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  • Shouldn't Anna be seen conversing with the president and other world leaders? A lot? Not just in a hypothetical upcoming episode?
    • Law of Conservation of Detail. She probably does regularly meet with world leaders, it's just that those meetings aren't particularly interesting or plot-related.

  • Why did the Visitors want to harvest people for food as opposed to, say, cows (or horses, for that matter)? Yeah, there's more people than cows, but cows are also four times the size of people (and would be far easier to raise for food). Are we just that much more tasty to Visitor palates than beef?
    • And even if so, what about Gorillas or other Great Apes? Surely they must taste similar. Hell pork probably tastes a lot like people given the similarities in our omnivorous diets, natural habitats, and anatomy (people used to get pig hearts transplanted in them). And that's not even going into the question of stealing water from the one place it would be missed - as opposed to, say, melting down Pluto or one of the outer planet's moons. MASSIVE Villain balling going on there.
    • Well, there aren't more than 6 billion gorillas and apes, and once they have the people, they can round up the cows and other animals without a fight. If they start with the food animals, people will revolt, and it would make imprisoning them more difficult.
      • And trading what they'd consider obsolete tech for a few million cows would be far easier still. For that matter: simply Zerg Rushing the planet, taking what they want, and zooming off would be easier. Again - Villain Ball.
        • Having just watched V again, I think we all forgot an important tidbit: The Visitor ships travel at sub-light speed. With that in mind, it would be ridiculous and unnecessarily costly to travel 20 years round trip for a simple raid. The poster above me but one had it right, round up the people (or at least get them under control first) then take what you want. As to the water thing - well, as there here anyway, they might as well grab that too. This is actually an ingenious bit of Fridge Brilliance (assuming you ignore some of the DNDR statements about the preciousness and rarity of water).

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