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  • Three fan organizations created by Rangerphiles - that is fans of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - are: Rescue Our Animated Rangers, Rangerphiles Against Gadget Erotica and Chipperphiles Organization Against Chip Hatered.
  • Super Awesome Vegas Magical Outing At Night With Eric And You (pronounced Save Gas Money), used on Muggle Cast.
  • When the first Matrix sequel came out there was a lot of speculation about Agent Smith being able to get into the Real World and why Neo could see the Real World as Matrix Raining Code which lead to the Matrix In A Matrix, Indefinitely theory.
  • In the author's notes of Fuck the Jesus Beam, readers are commonly referred to as "cunts" It later turns out that this is short for "Cool Understanding Never Terrorizing Superpeople".
  • In the famous TDI fanfic Total Drama Comeback, we have the Kool Kidz Klub. Pretty racist.

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