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An occurrence when a character’s stomach growls or grumbles. It’s usually an indication of hunger, indigestion, or a need to use the restroom.

Examples of Growling Gut include:

Advertising Edit

  • This happens to a teenage boy on a 1999 commercial for Tombstone Pizza. His stomach growls while he’s hiding in his girlfriend’s closet from her father, and the growl caused him to get caught.
  • This happens quite regularly on a lot of recent commercials for Special K Cereal.
  • This happened in a 1995 McDonald's commercial.

 Ronald: Ah, the great outdoors. Bees buzzing... tummies rumbling...

  • A restaurant called Bojangles has a series of commercials featuring this trope, in which important events are interrupted by a growling stomach and the character's pronouncement that 'It's Bo-time!'
  • An old commercial for Chef Boyardee ravioli has a boy's stomach growling louder and louder as he rides his bike home from school.
  • There's a 1997 commercial for Austin Crackers which features a boy who's stomach is growling like crazy. The growls are indicated by a lion inside of him.
  • In a late 90's Slim Jim commercial, a girl takes a bite out of a Slim Jim, but Slim Jim Man is not pleased with what else she has eaten and starts throwing stuff around. From the outside, the ruckus causes the girl's stomach to grumble.
  • This happens in a few Snickers commercials in the 80's.
  • There is a commercial for KFC where a dog gets confused by the growls from his owner's stomach and responds by growling and barking back at it.
  • There's several Lunchables commercials where a kid's stomach rumbles loudly and violently enough to have an earthquake-like effect on the kid's surroundings.

Anime & Manga Edit

  • In episodes 41, and 43 of D Gray Man it happens.
  • Episode 3 of No 6 it happens to Shion.
  • AIR episodes 1 and 2
  • In Fate Stay Night it happens in episodes 4 and 10
  • In Honey and Clover it happens in episodes 21, and 22.
  • This happens in Seikon no Qwaser to Sasha in episode 2.
  • Happens to Lync in Bakugan New Vestroia episode 11.
  • Inuyasha: This happens to Inu-Yasha and Shippo in the begining of episode 136.
  • Happens alot to Akihisa in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.
  • Happens in Chobits episode 16.
  • Happens to Lawerence in episode 7 of Spice and Wolf 2.
  • Happens to Father Abel in Trinity Blood episode 3.
  • Happens to Usi Kenta in the Karin anime in episodes 3, 5, and 17.
  • Happens in Brave 10 in episode 1.
  • Happens to Kantaro of Tactics in episode 8.
  • Happens to Ranma of Ranma One Half in episodes 92, and 84.
  • Oz's stomach growls when he gets thrown in the B-rabbits home, in episode 3 of Pandora Hearts.
  • Happens a lot in Wolfs Rain, especialy to Hige.
  • It happens in episode 8 of La Corda D'oro.
  • Happens in episode 9 of Koi Koi 7.
  • Happens to Yuki in episode 14 of Fruits Basket.
  • Happens to Masa in Sarai-ya Goyou episodes 1 and 2, because he doesn't have any money as a samurai.
  • Sven's stomach growls constantly through episodes 1 and 2 of Black Cat.
  • Happens in Special A in episode 3.
  • Happens to Aliviss in MAR episode 47.
  • Goku’s stomach growls numerous times on Dragon Ball Z.
  • In an episode of Sailor Moon, Usagi's stomach growls while she’s doing paparazzi.
  • Ai in Dragon Crisis. Since Ai is a werewolf, her stomach growls are enough to frighten people.
  • This occurred once on an episode of Tenchi Universe.
  • Happens multiple times on Pokémon.
    • Ash’s stomach growled countless times throughout the series.
    • Pikachu's stomach growls in "Electric Shock Showdown" and "Crisis from the Underground Up".
    • It happened to Meowth in "Go West, Young Meowth".
    • Jessie's Belly rumbles in "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad".
    • May's stomach growled in "You Never Can Taillow" and "Hail to the Chef".
    • Max's stomach growled in "Cutting the Ties that Blind" and "Fight for Meteorite".
    • Happens twice to Ash's Totodile in "The Totodile Duel".
    • Misty's Togepi suffers one of these on "Pikachu's Vacation".
    • Happens many times to Dawn's Piplup as well.
    • It's also happened to Ash's Larvitar in the episode "Here's Lookin' at you, Elekid!".
    • And Ash's Turtwig in "Different Strokes for Different Blokes".
  • This trope didn’t occur much on Digimon, although it was mentioned several times.
    • One occurrence: During the episode, “The Birth of Greymon”, Izzy’s stomach growls while he’s trying to figure out how the Digivice works.
    • In another episode late in the second season, when Cody and his grandfather are about to eat dinner, Armadillomon’s stomach growls. This causes Cody’s grandfather to figure out that Armadillomon wasn’t really a doll.
    • Yolei's stomach growls in the episode where she and Sora go to Russia.

