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  • The Mummy drains the life out of everyone who dared to open the chest containing the Book Of The Dead. Daniels in particular is left trying to fend himself from the mob of people that Imhotep had brainwashed only to run out of bullets, allowing them to surround Daniels and by extension allowing Imhotep to close on him.
  • Also present is Imhotep disguising himself as a human in his undead state, then removing his mask to reveal himself as a mummy before draining the life from Mr. Burns as Beni states exactly what's going to happen to him and his friends for daring to open the chest containing the Book Of The Dead.
  • The gold scarab suddenly turning alive and killing a man by tunnelling through his flesh.
  • The scarab crawling out of Imhoteps neck, back through the hole in his cheek, and he bites down with a crunch.
  • Beni's eventual fate, even if he did deserve it for being a filthy coward. Trapped in a dungeon that's just been permanently sealed under the desert, only a single torch to keep you safe from the flesh-eating Scarabs which are gathering around you, and you have to sit there and watch while they surround you and you watch the torch slowly... flicker... out.
    • In the second film, we have the pygmies, who are effective at killing their victims rather stealthily. Imhotep is safe from them since they're smart enough not to try attacking someone with that kind of power, lucky for him, but the cultists aren't so lucky. Their leader ends up having the flesh on his hand eaten when he places the Bracelet of Anubis that the pygmies were living in.
  • The flesh-eating scarabs. Let's put it at that and call it a day.
    • Oh, you want me to elaborate? Fine. They always come in swarms and once they get you, they overpower and cover you... And there's nothing left when they're done.
  • In the third film, the Taken for Granite aspect of the Terracotta Warriors. It's not so much the fact that they are this since you see that in many a movie (though it's still quite unsettling), but the process. Just... watching them as they start to liquify from the mouth, the wet clay leaking out as it spreads and takes over their forms, hollowing their bodies out, covering them... Brrr! This troper can honestly say it's the most horrific thing he's seen in a movie in years.