elevators after transporting them to the Twilight Zone. One of the most powerful Arch-Demons, but it keeps to itself. The rumors of the horrors that take place within the hotel walls have begun to attract thrill-seekers...which is just fine with the Friends.

The Three Headed Troll: An agent of the Friends, he and the rest of the trolls in his swamp try collecting any unwary souls that come nearby, though they do have to constantly deal with Odin's interference, seeing as he's guiding a lot of boats through Nordic history.

S.I.R.: A sadistic AI working for XS-Tech, he kept himself entertained by tormenting lab specimens until he was approached by the Friends to play a role in a much bigger scheme. By sabotaging the teleportation demonstration, he allowed an Eldritch Abomination created by the Friends to enter and claim souls from the audience. He was decommissioned by XS-Tech when they found out what he was doing, and was quickly replaced with a dummy droid operated by Hopper's reformed brother, Molt, but given the Friends’ tech resources, he can always be rebuilt...

Mara: A corrupted Hindi god allied with the friends, Mara runs a soul collecting operation from the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, knowing that human foolishness would always send visitors to the Gates of Doom as a result from looking into the eyes. But the Friends of course are annoyed about the one that got away.

Shiriki Utundu: An Arch Demon in an idol form similar to how the main Friends manifested themselves to Facilier, Utundu has been doing the same act as the mysterious forces behind the Hollywood Tower Hotel over at Hotel Hightower in New York. He actually fed on the misery Hightower caused with his cruel and underhanded means of archaeological collecting, but when he denied there being any curse associated with Shiriki Utundu, he didn't take too kindly to it and dragged Hightower away in his elevator. And with new thrillseekers coming to take tours with the New York Historical Society, the mischievous spirit has some new souls to play with.

The Boot Hill Boys: A pair of vulture agents of the Friends that enjoy feasting on fear, one of the Friends' other aims besides soul collecting, between their grim stories of the old west and taunting those that are about to go off the massive falls on Chickapin Hill. Of course, they were also the vultures that hunted Queen Grimhilde during her failed scheme to poison Snow White with the apple.

Curly the Skeleton: Although this cruel-humored skeleton prefers to work in the Fox Universe, guiding his monstrous allies across the worlds to cause miseries for young teens, he briefly entered the Disney universe through a portal opened to him by the Friends, where he immediately tried to collect the souls of Amazo's audience through the actions of his servants: Cuddles the hamster, Prince Khor-Ru, and Slappy the dummy. Thankfully, the High Council was able to stop him by having the Ghost Host's dark powers scare away the villains back into the Fox Universe before anything bad could happen.

Literature Edit

Lord Ombra: An evil being of shadow and darkness, he is one of Chernabog's most powerful Friends as he was the one who first made Captain Hook and Peter Pan who they are today. Ombra leads a team of evil warriors called the Others who plot to steal all the fairy energy, or starstuff, to conquer the Disney Worlds. He was eventually defeated many times by Peter Pan, but there are rumors that Ombra returned to kill Peter Pan in Kingdom Hearts while calling himself.....the Phantom.

The Barking Sea Monster: During one of Ariel's pre-movie adventures, the mermaid discovered a strange barking noise that was eventually revealed to be a barking toy dog, drifted into the sea on accident. However, since Ariel didn't realize that until later, she thought it was a scary monster, and the Nightmare Shadows were right there to help fuel that fear For the Evulz. So, they created a monstrous sea serpent with a penchant for barking, and sent it into Ariel's dreams to scare her. It disappeared once Ariel discovered the true source of the barking, being only a Dream Eater Nightmare.

Video Games Edit

The Heartless Bosses: These nasty monsters were all the wayward souls of evil warriors who failed to pay their debts to the Friends, and had their hearts extracted to become powerful Heartless commanders. They include Groundshaker, Kurt Zisa, Behemoth, Dark Thorn, Stealth Sneak, Guard/Opposite Armor, Pot Centipede, Parasite Cage, Trickmaster, Prison Keeper, Volcanic & Blizzard Lords, Illuminator, Grim Reaper, and Storm Rider. The Darkside heartless, on the other hand, was really a powerful Arch-Demon sent by Xehanort to stop Sora from escaping the Destiny Islands.

Riku: Tricked into making a deal with the Friends for dark powers, he ended up becoming the second idjit to have More Than Mind Control by Xehanort's Heartless. Eventually, the High Council used the Door to Darkness's light blast to split up the two back into separate entities. Repentant of his actions, Riku decided to join the High Council, hoping they can help him with the little problem of the guy stuck in his heart. That's where the events of Chain of Memories, Days, and KH 2 come into play.

Vanitas and the Unversed: Vanitas was one of Xehanort's earliest monstrosities before he released the Heartless and Nobodies from the Other Side. Seeing much potential in Sora's Evil Counterpart, Chernabog gave Vanitas the ability to create the Unversed from his negative feelings in exchange for the souls of those claimed by the Unversed's rampages, such as Lady Tremaine's KH counterpart. The Friends were hoping that Vanitas could create the Xblade so that they could use it to conquer the Kingdom Hearts universe, and he practically succeeded, too. But what the Friends didn't expect was the combined efforts of Ventus's willpower and Aqua's determination defeating Vanitas in the end, spelling the end of the Unversed and leaving the evil boy's soul near the brink of soul collection by the Friends. But the Friends were willing to resurrect him when Xehanort was revived. Now, he's seeking revenge on Ventus's heart for defeating him in the past.

The Cogs: When corporate robots funded by Scrooge McDuck went screwy, the Friends found them as perfect additions to the technological unit, stomping out the fun in Mickey's world with creativity choking cold corporate steel. Foot soldiers and able to process the financial goings on of the forces of evil, they are indeed a great asset in making sure clients pay their dues.

Atticus Thorn: The undead leader of a Friends worshipping sect called the Order of Shadows, Atticus Thorn sought the power of the High Council's Beacon of Souls for evil soul-collecting purposes that would leave only empty husks for the worms to consume. He conquered one of the Haunted Mansions for a brief time, until Madame Leota allied with a young man named Zeke, who used the Beacon's power to defeat Atticus. But naturally, the Dark Master still persists, though in a weakened state.

Organization XIII: Xemnas desired the power of Kingdom Hearts so that he could become a god and regain his selfhood as Terra from the Friends. But in order to accomplish his goal, Xemnas corrupted the souls of many Nobodies who had fallen to his keyblade, such as the other apprentices of Xehanort, and forced them to serve him in an elite organization. Going behind Chernabog's back, Xemnas gave the powers of the elements to the Organization members, at the cost of twisting their humanity even further to near monstrous proportions as evidenced with Braig, Saix, and Marlixia. But one by one, they fell to the power of the keyblade, nearly getting their souls collected by the Friends for their treachery, but end up getting saved once their respective Heartless were slain, allowing them to regain human form. Chernabog is still angry at them for trying to use the keyblade to destroy the Heartless he gave to them as soldiers.

General Edit

On a final note:

Cats Are Mean and Reptiles Are Abhorrent: The presence of these tropes in the Disney universes is no coincidence. These two species widely worship the Friends as a Religion of Evil, and are pleased when they get a chance to spread their Gods' message. Some, like Si and Am, just generally cause trouble, while others, like Fat Cat, actively influence human figures like Khlordane. Some cats may also work for the friends for the resources to attack their natural enemies, dogs and mice, who mostly side with the High Council. However, these tropes are by no means universally true. Just check the High Council section. .

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