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A warrior poet is a person who is both a warrior and a philosopher. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) the fact that they kill people for a living, they've put a lot of thought into life and death. They often funnel these thoughts into art -- either to help them sort out their feelings for themselves, or as a way to express their feelings to others. Other warrior poets simply talk about such things with their fellow soldiers -- it's not uncommon for a grizzled old Sergeant Rock to lecture the New Meat or Ensign Newbie on the philosophy of combat. Some become warrior poets by necessity, if their only other option is to become a Shell Shocked Senior.

Despite their philosophical bent, warrior poets can vary widely on their actual beliefs. Some insist that War Is Glorious, and revel in the idea that you can only really feel alive when In Harm's Way. They may believe that A Real Man Is a Killer or just enjoy combat for its own sake. Other warrior poets, though, believe that War Is Hell -- considering it a Senseless Waste of Human Life and asking Was It Really Worth It? Regardless of what they think of the fighting itself, however, most warrior poets find value in the relationships of Fire-Forged Friends and their Band of Brothers (and, occasionally, even their enemies).

Compare Zen Survivor, whose hellish experience has made them Wise Beyond Their Years. Contrast Cultured Badass, who is both an excellent fighter and enjoys the finer things in life -- but unlike a warrior poet, their refinement hasn't been shaped by their combat experience.