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  • "The maker of these handcuffs isn't exactly known for their quality craftsmanship. Perhaps you should try the Lezareno model. I'll send you a free sample." This from Regal, who had demonstrated the inferiority of the former model of handcuffs by snapping them right off his wrists.
  • Presea's warning of a border guard that opening her "good luck charm" Iron Maiden (where Marta is hiding), will result in a curse that involves many months of vomiting, diarrhea, and the Lord of Demons shoving his finger up the guard's nose. He capitulates. Turns out Marta was hidden behind a false door anyway. Presea was just screwing with the guy.
  • For that matter, ten bazillion of the skits as well. They turned the funny Up to Eleven for the sequel, it seems.
    • Full voice acting on the skits (which didn't make it into the English-language release of the original) works wonders.
  • Not to mention Decus' intro scene. Acts like Emil WANTS him and forces his hideously foul-smelling cologne on him. Cue pop-up box:

 Eau de Seduction was forced on you!

  • Even Marta and Emil's battle victory quotes are pretty funny.

 Marta: There's no victory before love!

Emil: So you lose if you there's no love?

Marta: Yes! So please, tell me you love me!

Emmil: ...We can lose next time.\\


    • This one's good too, especially as Ratotosk Mode Emil says his line completely deadpan.

 Marta: Beautiful roses have thorns!

Emil: Cutie Marta has a fang.

Marta: Be a little more enthusiastic!

  • The Spot the Impostor scene. Oh dear GOD, the expression on the fake's face...
  • During their trip to Palmacosta, post-attack, our heroes come under attack, but are saved by Zelos. Who then flirts with Marta by twirling her, and says this immortal line: "My darling kitten, you're not hurt, are you?". Marta and Emil's expressions... they have to be seen to be believed, and emoticans can't accurately represent their expressions.
  • Decus' Mystic Arte's intro. He lovingly stares at a picture of Alice...which then randomly gets burned for no reason, putting him into a rage and slice you up for it with the letters L-O-V-E.

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