 Yolei: (after her stomach growls) I guess we don't need a translator to explain that.

Sora: We may not understand each other, but growling tummies are universal.

    • Guilmon's stomach growled in the third season episode, "Homeward Bound".
    • Agumon's stomach growls on the first episode of the fifth season, "Savers/Data Squad".
    • Shoutmon's stomach growls in an episode of the new season, Digimon Xros Wars.
  • Hamtaro
    • While the Ham-Hams are making a big birthday cake for Stan and Sandy, Boss’ stomach growls in the process. After they finish, Hamtaro and Bijou admire the cake, and both their stomachs growl at the exact same time.
    • In another episode this happens to Nin-Ham. He was hungry after his long journey.
  • In an episode of Kirby of the Stars, Kirby gets stranded on a desert island with Tiff, Tuff, Fololo, and Falala. While Tiff tries to think of a way to get off the island, her stomach growls, and they forage for food.
  • In Darker Than Black, Hei's stomach sometimes does this at moments that derive humor from him being a Big Eater.
  • Happens several times in episode 4 of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Happens to Genki on an episode of Monster Rancher and to Suezo on another episode, but it surprisingly never happened to Mocchi considering that he's the one who's always hungry.
  • Happens several times to Index’s on To Aru Majutsu no Index.
  • Numerous times in Lucky Star
  • In the pilot of Gun X Sword, Van's growling stomach is the only warning that he's about to collapse from hunger. Happens to other characters later in the series, too.
  • Happens a few times in Bleach.
  • This happens to Yoko and Karen in episode 10 of Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic.
  • Happens a lot in Ben-To and it's awesome.
  • Happens to Chihaya in episode 8 of Chihayafuru.
  • Happens alot in episode 9 of Fairy Tail.
  • Tiaga's stomach growls in episode 1 of Toradora!.
  • In episode 10 of Aria Origination to Aika.
  • Episode 14 of Slayers Universe, it happens to Lina.
  • It happens in Skip Beat episode 15.
  • Happens to Panty and Stocking in episode 11 of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt.
  • Happens in Working alot.
  • Happens in Code Geass episode 19.
  • Happens in episode 1 of Star Driver to Wako
  • This happens to a Smile Precure episode "Kelsey gets a Makeover" Where Candy's Stomach growled While Emily and Candy are Pretending to be greetings in jubiland.
  • This also happens to April in "The Lost Girls"

Comic Books Edit

  • This happens in one of the Bone comics in an issue of Disney Adventures. In this instance, Phony Bone’s stomach growls very loudly, he tells it to shut up, and it whimpers in response.
  • Happens to Gwen Stacy three times in her solo series, Spider-Gwen. First time was in Spider-Gwen: Most Wanted. Gwen Stacy has to return stolen money to a cashier who runs a hot dog store. While the cashier is complaining that not all the money was stolen, Gwen's stomach growls from hunger. The second time is in issue #26, after bonding with Venom. The third time is in Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider, where she is notably hungry and is stated to be broke after getting out of prison. Her friend, Harry, ends up buying her something to eat.
  • Happens to Barbara Gordon in Batgirl Issue #1 (Rebirth, 2016).

