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Characters for "The Kingkiller Chronicle"

Kvothe Edit

Denna Edit

Kvothe's Friends Edit

Simmon Edit

Wilem Edit

Fela Edit

Mola Edit

Manet Edit

Auri Edit

The Edema Ruh Troupe Edit

Arliden (Kvothe's Father) Edit

Laurian/ Lady Netalia Lackless (Kvothe's Mother) Edit

Abenthy Edit

Trip Edit

  • Rule of Seven: Trip throws sevens on dice. This is not an example of Lucky Seven, as seven is not a lucky number to throw when playing dice (because it's only an average throw, and you can never roll doubles).

Shandi Edit

Teren Edit

Tarbean Edit

Trapis Edit

Skarpi Edit

  • Mysterious Past: Implied, based on his claim of connections and his evident light treatment at the hands of the Tehlin church despite his heresy.
  • The Storyteller

The Masters Edit

Master Herma (The Chancellor) Edit

Master Elodin Edit

Master Kilvin Edit

Master Lorren Edit

Master Hemme Edit

Master Elxa Dal Edit

Master Arwyl Edit

Master Brandeur Edit

Master Mandrag Edit

Imre and the University Edit

Deoch Edit

Stanchion Edit

Anker Edit

  • No Sell: Literally. Is able to resist Ambrose's powers simply by refusing to sell his inn.

Devi Edit

Count Threpe Edit

Ambrose Jakis Edit

Puppet Edit

The Maer's Court Edit

Maer Rand Alveron Edit

  • Too Clever by Half: Invoked, in those exact words, by Kvothe as narrator, besides being true

Stapes Edit

Dagon Edit

Lady Meluan Lackless Edit

Caudicus Edit

  • Meaningful Name: Probably a double subversion. The similar-sounding caduceus (☤) is a symbol often used in America for the medical industry. However, this usage is historically incorrect: the caduceus is rather a symbol of commerce, and is considered inappropriate as a symbol of medicine because commerce often involves theft, deception, and death.

Breadon Edit

Lord Praevek Edit

  • Gossipy Hens: Most of the Maer's Court is this, but Lord Praevek is the most gossipy of all of them.

The Mercenaries Edit

Dedan Edit

Hespe Edit

Marten Edit

Tempi Edit

The Adem Edit

Shehyn Edit

Carceret Edit

Vashet Edit

Penthe Edit

Celean Edit

Magwyn Edit

The Fae Edit

Felurian Edit

The Cthaeh Edit

The Chandrian Edit

Cyphus Edit

Stercus Edit

Cinder/Ferule Edit

Usnea Edit

Dalcenti Edit

Alenta Edit

Lanre/Haliax/Alaxel Edit

Legendary characters Edit

May or may not be fictional in universe.

Taborlin the Great Edit

Iax/Jax Edit

Illien Edit

Gibea Edit

Teccam Edit

Aleph Edit

  • Meaningful Name: In universe, Aleph is either a god or the first person to discover naming, depending on whose story you believe. In real life, aleph is the the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but in mathematics it is used as the symbol for transfinite numbers (essentially different kinds of infinity).

Newarre (scenes from the framing device) Edit

Chronicler Edit

Bast Edit

Cob Edit

Aaron Edit

  • Smarter Than You Look: He looks big and dumb (as Bast notes) but proves himself more capable than anyone in town.