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Miroku ninja clan Edit

Tropes shared by all the Miroku ninja girls :

Miko Mido Edit

La blue artbook 069-rd

Sex with this ninja is never safe, claimed the cover of one of the first US editions of the series

Fearless heroine of La Blue Girl, heiress to the Miroku ninja clan, daughter of the Shikima king, and walking kamasutra of sex ninja moves that leaves her ennemies panting and breathless.

  • Badass Adorable : leaving the sex stuff aside, she IS an ass-kicking ninja who always succeed at defeating the bad guys - even if she has to fight dirty for it.
  • Adorkable : She does have an inclination towards being clumsy at times. Or for stuttering while trying to talk to a pretty boy who has caught her eye. Or for casually mentionning the 'sex-ninja' part while presenting herself.
  • Cartwright Curse : all attempts of poor Miko at a normal, romantic relationship ends up like this.
  • Determinator : can't keep that ninja down. For long, anyway.
  • Defiled Forever : deconstructed. Begin repeatedly raped by monsters never succeed at breaking her feisty spirit.
  • Ethical Slut : She has a strong sense of duty and would never tolerate the misdeeds of any demons or enemy ninjas; she is also, because of her sex ninja education and in spite of liking to play the innocent maiden, completely open-minded about almost anything related to sex.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin : according to both the original manga and the novels, her appartement number is 901 - a play on words for kunoichi, aka female ninja.
  • Dangerously-Short Skirt : in her civilian clothes; as a bonus, she also have the habit of Going Commando
  • Intimate Healing : one of Miko sexcraft arts in the US comics version.
  • Joshikousei : actually stated as being a 16-years-old highschooler in the original version.
  • Gainaxing : several occurences. It helps that she doesn't wear any bra in her ninja costume.
  • Hair Decorations : her iconic, absolutely gargantuan hair ribbon.
  • Love at First Sight : Hidemasa in Lady Blue, Kyoshiro in Returns.
  • Madonna-Whore Complex : the two of them, in the same package; actually the main appeal of the character.
  • Rescue Sex : she accepts to perform some service as a reward to Nin-nin for saving her in several instances; alas, those scenes were among the first ones to be deleted in the US version for fear of Nin-nin being identified as a child, and to this day remain unseen in almost all Western video editions (the old VHS edition from Italian editor Yamato Video in the early 90's being probably the only noticeable exception, because the Italians are awesome).
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something : princess of the Shikima realm. So yeah, Miko actually is the first and probably only multi-classed sex ninja/princess character in anime history.
  • Situational Sexuality : claims all she want is a male boyfriend, yet enjoy sex with other girls.
  • Sideboob : in her original ninja costume.
  • Spirited Young Lady : for her almost childishly spirited personality.

Nin-nin Edit

Midget ninja, comic relief, and an extreme case of a peeping Tom who just can't avoid putting his eyes - if not his hands - on the girls.

  • Born Unlucky : the only living being in the whole series, in any form or capacity, who never has the opportunity of putting a piece of his anatomy inside the heroines.
  • Chivalrous Pervert : as his best.

Yaku Edit

The buxom lycanthropic ninja girl from the hidden Miroku ninja village. Helps Miko during her fight against Kugutsumen and Kamiri in order to retrieve the stolen treasure of the clan.

Fubuki Kai Edit

Self-taught ninja and half-demon feisty girl. Initially she wants to take Miko's place at the top of the Miroku ninja clan.

  • Vagina Dentata : Shikima!Fubuki has it, and she gets to use it in Returns. Snap.

Shikima realm Edit

Demonic otherworld populated by a diverse set of tentacled horrors.

Maria Edit

Queen of the Shikima kingdom, former Miroku kunoichi and long-lost mother of Miko.

  • MILF : probably in her early 40s and absolutely stunning.
  • Missing Mom : entrusted Miko at birth to her mother so her daughter could grow up in the human world.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit. Not much clothing on the front either, thought.

King Shikima Edit

  • Fisher King : a recurring plot point, weakening the king is the same as weakening the whole kingdom - a prerequisite for any foe who want to conquer the Shikima dimension.
    • Freud Was Right : as his life-force is directly linked to his sexual prowess. Said differently, his phallus is a direct expression of his sovereignty.
  • Hands-Off Parenting : not that he doesn't love his daughter but as a Shikima, he has been culturally programmed to be a strong adherent to the Social Darwinism ethos and think that Miko needs to fight her own battles to keep on growing stronger and stronger.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father : a major plot point during the first story arc.
  • The Big Guy. Should be ashamed to let his daughter do all the work.

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