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Fridge Brilliance Edit

  • Why did Link get imprisoned in the mirror? He didn't have the COURAGE to face Ganon by himself! Because Harkinian took the TRIFORCE OF COURAGE.
    • Perhaps the King was so easily defeated and captured because the Triforce of Courage wasn't his to take.
  • The TRIFORCE OF WISDOM said the King would safely return. Nothing was said about "when" or "with whom".
  • Eating an Octorok wouldn't really be that bad. If you think of it, Octoroks are just Hyrule version of octopuses, and octopus is a delicacy in some countries.

Fridge Horror Edit

  • Why does the General Store guy act so suspicious? When you don't have enough rubies, he says, "You'll have to wipe out a few more Goriyas to get that." Considering that in Faces of Evil every Goriya Was Once a Man, this may mean that the shopkeeper is aware of it and still encourages Zelda to kill the transformed citizens for their money.

Fridge Logic Edit

  • If "Only Link can defeat Ganon", how come Zelda does it in Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure? Perhaps the prophecy was only in reference to that one event?
    • Considering that the scroll used by Gwonam only has gibberish on it, and he doesn't even look at it while he's reading, one could assume that was made up.
    • In Faces of Evil, Ganon kidnaps Zelda without anybody knowing about it. It's only revealed later on with a cutscene. Yet at the end of the Tutorial, Link says "Let's find Zelda!" What.
    • If the Shrine of Koridai lies through Glutko's eye, why does Link kill him? Wouldn't killing Glutko destroy the Shrine of Koridai as well?

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