Comic Strips Edit

  • It happens to Broom Hilda in one strip of Broom Hilda.
  • In a Peanuts strip, Snoopy asks to get fed, but Charlie Brown tells him about the Daylight Savings hour change. However, Snoopy’s stomach argued back at Charlie.
  • Garfield's stomach growls in a number of strips.
    • There's also a strip where this happens to Jon. He goes to the fridge only to discover that Garfield had totally cleaned it out leaving inside a snowman.

Fan Works Edit

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero it happens to Kyon, unsurprisingly after Mikuru asked him if he was hungry so she could cook something to him.
  • There exists a fanfic of One Hundred and One Dalmatians where Cadpig's stomach growls.
  • There is a fanfic of The Powerpuff Girls where Bubbles' stomach growls repeatedly due to a virus she caught causing her to constantly be hungry.
  • A common occurrence in videos made by YouTube user Kphoria. It usually happens to female characters.

Films -- Animation Edit

  • The Land Before Time
    • Ducky’s stomach growls in front of Littlefoot just before they encounter Petrie.
    • Not only does it happen to Ducky again in "The Great Valley Adventure", but it happens to Petrie as well.
  • In The Lion King, Banzai's stomach growls while he’s waiting with the other hyenas to start the wildebeest stampede.
  • In Bolt, Bolt's stomach growls, and he freaks out over it thinking that Mittens implanted some kind of poison in him. Mittens' stomach growls at another point in the movie.
  • In Ratatouille, Remy's stomach growls while he's in the sewer.
  • Ice Age
    • While the main three are walking over an ice-covered volcano, they hear a deep rumbling. Manfred then says to Diego, "Tell me that was your stomach."
    • Supposedly, Sid's stomach growls in Ice Age 4, but Diego doesn't believe it. (At least this is according to the trailer.)
  • Happens to Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit movie: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.
  • In A Goofy Movie, Max's stomach growls while he and Goofy are in their car trying to stay safe from Bigfoot.
  • In Hugo the Movie Star, Hugo's stomach growls four times.
  • Po's stomach growls twice in Kung Fu Panda 2.
  • This also happened twice in The Iron Giant, first to the giant, due to having nothing to eat (He eats metal), and the second time to Kent Mansley due to a milkshake that Hogarth laced with laxative.
  • Happens to Elliott the clumsy but kind-hearted dragon in the 1977 Petes Dragon when he drinks some sort of an alcoholic beverage offered by Hoagie and Lampie, causing his tummy to rumble, wiggle and shake which triggers a fiery belch chasing them away.
  • In Penguins of Madagascar, this happens to Kowalski after he eats too much Cheezy Dibbles.

Films -- Live-Action Edit

  • This happened to Switchblade Sam in the 1993 film adaptation of Dennis the Menace after Dennis stuffed him up with beans.
  • In the Sex and the City movie, while the girls are vacationing in Mexico, Charlotte accidentally drinks some Mexican water while she’s taking a shower. This caused her stomach to gurgle, and she rushed back to the hotel to use the bathroom. However, she couldn’t get in since the room was being cleaned, and as a result, she had an accident.
  • This also occurs in Labyrinth, although it's not clear as to who it happened to. All that happens is we hear the growl, and then Sir Didimus responds, "Was that my stomach or your's, Ambrocious?"

Literature Edit

  • This happens quite often in a few of RL Stine’s Goosebumps books including “The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight” and “Go Eat Worms”.
  • Happens throughout the Shivers title: "Curse of the New Kid"; every time Luke got bullied, his stomach would roil increasingly loud and painfully, and something terrible happened to the person picking on him.
  • Black Dagger Brotherhood has a few examples as well--since Ward's vampires need food as well as blood. Phury's is most frequent at first as I recall; being a whacked-out drug addict he frequently forgets to eat.
  • In Dinoverse, this accompanies the first time the kids-in-dinosaur-bodies feel hunger.

