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Mawaru Penguindrum is so abundant with Ship Tease that it needed its own page.

  • Plenty between Shouma and Ringo so far. She wears his clothes surprisingly often, and he takes her Sacred First Kiss while giving her CPR.
    • In episode six, she practically tries to hump him in a pitch of madness/fever.
    • In episode 8, he's the first person to call her out on her purpose. And later he saves her from being hit by a car, becoming seriously injured in the process.
    • In episode 10, Ringo apologizes to Shouma for what happened in episode 8, and she's later willing to give up her half of her Destiny Diary if it means it can be used to save a kidnapped Shouma's life. And ultimately does so.
    • In episode 11, it is implied that Ringo has either fallen in love with Shoma or is about to. Yuri confronts her on her feelings and Ringo denies it, but her Tsundere attitude for him, the Love Epiphany she seems to have after Yuri insists, and the Heroic BSOD she has at the end of the episode (in which she insists that she loves Tabuki while inflicting Amusing Injuries on Shoma, but then starts crying and screaming at him about him coming into her life) contradicts it.
    • While there seems to be a Ship Sinking in episode 14 when Shouma pulls the "Sins of Our Fathers" card on Ringo, the Ship Tease may have been brought back in episode 15. Yamashita (mistakenly) believes that he's been dumped and tells him to not mope about it; once Yuri decides not to rape Ringo, she leaves them in her onsen room laying side by side, right before she fights Masako; and later, when Shouma wakes up, she teases him about Ringo before explaining the Diary deal.
    • In episode 16, Ringo jokingly refers to herself as "Shouma's stalker" when she recovers Shouma's frienship to a degree, despite his fatalism, and they take a subway ride together.
    • An in episode 18, after Kanba and Himari survive to Tabuki's Death Trap, we have Shouma holding both of them almost in tears... while Ringo leans on his back and promises to not leave them alone. Made even shippier in the novel.
    • In episode 24, Shouma spared Ringo from being burned to death by the cursed fire for transferring fate. Right before Shouma went up in flames himself, he tells Ringo that he loves her.
  • Kanba/Himari has certainly gathered some following ever since the infamous kiss in episode 1. For an incestuous match-up (or not), that's not bad.
    • Episode 18 lays it pretty thick, what with Kanba and Himari being willing to sacrifice themselves for each other if it means one of them will live. Kanba is severely injured to try saving Himari from Tabuki's Death Trap, and Himari then decides to jump to hear death to save him and almost does.
    • It was apparently sunk when episodes 19 and 20 showed how Himari's soulmate is actually Shouma and not Kanba, but it might have made even stronger in episode 21 after Himari, despite acknowledging and appreciating everything that Shouma has done for her... actually leaves the Takakura household to join Kanba, and specifically to save him.
    • Episode 22 had Himari telling Kanba that she loved him while she gave him a hug from behind. But it's more than likely that she just meant family love, or was telling him that to distract him. In any case, at that point Kanba wasn't listening to her. Then later on in the same episode, Himari asks to return everything Kanba gave to her to save him, including his life that he shared with her while she turned a "blind eye." There's some implication that she may have at least been partially aware during the Seizon Senryaku sessions, which makes the interaction between the Princess and Kanba more interesting.
    • In 24, the ship was somewhat saved, because Himari seems to have chosen Kanba in the end. She gives him a kiss at the Destination of Fate, and Kanba's blood begins turning into apples. As we know from an earlier conversation in episode 20 with Sanetoshi, Himari said that she did not want to pursue a romantic relationship or kiss anyone without getting the "fruit" from them - presumably meaning she didn't want to love anyone without being loved in return. Since Kanba's blood began turning into apples the moment when Himari kissed him, it seems to imply that she got the fruit from him. Unfortunately it was short lived for both of them.
  • Episode 9 gave us some Sanetoshi/Himari in the form of the almost kiss near the end of the episode.
    • And in episode 19, he leans daaaaangerously close to her while listening to her emotional woes.
  • And now we have Masako -> Kanba, in episode 10 that was her Forceful Kiss on him. And reflected on how her penguin kisses Kanba's own too, leaving lipstick marks all over it. Taken further with her sort-of speech to Kanba in episode 11, in which she explains her (rather cynical) views of romance and refers to herself as "a hunter of love" who has Kanba as her prey. Not to mention, she shows jealousy of Himari and openly tells him so in episode 14, and in episode 16 we learn how as a kid he promised to help her Screw Destiny... Which is subverted spectacularly in episodse 21, which reveals that they're twin siblings. And they always knew it. Surprise Incest, much?
  • Episode 12 basically makes canon the pairing between Kanba and... it's hard to tell. Both Himari and the Princess Of The Crystal might be his target. in any case, Himari/The Princess's "goodbye" to him? Full of sexual innuendo, starting with the Princess acting like a textbook Defrosting Ice Queen through Himari and towards him, and later being pretty much naked in front of him.
  • Episodes 14 and 15 gave us Yuri/Momoka through Yuri specifically doing what she did to Ringo since she and Momoka are so similar in looks and non-verbal tics and the flashbacks dripping of a Toy Ship - Romantic Two-Girl Friendship mix.
  • Episodes 19 and 20 gave us Shouma/Himari when it's revealed that Shouma is Himari's fated person and the one who brought her into the Takakura household. With a slight subversion: the flashbacks of both of them in the Child Broiler show a connection that can be (by now) interpreted as either romantic or familiar, specially when compared with Momoka and Tabuki's interaction in the same place where Momoka had to give Tabuki an Anguished Declaration of Love to convince him. Also, in episode 21, Himari thanks Shouma for all that he has done for her (in words that do sound a LOT like a love declaration), but she still chooses to leave the Takakura household - to stop Kanba, even if it costs her her own life.