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Are you an Evil Overlord who needs protection, an Omnicidal Maniac who wants assurance that those pesky heroes won't reach you? Those humiliating defeats by your enemies end now, with the help of the brand new Trope Co Praetorian Guard®!

Let's face it, when you have power, you become a big target; Heroes want to stop your reign of terror, other rulers might try to conquer your land, even your trusted advisor could be plotting to usurp your power. Other villains may not be clever enough to realize this, but you're Genre Savvy enough to know that you need protection, and thats where we come in.

When you order the Trope Co Praetorian Guard® Starter Kit, you get a whopping 100 bodyguards trained in the weapon of your preference. Along with this, we give you the option to have them custom outfitted to match any motif you may have.

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