Live-Action TV Edit

  • In an episode of Hannah Montana, Miley oversleeps one morning and rushes to school. Since she didn’t have time for breakfast, her stomach was growling the whole day until she had lunch.
  • On an episode of The Wonder Years, Kevin's stomach growls constantly, which ends up triggering numerous scenes such as students laughing at him, girls running away from him in fear, and a boy getting concerned about him.
  • This happens on an episode of Scrubs that guest stars Michael J. Fox.
  • Adventures in Wonderland
    • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum start freaking out when they hear growling noises because they think it's a monster. It turns out to be a false alarm when the White Rabbit huddles everyone around just to tell them that it was only his stomach.
    • At the end of another episode where the Mad Hatter and March Hare spread around the "Big Tootsies" rumor, they hear this ferocious growling. Hare assumed it might be his stomach, but it turned out it was really the Cheshire Cat trying to scare everybody.
  • This happens on Xena: Warrior Princess to both Xena (in "A Day in the Life") and Gabrielle (in "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts").
  • This happened to Amelia in the Bizaardvark episode "Frankie and Amelia's Fun Friend Weekend", due to indigestion.
  • In one episode of Full House, on the way to Jesse Katsapolis' high school graduation, Joey Gladstone claims his stomach was making noises. However, the scene takes place in a subway station underground in a stuck train, so the sound is faint and hard to hear.

Puppet Shows Edit

  • Only happens very little in Barney and Friends when the purple dinosaur experiences rumblies in the tumblies in "Hoo's In The Forest", "Going on a Bear Hunt", "Circle of Friends", and "Spring Into Fun". As the seasons went on, BJ and Baby Bop got rumbly tummies too.
  • Happens to Theo in a rather twisted episode of Between the Lions, "Huff and Puff", in which Leona runs off to write a second half of a story and tells her father Theo to stay put until she gets back. As a result of having no lunch yet, his tummy begins to rumble.
  • This happens to Davey Monkey and Telly Monster in Sesame Street.
  • In the Fraggle Rock episode, "Fraggle Wars", we hear a stomach gurgle from one of the evil Fraggles, and he claims it to be his lunch digesting.
  • In the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "Woodland House Wonderful", Ojo's stomach growls because she wants to eat after her bath in the bathroom.
  • I'm Blue's Room, Polka-Dots' stomach growled in " Beyond Your Widest Dreams".

Video Games Edit

  • Yoshi's stomach growls in his Tournament ending in Mario Power Tennis.
  • It happens to O'Chunks at one point in Super Paper Mario. Happens to Squirps as well in the game.
  • In Kirbys Epic Yarn, Kirby's stomach grumbles during the storyline after he defeats the first boss.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater , if the player's stamina meter becomes too depleted Snake's stomach begins to rumble, and continues rumbling until the player makes him eat something to refill the meter. (Enemies can track his location by the sound.)
  • Infamous example from the original The Legend of Zelda: In one of the dungeons, you run into a non-hostile Goriya blocking a door. He's extremely hungry, and will get out of your way once you give him monster chow. The text that appears above him reads "Grumble... Grumble..." and there are no other hints, which caused no end of frustration for players who didn't realize at first that that wasn't dialogue, but rather the noise the monster's stomach was making.

Web Animation Edit

  • In the flash cartoon, Metal Gear Awesome Series, Snake asks one of the guys communicating with him why he hears a helicopter in the background, and he responds, "It's my stomach. I'm hungry."
  • On Fizzy's Lunch Lab, Avril's stomach growled on the episode "Something Fishy."
  • * There is a Nickelodeon short where a girl wakes up to her stomach growling. Don't know the name; here's a picture of the short if anyone knows where its from:

