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The Kage Umare. Giant animal-like monstrosities that want to bring an end to mankind that look as though they have their skulls turned inside out. (Granted they're more like masks but the point still stands.)


  • His awakening is one notable quality.
  • Remember the Fire Road ability he had in Rebirth of Mothra? Well here it's a lot worse as we get to see countless people fall to their deaths either by the height, shooting flames or molten rock. He even does that in a city.

Godzilla being double teamed by Megalon and Gigan. Even worse is in the prequel comic where it turns out they were originally Kage Umare who were mutilated by Godzilla Junior with Kabutokage (Megalon) getting his arms ripped from their sockets and Sakanakage (Gigan) receiving third degree burns and left for dead. AND THEY WERE STILL ALIVE WHEN G-FORCE FOUND THEM!

Mosa, a gigantic mosasaur Kaiju big enough to swallow Godzilla whole and easily the biggest Kaiju in the franchise next to the Magnetic Monster and Magita.

Aya getting her ki drained out of her.

The Kageyokai, especially how they first appear. They also look a bit like the Heartless. Then there's their screams . Then there's their lair.

Hisshin: I don't think those are rocks.

(For the context of that quote, Hisshin says that to Mayumi as they are passing by human skeletons stripped clean of their flesh).
  • The second time we see them in action has them circling Aya and Hisshin like wolves before they attack.

The deaths of the Kage Umare:

  • Kemonokage: Gets his insides roasted by Godzilla's Atomic Ray
  • Inukage: Head crushed by Godzilla's tail.
  • Gumokage: Gets Kumonga's stinger shot through her head.
  • Takakage: Has her throat slit by Rodan.
  • Kamakage: Gets his head bitten off by Kamacuras.
  • Yarasukage: Gets snatched out the air by Mosa.
  • Kujirakage: Gets snapped up by Mosa.
  • Sasorikage: Gets ripped apart by Baragon, Zilla and Komodithrax.
  • Inoshishikage: Has his neck snapped by Gaira.
  • Kumorikage: Gets a hole blasted through his heart by Godzilla Junior.

During Godzilla Junior's arrival in the ruins of where his father and Destoroyah fought, Junior comes across the corpse of Destoroyah, forever frozen in his last dying moments. He even looks as though he's in agony.. Even in death, Destoroyah is still unsettling.

We are given a very good reason as to why Aya is afraid of Kagejotei: she absorbs ki from her kind and might as well be their natural predator so when she is kidnapped by DesGhidorah, she is so terrified that she is CRYING.

What Kagejotei says before draining Aya: "Besides, I've waited so long to hear just one of you scream."

When Godzilla Junior goes up against Kemonokage, he gives him a low growl and a bloodthirsty expression. Good guy or not, he's still a member of the Godzilla species and he WILL tear you apart if you piss him off.

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