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  What planet are you from?

Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls is an original toyline mainly aimed at girls and developed by Lauren Faust (of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fame). It's about girls with a planetary theme (known as the Girlaxy) similar to Sailor Moon and their various adventures.

The idea of the franchise came from some homemade dolls Lauren Faust made in her spare time. It's important to note that these dolls are something that Lauren is very passionate about, to the point that she is almost always trying to promote them on her official Deviant ART page or on their official site. She's been trying to get an animated series based on them off the ground for years, in fact Friendship is Magic may have never happened if she wasn't pitching an animated adaptation of Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls to Hasbro in the first place.

The main theme of the dolls is that there are many ways to be a girl, and it encourages girls to be their own unique selves while proving that being girly isn't a synonym for being lame.

The official website can be visited here, and the Solar Sisterhood Blog (which includes some in-character entries for the Girlaxy) can be found here.[1] If you're interested in getting one of the dolls (currently only Milky Way, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Pluto) or some merch you can browse the official shop.

TVTropes has a forum discussion about it here.

Tropes used in Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls include:

 Milky Way’s joy in life is to explore her realm, meet new friends and find adventure. While visiting our Solar System for the very first time, Milky comes across a beautiful, small planetoid. But when she touches it, it shatters into 11 pieces, releasing the villain who was imprisoned inside, the massively destructive and terrifying BLACK HOLE!!!

Milky must find the pieces of the planetoid and re-imprison this threat to the known universe, but the fragments have been hurled to each of the planets of the star system that surrounds her. As she searches for them, she meets each and every one of the Galaxy Girls, and each girl must use her unique talents to help Milky retrieve the fragments and save the Universe from being sucked in and devoured by Black Hole’s evil vortex!

 The last to see Pluto before her disappearance was Mars, who relayed her experience to us: “I heard a little of what she was saying to herself and I think she said– and this may not be an exact quote– but she said ‘Those &*%!* scientists can %$#@!! If they think they can *&%@# change my %$#* status, they got another &*%%# thing coming! I never wanted to be a &*%@# planet anyway, planets are &*%%#. Who needs those $%##@s anyway!’” Mars continues, “and then I think she said ‘ #@@*’ and ‘&&*%@’ and ‘##$% **&% &##@@, **@#%$$!!!!’ But really I can’t be sure.”

 She seems like someone who would say “Don’t worry, statistics show that most people who go through a hard breakup eventually get over it with the help of counseling” and say it with such sincerity that you can’t hate her.

 "Uranus is very particular about the way you pronounce her name. She would like you to know that the proper, scientific pronunciation of her name is: YOOR-en-us. No other pronunciation is acceptable."


  1. This is an older section of the site, but it's up-to-date. The main site currently lacks a way to view older entries, which is why we're providing a separate link to the blog.

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