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The Nordics Edit

The Nordics Edit

  • Big Screwed-Up Family: Åland can be a real jerk to his cousin, Finland. As for Scania and Fenno-Swede, the author says, "All the children in SatW are completely fucked."
  • Norse by Norsewest: Mainly averted. The comic shows the countries' stereotypes of each other rather than the Hollywood stereotype of them, and goes out the way to show that each country has their own distinct cultures.
  • Power Trio: Denmark as the Id, Norway the Ego and Sweden as the Superego.

Denmark Edit

File:SatW Denmark 8488.png

 "If he asked... I'd let him do me."

Sweden Edit

File:Sweden 2429.png

 "You need to get your mind out of the gutter, Denmark."

Norway Edit

File:SatW Norway 4928.png

 "I don't like the zoo. I prefer seeing the animals out in the wild..."

Finland Edit

File:SatW Finland 9982.png

 Switzerland: Nice shot.

Iceland Edit

File:SatW Iceland 661.png

 "You guys always try to shut me out of everything!"

File:Sis-sis-denmark 7243.jpg

Sister Denmark Edit

 "I found your porn collection!"

  • Bifauxnen: Was mistaken for a cute long-haired guy by France.
  • Bottle Fairy
  • Pettanko: Subverted. She wears baggy shirts that make her look flat.
File:Sis-sweden-love 9581.jpg

Sister Sweden Edit

File:Sis-norway 5536.jpg

Sister Norway Edit

 "Wha...I don't...Why are you watching that?"

File:Las-of-finland 506.jpg

Sister Finland Edit

File:Sister-Iceland 7340.jpg

Sister Iceland Edit

 "Oooooh! A pony!"

Islands, Autonomous Regions, Territories, Etc Edit

File:Aland 4383.jpg

Åland Edit

 "Come out come out wherever you are, Russia!!! You wanted my "special services" didn't you!? Then come over here and get it!!"

File:Greenland 9321.jpg

Greenland Edit

 "Go fuck yourself, Denmark! You ruined my life!"

File:Faroe Islands 3814.jpg

Faroe Islands Edit

 "It's me! The Faroes! We live together! I pay rent to you!"

Scania Edit

 "I'm not mumbling. That's how I talk..."

  • The Chew Toy
  • Disappeared Dad: Subverted--Denmark is his father, though neither of them knows it. (When Sweden finds out, he tells Scania his father was killed in a car accident so that the boy wouldn't look up to the irresponsible Denmark as a role model.)

Fenno-Swede Edit

  • Cheerful Child: Despite his insane family. Apparently it's because his mother spoils him.
  • The Voiceless: He doesn't have even one line of dialogue in the four five strips where he's appeared.
    • No, scratch that. The only things he's ever said are "Yes!" and "No sir!"
    • He speaks Swedish (shown by the flag in his bubble) which pisses Finland off to no end. This is a reflection of real life Fenno-Swedes.

Svalbard Edit

 "You were being an idiot, that's what happened."

Jan Mayen Edit


  • Posthumous Character: Was apparently executed during the Renaissance for having an incestuous relationship with Norway, which is only revealed several strips after his first appearance. Sweden points out that "he looks dead". That's right, Norway introduces his friends to the dead body of his onetime lover/cousin. Which he keeps around to have conversations with. (In real life, Jan Mayen is an inhospitable volcanic island with no real population other than some researchers.)

Bornholm Edit

Sami/Lapland Edit

Freetown Christiania Edit

 "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude! That butterfly looks stoned!"

Kven Edit

 "...I'm already here."

North Pole Edit

Han's Island Edit

Other Europe Edit

File:King Europe 9081.jpg

King Europe Edit

 "Well, if you must ask; I'm an intellectual who speaks more than 20 languages, my food is excellent, my art is deep, I'm a great lover who is sexy without being vulgar, I rule my kingdom with peace, and I ride a mean scooter."

  • The Ace
  • Serious Business: Food, apparently. He ordered Åland to move back in with Finland over the former's strenuous protests so that the latter would have a decent cook around the house.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Toward Norway.

Austria Edit

 "What the-? Are you making weird porn again, Germany?"

File:England 6206.jpg

England Edit

 "Hello, old chaps. Lovely weather."

