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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ogura.
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks: Although some of the later levels and bosses can be rather annoying...
    • ...until in the 5th game when you're trying to get that 9,999-pearl clothing item, and especially when you're trying to get all the toys from the Gashapon machine (which replaces the previous games' system of simply defeating an enemy to add it to the beastiary); the toy you get is completely random to point where it's possible to get duplicates, thus eventually forcing players to resort to "farming" (itself a subversion in which you just have to collect the pearls) in order to get all the collectibles, making this particular entry in the series an inversion of this trope.
      • Also, while the main game is a nice, relaxing platformer, stage 10 is Time Attack. You can't even fight the Boss until you beat a certain time goal on each stage.
        • Speaking of, he has an attack that I've only managed to dodge once. It does infinite damage.
    • Every 'New Game+' in the four games has tweaked level designs, trickier bosses and some 'Nintendo Hard' extra levels. The 'True Final Boss' of 3 is a pain, having 12 hard to reach weak spots, moves quickly and has a final attack in which you must hit 12 random weak spots on a meteorit before it crush you ... and then you'll have to try defusing the exact same attack again. Oh, and you are limited to 5 HP during boss battles. Sorry, no health upgrades before the forth game.
  • Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Averted with Starly. "This pink bow is gonna haunt your bad dreams!"

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