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List of the teams who has made it to the Super Bowl at least once. This list is as of the 2011 NFL Season.

  • Arizona Cardinals: Made it to their very first Super Bowl in 2008-09, lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the last drive.
  • Atlanta Falcons: Reached the Super Bowl once in 1998-99, was defeated by the Denver Broncos.
  • Baltimore Ravens: Made it once in 2000-01 where they proceed to rout the New York Giants and won their first Super Bowl title.
  • Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: 4 appearances, twice as Baltimore Colts and another two times as the Indianapolis Colts. Both resulted in one victory and one loss each.
  • Buffalo Bills: Butt Monkey of the early 1990s where they reached four Super Bowls in a row and was defeated each time.
  • Carolina Panthers: Reached the Super Bowl once in 2003-04 where they lost to the New England Patriots on a last second field goal.
  • Chicago Bears: 2 appearances, one victory and one loss. The former - Super Bowl XX - as a big rout and one of the most dominant team performances in Super Bowl history.
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 2 appearances in the 1980s, both losses to the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Dallas Cowboys: 8 appearances which resulted in 5 victories. Dominant in the 1970s but was definitely considered as a dynasty in the 1990s.
  • Denver Broncos: Their first 4 appearances resulted in defeats, many times in a rout. Then managed to win 2 straight Super Bowls under the aging John Elway as quarterback.
    • Denver's first Super Bowl win broke a 14-game winning streak by the NFC teams in the Super Bowl.
  • Green Bay Packers: The winners of the first 2 Super Bowls which is a carryover of their NFL dynasty in the 1960s. Dormant for the next decades until the 1990s where they made 2 straight Super Bowls with one win and defeat each. Also had a win in 2011.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Runners-up of the very first Super Bowl, managed to win the last Super Bowl between the NFL and the AFL over the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders: 5 appearances and 3 victories out of those appearances. One victory as the Los Angeles Raiders while the other appearances as the Oakland Raiders.
  • Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams: First appearance as the Los Angeles Rams resulted in a defeat. Next two appearances as the St. Louis Rams is a victory and defeat each. Both are famous due to their close scores with the former have the Rams held on to a victory with opponent Tennessee Titans only one foot short of tying while the latter has them losing to the New England Patriots by a last minute field goal.
  • Miami Dolphins: 5 appearances in the 1970s-80s with only 2 victories from them. Famous for the first and so far only "perfect season" (1972-73) in the Super Bowl era.
  • Minnesota Vikings: 4 appearances in the early years of the Super Bowl. All of them resulted in defeats.
  • New England Patriots: Has appeared 7 times, winning 3 and losing 4. First two appearances resulted in humiliating defeats. Have better luck with quarterback Tom Brady with whom the team won 3 titles, each and every single one of them by a field goal. Lost to the New York Giants twice within a span of 4 years, the first of which they almost achieved what would have been the second "perfect season" in 2007-08 and most recently in Super Bowl XLVI.
  • New Orleans Saints: Came from behind to defeat the Indianapolis Colts in their very first Super Bowl in 2009-10.
  • New York Giants: Reached 5 Super Bowls and won 4. Famous for their "wide-right" victory over the Buffalo Bills where they managed to hold on to their 1 point lead due to the Bills' kicker missed the final field goal; also famous for stopping the Patriots almost-perfect season. Current Super Bowl Champions over the New England Patriots.
  • New York Jets: Their only appearance is in the 1968-69 where they managed to defeat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts under quarterback "Broadway Joe" Namath.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Two appearances resulted in losses for each. Their first loss was rout by the Oakland Raiders while their second loss is a close game where the opposition New England Patriots held on to win.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Currently has the most Super Bowl victories at 6. Their prime was in the 1970s with quarterback Terry Bradshaw where they won 4 Super Bowls. Seems to be making a comeback with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with another 2 victories.
  • San Diego Chargers: Routed by the San Francisco 49ers in their only appearance in 1994-95.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Made 5 Super Bowl trips, won every single one of them. Famous for their dynasty in the 1980s with quarterback Joe Montana.
    • Montana's drive with 3 minutes left on the clock to defeat Cincinnati in Super Bowl XXIII - starting with Montana telling his offensive linesmen "Hey isn't that John Candy in the stands?" - is considered one of the greatest last-minute comebacks in football history
  • Seattle Seahawks: First Super Bowl trip resulted in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game itself was rife with alleged referee screwups that many Seahawks fans felt that they were cheated out of a Super Bowl victory.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Their first Super Bowl appearance in 2002-03 has them routing the Oakland Raiders for their first Super Bowl victory, notable for being Jon Gruden's sweet revenge against his old team, which had traded him to the Bucs instead of giving him a pay raise.
    • Rubbing it in was the fact that Gruden knew Oakland's playbook backwards and forwards. He subbed as the "scout" QB during practices and called out plays exactly the way Raiders' QB Rich Gannon would do during the real game. The Bucs defense ended up forcing a then-record FIVE interceptions (THREE for touchdowns!) and essentially made it (as of 2010) the last Curb Stomp Battle seen in a Super Bowl.
  • Tennessee Titans: Lost their first Super Bowl game against the St. Louis Rams with what is known as "The Tackle" where a Titans receiver was stopped one-foot short of reaching the endzone and tie the game.
  • Washington Redskins: Three Super Bowl victories out of five appearances under head coach Joe Gibbs. Their second Super Bowl victory in 1987-88 is the very first instance of a black starter quarterback to have won Super Bowl.

Those not appearing on this list: Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars. The former two have been around since the Super Bowl's inception, while the latter two were expansion teams.