Web Comics Edit

Western Animation Edit

  • Happens quite regularly to Winnie the Pooh.
  • Care Bears
    • In an episode, Beastly’s stomach growls and wakes up Cheer Bear all because he said that what he was doing was like taking candy from a baby.
    • It also happens to Grumpy Bear in The Care Bears' Adventure in Wonderland.
  • This happened during a US Acres segment on an episode of Garfield and Friends. Roy’s stomach growls in an episode that parodies Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven.
    • Happens to Garfield as well in the episode "Cabin Fever".
    • On Lastman, Siri's stomach growled on episode 5.
  • The Loud House
    • Lori's stomach growled when she has to use the bathroom on the episode "Undie Pressure".
    • It happens to Lynn too when she has to use the bathroom in end of the episode "Sleuth or Consequences".
    • Margo gets one when she has to use the bathroom in "Intern For The Worse".
    • Lynn Sr. had a gut feeling in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".
    • Lynn's stomach growls again in the episode "No Place Like Homeschool."
    • Lisa's stomach growled twice in "The Mad Scientist".
    • In the special "Tripped!", Luna's stomach growls due to nausea, along with the Loud Family.
  • At another point, Lana's stomach rumbles when she has to use the bathroom.
    • It happens to Clyde in the episode "Pasture Bedtime".
  • Tiny Toon Adventures
    • Buster’s stomach growls while he and his friends are waiting in line for a restaurant.
    • It also happened once to Hampton on an episode where a chocolate cake was trying to get Hampton to eat it.
    • There's also the episode "Let's Do Lunch" where Furball's stomach growls. Sweetie's stomach growls at the end the same episode.
  • In the Sonic Sat AM episode, “Sonic Past Cool”, Tails’ stomach growls while he’s hanging out with Baby T. While we don’t hear it, he does act as if it happened.
  • In the episode "Throw Your Hog in the Ring" of Timon and Pumbaa, Pumbaa’s stomach growls as Timon teases him with a bug dog.
  • Dexters Laboratory
    • On the episode, "Hunger Strikes", Dexter's stomach growls repeatedly.
    • It happens to Dexter again on the episode, "Now That's a Stretch".
    • It also happens to Timmy the Termite in the episode, "A Boy and His Bug".
    • In the episode, "Growing Pains", Dexter's Mom assumed this was the case when he heard a giant plant make a monstrous growl, and she thought Dad was hungry.
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
    • This happens quite a few times to Rolly, but there were other instances with the other main pups.
    • Spot’s stomach growls in the episode, “Market Mayhem”.
    • In the episode, “You Say It’s Your Birthday”, while the main pups are hiding on Captain Ahab’s ship, Cadpig’s stomach growls.
    • In the episode, “Shipwrecked”, Lucky’s stomach growls, as does Scorch’s while their stranded on the island.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Reeking Havoc", this happens to everyone in Townsville overnight after they ate Professor Utonium's award-winning chili. The only characters we see this happen to are Professor Utonium, Bubbles, the Mayor, Miss Bellum, and Miss Keane.

 Bubbles: Professor’s chili sure is rumbling my tumbly.

 Ed: Eddy! It sounds like the growl of a werewolf from the belly of Hades!

Eddy: Ed, that's your belly.

  • In an episode of Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Stitch’s stomach growls due to something bad that he ate.
  • In an episode of DuckTales, the gang is on a boat in the ocean on a search for a sea monster. Launchpad tries to convince everyone that the sea monster isn’t real. They soon hear the monster’s roars, and Launchpad tries to convince everyone that was his stomach growling, but no one believed him.
  • This happens to Stimpy in an episode of The Ren and Stimpy Show while he and Ren are sleeping over at a haunted house.
  • Rocko's Modern Life
    • Rocko and Heffer are at a movie theater; Rocko hears a loud rumbling, and Heffer assumes it might be his stomach since he was out of popcorn.
    • Rocko's own stomach growls as does Spunky's at the beginning of the episode "Rocko's Happy Sack".
  • In the Shaun the Sheep short, "Take-Away", this happened to a few of the sheep.
  • Camp Lakebottom
    • Squirt gets this in a lot of episodes like "Tur-Keepin' It Real" and "Attack of The 50 Foot Squirt".
    • Happens to McGee twice in the episode "Hiccups" and it also happened again "Arachnattack".
    • Gretchen's stomach growled 5 times in the episode "Itchy Witchy Pizza Project".
    • Sawyer's stomach gurgled in "Monster Hunters R' Us".
    • Rosebud's stomach rumbled in "The Old Man and the McGee" due to sickness.
    • Old McGee's stomach growled in the same episode due to sickness.
  • The Angry Beavers
    • Dagget and Norbert are digging through a mine, but Dagget’s stomach keeps growling, which always causes problems for the two of them throughout the episode.
    • In another episode, the beavers get turned into babies. At one point in the episode, both of their stomachs growl very loudly, and Dagget thinks it’s a “tummy monster”.
  • Happened to SpongeBob on an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Cow and Chicken
    • In the episode “Cow Pie”, Chicken’s stomach growls due to Cow constantly trying to get him to try her pie all day.
    • Cow’s stomach(s) growls at the beginning of the episode, “Where Am I?”
  • This happens to Eustice in an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Courage’s stomach growls three times in the same episode.
  • This happens to the rabbit at the beginning of the Pixar short, Presto.
  • Happens at the end of nearly every episode of The Backyardigans.
  • On Dinosaur Train, this happens to Buddy and Tiny in the episode "I'm a T. Rex!", Don on "Jess Hesperornis", and Tiny again on "Tank's Sleep Over".
  • In Payson's Place, Payson had a stomach pain in the episode "The Pain".
  • Happened to Jeff in the episode, "The Jeff Plan".
  • Ashley also was hungry in the episode, "The Same Thing".
  • Happened several times to Bear on Franklin.
  • In Harvey Beaks, Fee's stomach growled in the episode "A Day of No To Do" .

