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With those who follow a different Way it is useless to take counsel.
And she kept calling the Indians niggers for some reason, so I said "No, no, no, it's the West Indians who are niggers. These people are Wogs.
Major Gowen, who didn't have N-Word Privileges, on taking a girl to watch cricket.
It's funny to think how we listen to Yellow Submarine in kindergarten, when in reality all four of the Beatles were high as shit when they wrote it. But that's ok, because unlike now, drugs weren't used to be cool, but to expand your mind (aka Jerry Garcia.)

Ivan Dobsky: Look out, Mr. Drummond! It's Nelson Bonjela, the most feared terrorist in all of South Africa!

Mr. Drummond: It would be best if you just reversed all your 1970's preconceptions, Ivan.
"I hope that, like Mark Twain, people one day look back at my work and say, 'Wow, that is actually pretty racist.'"
Tina Fey, in her acceptance speech for the Mark Twain award
"It is different, yeah. It's a different morality, get used to it, or go home."
The Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who
It is interesting that every country seems to have its own, most often irrational, opinion which type of behavior is a big no-no and which isn’t. In Germany prostitution is completely legal, but proving yourself to be an idiot by saying that the holocaust didn’t happen can land you in prison.
The Rant of this Sandra and Woo, summing up the trope in two sentences.