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For any tropers who feel this way... You Are Not Alone. Edit

  • In Japan --
    • +81 (0) 6 4395 4343 Suicide Prevention Centre, Osaka
  • In Sweden --
    • BRIS - Barnens Rätt I Samhället (Childrens' Right In Society - under 18s) 116 111
    • Brottsofferjouren (Gives help and support to victims of crime) 0200 - 21 20 19
    • Jourhavande präst (A priest that you can call and talk to during the night (9pm - 6am). Believes in God, but won't talk about religion unless you choose to.) 112 (the Swedish emergency number), ask for the priest on call.
    • Kvinnofridslinjen (Gives help and support to women subjected to domestic abuse) 020 - 50 50 50

For more information about suicidality, see UsefulNotes/Suicide.

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