            Fee: C'mon man. Just calm down. *stomach growling* Woah, I'm hungry.

  • On Jane and the Dragon, this happens to Dragon on the episode, "Dragonphobia".
  • On King of the Hill, Luanne's stomach growled on the episode "Mutual of Omabwah."
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
    • In the episode, "The Ticketmaster", Twilight Sparkle's stomach growls repeatedly in a total of seven times.
    • In the episode, "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Pinkie Pie's stomach growls, but she treats it as if it's one of her twitchy side-effects.
    • Apple Bloom's stomach growls briefly in "Family Appreciation Day".
    • We also see this happen to a random pony in "Hearts and Hooves Day, though it was just a vision that Apple Bloom had.
    • Spike's stomach growls at the end of the episode, "It's About Time". He suffered a stomachache due to eating too much ice cream.
    • Scales the Dragon's stomach rumbled as part of Smolder's story in the episode "The Hearth's Warming Club."
  • It happened a few times to Woody Woodpecker.
  • Happens once to Eek the Cat.
  • In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Robotnik Express", Scratch and Grounder try to fool Da Bearz to thinking they're Sonic and Tails. At one point, Robotnik calls Grounder on the hotline that's placed inside of him. Grounder tried to get the bear who heard it to believe it was his tummy rumbling.

 Da Bearz: That's the strangest tummy rumbling I ever heard.

Scratch: Not really. It always sounds like that when Tails eats onion rings.

    • And at the end of the episode "Boogey-mania", a fattened up Tails' stomach rumbles as a result of eating too much.
  • Happens three times to the wolf from the MGM cartoon The Hungry Wolf.
  • Happens to Sylvester once in a Looney Tunes cartoon.
  • Happens to Chip and Biff on an episode of The Oblongs.

 Biff: Shut your stomach up!

Chip: That wasn't my stomach, that was YOUR stomach!

