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All Characters are categorized by faction, and all factions are displayed alphabetically.

Liberators Army Edit

A Paramilitary Peace keeping force that originated from the Regular Army and became an independent armed force after the Regular Army was dissolved.

The list of CO's and main Characters of the Liberators

Briano Barillaro Edit

A vetren of humble origins who fought many wars and often turned down promotions so he can stand alongside his men in battle.

  • The Captain
  • Author Avatar: Is a fictional representation of the forum goer who created the Liberators Army.
  • A Father to His Men: He cares a great deal for his men and often gets depressed when ever he loses any under his command.
  • Battle Aura: Has one whenever he's in Monoshift.
  • Battle Couple: With Vivian.
  • Badass: Once took an RPG Rocket to the gut and when offered help, ordered his men to keep fighting.
  • Canada, Eh?: Originally born and raised in Canada.
  • Dad the Veteran: Became this after he and Vivian adopted Maria.
  • Determinator/MadeOfIron: On many separate occasions he gets punched, kicked, cut up, shot at, blown up by tanks, impaled, perforated by a rocket, attacked by supernatural dark energy's, and it hardly slows him down.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Was idealistic in the past, but has become somewhat short fused, depressed and snarky as the wars dragged on. But he soldiers on regardless, still fighting and wanting to make the world better then it is.
  • Military Maverick Once told a political figure off because he didn't trust him (and annoyed the crap out of him)and didn't catch any flack from the higher ups for it.
    • Though it turns out to be the Big Bad Complete Monster in disguise, not that Briano and many other people know that.
  • More Dakka: While he uses varying types of firearms, his preferred weapon of choice is the M249 Machine gun.
  • Multicolored Hair: His hair is multiple shades of Brown.
  • The Men First: At one time he gave the men under his command a three day pass to relax while he had business to take care of.
  • Permission to Speak Freely?: Asked this when a General acctually considered enlisting a young Magical Girl in the Liberators:

 Briano: Permission to speak Freely Sir?

Liberator General: Go ahead Captain.

Briano: ...ARE YOU ON CRACK?!

** Though in the end he has to accept it grudgingly, as the Magi-Tech the girl had would be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Vivian Churchill Edit

Matt: General of the Army Edit

Brigadier General Sam Edit

2nd Lieutenant Alexis Edit

2nd Lieutenant Dianna Edit

Dorangonnosuke-san Edit

Scythe Edit

Major Anthany Edit

Shane Edit

Blade Edit

Naiona Edit

Luka Edit

Sergeant Major Tamara Edit

Travis the Hedgehog Edit

Kasumi Asaki Edit

  • Catgirl: At least part Cat girl as she has cat ears.
  • Verbal Tic: "Nya?"
  • Gun Blade: She uses a Machine-Gun-Pole-arm as her primary weapon.

Private Walter Braburn/Private Sam Mc Klowskie Edit

Welsh/Peas/Jack "The Tank Crew" Edit

Commander Shadowsun Edit

A Tau Fire Warrior who joined the Liberators when both the Liberators and the Tau made first contact by using a Stargate.

 Roach: What the heck is she going on about?

Ghost: Damned if I know Roach. I doubt I know what she says half of the time.

Yuna: Commander Shadowsun sure has passion though. I kinda respect that.

1st Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley/Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson Edit

 Roach: Dammit Ghost, don't go saying things like that, people will start getting the wrong idea! We're just Colleges and I like her is all.

Ghost: Ohhohohohohohoho so he says he likes her. I'll bet ya do mate.


Sergeant Yuna Kotoro Edit

  • BFG: Her primary weapon is an anti-martial Sniper Rifle.
  • Friendly Sniper
  • Comfort Food: She adores rice, going so far as to take some into battle with her as rations.
  • Sniper Rifle: Used the M82 anti-martial rifle.

Sergeant Sean Foley/Corporal Dunn/Private James Ramirez Edit

PFC Karen Fisher Edit

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