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  • Most of episode 11 focuses on Flit reuniting with Yurin.
    • Let's face it, every scene with Flit and Yurin together is this.
  • Flit saving Ract from making a Heroic Sacrifice in Episode 13.
  • Seeing Woolf befriend a dying Veigan soldier in Episode 15 is this and a massive Tear Jerker at the same time.
  • Asemu being supported by the school bully -- some time after saving his life -- at graduation in episode 18.
    • There's also the part where Asemu stands up for Zeheart when the Federation MPs (correctly) accuse him of being a Vagan spy. Even Zeheart is shocked at how quickly Asemu stepped up to defend him.
  • When Asemu is dejected upon learning he has little X-Rounder aptitude--and thus is not as good as his father--Woolf takes him on a little trip off-base to meet Mardona's son, Rody, who offers a much healthier viewpoint on being the "Well Done, Son" Guy. Woolf then tells Asemu explicitly that he is not Flit and that's nothing to be ashamed of--being Asemu is pretty good too.
  • When Grodek is released from prison 25 years later, he is saluted as a true unsung hero by the entire guard.
    • In the same episode Woolf and Captain Alloy share a nice moment. The Relationship Upgrade might not be confirmed, but they're certainly more comfortable with eachother.
  • Woolf's talk to Asemu in episode 25 after their sortie. He told him that he didn't need to be an X-Rounder, so he should stop trying to be like his father and instead be Asemu Asuno, Super Pilot. Asemu responds with his first genuine smile in several episodes.
  • Everything about Obright and Remi. Everything. Except Episode 27....
  • Episode 27. Asemu and Zeheart come to an understanding and renew their friendship as they both attempt to destroy the Downes battleship that is soon to collide with Earth.
    • There's also a villainous example, where Zeheart is falling into Earth's atmosphere, but is saved by Dole. Dole, who never really agreed with Zeheart as a leader, sacrifices himself by using his own mobile suit as a heat shield to protect Zeheart. He tells Zeheart that he was inspired by Zeheart's vision to create a utopia for Vagan.
  • In episode 28, Asemu wears Woolf's signature jacket and even paints the AGE-2 white in honor of his mentor.
  • Episode 29: "Nice to meet you, Gundam." There's just something about the way Kio says it.
  • Episode 34: Asemu returns and tests the diva crew only to have his challenge interuppted by the Vegan he saves Kio from a Vegan unit with the very same move that killed Woolf saving him serving as Fridge Brilliance and a heart warming Call Back as well as he fufills his mentors last request to surpass him.