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Students Edit

Otto Malpense Edit

Wing Fanchu Edit

  • Badass Long Hair
  • The Big Guy - Shelby even calls him this, although he's actually very intelligent.
  • Token Good Teammate - None of the main characters are evil, but Wing certainly seems to have more of a conscience than the others. He's the only one of the main four who didn't break the law before coming to HIVE.

Laura Brand Edit

Shelby Trinity Edit

  • Action Girl
  • Alpha Bitch - She initially seems to have the characteristics of one, but it is quickly revealed to be an act.

Nigel Darkdoom Edit

Franz Argentblum Edit

Lucy Dexter Edit

Block and Tackle Edit

Hive Staff Edit

Maximilian Nero Edit

The Headmaster of HIVE.

  • Affably Evil - He's very nice for a high ranking member of the world's largest criminal organisation.

Professor Pike Edit

Chief Lewis Edit

  • Dropped a Bridge on Him - In Zero Hour, after surviving all sorts for the last five books, he is killed early on by an animus controlled Raven.

Contessa Maria Sinistre Edit

Ms Leon Edit

Colonel Francisco Edit

Hive Mind Edit

Not technically 'staff' but he does exist for the sole purpose of serving HIVE.

Raven/Natalya Edit

Also not technically staff, but she works for Nero rather than GLOVE.


Number One Edit

Diabolus Darkdoom Edit

Cypher Edit

Baddies Edit

Overlord Edit

Piotre Furan Edit

Sebastian Trent Edit

Constance Edit

Verity Edit

Miss Tennebaum Edit