  • It happened to Goofy in the Disney cartoon, Tomorrow, We Diet.
  • In the Goof Troop Christmas Special, Goofy hears a bear growl from behind him, and he thinks it was Pete's stomach, but he quickly realizes the bear was the real deal.
  • On Regular Show, Rigby's stomach growls on the episodes "Free Cake" and "A Bunch of Baby Ducks".
  • This happens to pretty much all of the Muppet Babies in the episode "The Great Cookie Robbery". In the episode, Nanny gave Gonzo some cookies to share with everyone else because lunch would be late, but instead, he keeps the cookies for himself.
  • Happened to Aardvark in the episode "Odd Ant Out" of The Ant and the Aardvark.
  • Used on The Simpsons when Homer and Jay Sherman's stomachs have a growling contest.
  • This happens on three different Tom and Jerry shorts, all of which were coincidentally from the Chuck Jones era. This happens once to Tom in "Filet Meow", Jerry in "Pent-House Mouse", and Tom again in "Advance and Be Mechanized".
  • On the episode "I, Dude" of Totally Spies, Sam goes on a hunger strike. Her stomach growls periodically through the episode, which annoys Clover and Alex.
  • In the PBS kids show Dragon Tales:
    • This happens mostly to Ord when he's hungry in about 10 episodes, especially the episodes "Cassie Catches Up" and "Very Berry".
    • It happens to the other main dragons as well; Zak and Wheezie in the episode "Try It, You'll Like It", and Cassie in the episode "Knuck Knuck, Who's There?".
    • In "The Talent Pool", Max complains that his stomach is making noises, but they're never actually heard.
  • Baby Looney Tunes
    • This happens to Taz during the song interlude: "Taz's Fridge is Falling Down".
    • It has also happens to both Bugs and Daffy once (each on different episodes) during the series as well.
  • Happens to some characters in the classic PBS kids 90's show Arthur. So far, DW, Binky Barnes, Francine Frensky, Buster Baxter, and Arthur Read himself.
  • Johnny Test
    • In the episode, "Johnny BC", Susan and Mary do everything they can to make sure Dad doesn't find out Johnny's been turned into a caveman. At one point, Dad hears Johnny's grunt, and Susan tells him that what he heard was her stomach growling.
    • Eugene's stomach growls in the episode that accompanies "Johnny's Winter Jacket".
  • Happened at least once on Samurai Jack.
  • It occurs quite frequently to Scooby Doo and his best buddy Shaggy Rogers, for they have stomachs with bottomless pits! So start cookin' in the kitchen!
  • T-Bone's hungry tummy growled once at the end of the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode, "The Kibble Crook".
  • In an episode of Hey Arnold, this happens to Arnold's grandpa as an indication that he needed to run to the bathroom.
  • Featured prominently in the Chilly Willy episode "Deep-Freeze Squeeze".
  • Felix's stomach does this in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat two times (with teeth) in "Mars Needs Felix", Once in "Surreal Estate", and Once in "Attack of the Tacky". It also happens to a millionaire when he was broke and hungry in another episode.
  • On Jimmy Two Shoes, when Jimmy's stomach growls, it actually grows teeth.
  • Family Guy
    • This happens to Peter Griffin while driving in the episode "The Son Also Draws".

 Lois: Peter, the car is making funny noises.

Peter: You're wrong again, Lois. That wasn't the car. Although you were right about that prune smoothie.

    • In the episode, "Killer Queen", a fat camp councelor does a roll call for the fat kids in the cabin who indicate their presence by having their stomachs growl.
  • In Father of the Pride This happens to Larry three times in the episode "One man's meat is another man's girlfriend."
  • On Sunny Day, Blair's stomach grumbled on the episode "Sleepover Surprise."
  • On Octonauts, Captain Barnacles' stomach growled twice in the beginning of the episode "Seahorse Tale."
  • On Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Daniel's stomach growled in the beginning of the episode "Daniel's Lunch">
  • In the Cartoon Pocket Dragon Adventures this happens to Binky in "Attack of the 50 foot binky" and Filbert in "Another Fine Hex".
  • In The 2016 series of Little People, it happened to Mia in a total of five times in "Being a Big Cheese is Cheesy". It also happened to Sofie, Tessa, Koby and Lucky near the end of the episode.
    • It also happened to Mia again in the beginning of the "Rumor Ruckus".
  • Sometimes heard in Wakfu. At the start of season 2 episode 5, Yugo, Ruel and Sadlygrove's bellies are growling loudly and lengthily (even interrupting the background music), to the point Amalia complains.
  • In The Enchantimals Series: Tales from Everwilde, it happened to Bree Bunny in the episode "Just Bear-ly Asleep", just before making Very Very Berry Bars for Sage and Caper's Day Before Winter Tea, it also happened to Sage while looking for Bren Bear who just started sleepwalking.
  • Endangered Species
    • Pickle's stomach rumbled in the episode "DAWG!!", after Merl found the cookie crumbs.

Merl: Wait. (Picks up bag of cookies) Not all the rations are gone. We have to cookie crumbs!

Gull: Yay! Crumbs!

Pickle: Sweetness! All that panicking has worked me up an appetite. (Stomach rumbles)

  • Top Wing
    • Penny's stomach rumbles at the beginning of the episode, "Penny Rescues a Treasure"
    • Anyu's stomach rumbled in the episode "Penny's Polar Bear Rescue"