File:Germany 5583.jpg

Germany Edit

 "I've changed!! I really have!! I'm sorry!! I've changed!! I promise!!"

File:Russia 9935.jpg

Russia Edit

Wales Edit

 "New Zealand! You should have told you me you had been sheared! I would've knocked!"

File:Netherlands 540.jpg

Netherlands Edit

 "I always wondered why Germany digs holes in our beaches."

File:Allmine 4100.jpg

Nazi Germany Edit

File:France 7334.jpg

France Edit

File:Italy 8557.jpg

Italy Edit

File:Greece 9182.jpg

Greece Edit

 "Motherfucking Testosterone!!!

File:Romania 2215.jpg

Romania Edit

Belgium Edit

 "If you can't love me the way I am, then it's your loss!"

Estonia Edit

 "Guys?! It's Estonia! I heard you were having one of your Nordic parties, so I thought I could join?!"

File:Iron-lady 6310.jpg

Sister Germany Edit


  Finland's sign: Women should be respected. Lady Germany should be feared.

  Denmark: Dear God! She broke my hand between her breasts! I'll never be able to play the violin again!

Latvia Edit

Lithuania Edit

Poland Edit

 "Um, yeeees. I need carrots. Lots!"

File:Just-scotland 2207.png

Scotland Edit

 "Hey, why are you wearing that flag, England? What's wrong with your own flag, huh?"

File:Drunkland 484.jpg

Ireland Edit

 "Yeah, you think you can speak on our behalf? Like we don't have our own personality and opinions."

  • The Alcoholic: Natch.
  • Did Not Do the Research: S/he wears the flag of the Republic of Ireland (which is not part of the UK), but complains with Scotland about England wearing the flag of the United Kingdom.
    • Cut Humon some slack, Northern Ireland doesn't have its own flag.
    • Can be forgiven given that all of the characters are stereotypes and a surprising number of people don't know that there's different parts of Ireland, let alone that not all are part of the UK.
      • Also, the St. Patrick's Cross in the Union Jack does represent Ireland.
  • Scotireland
File:Spain 3050.jpg

Spain Edit

 "AAARRRGGG!! Random fan in face!!!"

Switzerland Edit

 "Nice shot."

  • Crazy Prepared: A cow is one of the many features of his banking system.
  • Genre Savvy: He knows his security system for the bank works best when he doesn't divulge any details, even to his customers.

The Vatican Edit

 "Merry Christmas, Scandinavians!"

Prussia Edit

Ukraine Edit

Sister England Edit

Turkey Edit

North America Edit

File:SATW - America 4544.jpg

America Edit


File:Canada-morning 3709.jpg

Canada Edit

 "What's the matter, America?"

File:Sister-america-shout 9786.jpg

Sister America Edit

 "Don't you guys care about animal welfare at all?"

Sister Canada Edit

Mexico Edit

Asia Edit

File:Japan-tea8042 8635.jpg

Japan Edit

File:Japan-tea 9111.jpg

Sister Japan Edit

Saudi Arabia Edit

China Edit

North Korea Edit

South Korea Edit

Iran & Iraq Edit

Oceania Edit

File:Aus-surf 3353.jpg

Australia Edit

 "I brought ma' wombat."

File:Happy-sheep 1334.jpg

New Zealand Edit

New South Wales Edit

File:Shy-sis-aus 27.jpg

Sister Australia Edit

Africa Edit

Africa Edit

South Africa Edit

 "What the hell did your friend just call me!!?!"

Somalia Edit

Republic of the Congo Edit

South America Edit

South America Edit

Brazil Edit

Characters that don't represent countries, continents, or regions Edit

Beer Ghost Edit

 "I drink people's beer."

Volcano Edit

 "Nicotine patches doesn't work on me!!"

Random Fan Edit

... in Spain's face! One-shot character to illustrate a specific event [3] during the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Christian Olsson Edit

Linn-Kristan Riegelhuth Edit

Jacob Jensen Edit

Finland's Puppy Edit

Ukraine's Nuclear Mutants Edit


  1. This stems from the stereotype that all Danes are racist without realizing it.
  2. This plays on the stereotype that Nordics know nothing about South America and North Americans know nothing about Denmark or assume Sweden and Norway are the same.
  3. namely the notorious Jimmy Jump sneaking into the performance of the Spanish entry

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